The Riot Club

Wicked /'wikid'/ Adjective Evil or morally wrong "A wicked and unscrupulous politician" Synonyms: evil, sinful, immoral, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, bad, iniquitous, corrupt, base, mean, vile, more In this case: Wicked Kids Friends with psychotic tendencies trapped in their own minds. Mature content: - mature language - dark theme - explicit scenes - abuse (drugs, parents, siblings) - trigger If any of that bothers at your own risk.


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V E N U S 


    It doesn't matter the case. Being the new person in any situation fucking sucks.

Venus Knight didn't need a do over or a clean slate. She was perfectly happy back at Florida where the sun would actually come out in the morning. Not at some mucky town with ancient plumbing and dangerous buildings. Like, seriously, her new school has got to be some sort of life hazard. How can her mother possibly suggest her even walking near this shit show?  

It looked like a prison from the outside. She could hardly imagine what it must look like inside. A metal gate is sealed around the school which must've accomplished its job, like, thirty years ago. But now the rust was forming onto the metal bars and seemed frail against the small breeze. Behind it stood the haunting brick building that stretched across a few acres of land. The school needed to invest into new windows considering the ones displayed were far beyond repair. And something that looked a lot like dirt dusted the red walls into patches of a nasty shade of burgundy. This place looked as if carried a contagious diseases just by looking at it. 

Despite her resistance, she trudged her way through the courtyard. Following the rambling students inside the school, and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as the exterior. Clean white walls are trailed along the schools with polished tile and navy blue lockers. While she attempted to find the main office, she couldn't help notice the countless of bulletin boards posted with recent news and latest activities to participate in the school. Shiny trophies glimmered in a glass shelf in the center of one hallway. She dodged other teenagers who seemed to have ignored her existence, and managed to find herself stumbling near the main office, which wasn't as hard to find as she thought it would be. So far, it hasn't been as awkward as she expected.

Sure, she knew absolutely no one and felt completely uncomfortable in her own skin, because the back of her mind was constantly thinking someone was looking at her. Whether or not she could see them, someone always was watching her-----judging her----and it always made Venus feel as if she had an extra layer of skin clipped onto her body, dragging behind her in embarrassment. But no one was bothering her so that was okay. 

When Venus reached the receptionist office, she noticed a girl almost her own age or maybe even a couple of years older than her was standing behind the receptionist desk scribbling something down on a sticky note. She was unaware f Venus's presence until she was right in front of the receptionist desk. The girl glanced up for a second before settling her eyes on Venus. 

"Hi," The girl said. Her eyes growing peculiarly wider as she smiled. The girl's strawberry blonde hair was tied into a fashionable bun, tightening the structure of her face. She had nice rough angles on her face and if anybody actually paid attention to her, her thin frame should alarm anybody, but Venus wasn't looking at the rest of her body or just how pretty her cheekbones were. No, she was enchanted with something much more curious. Her eyes. It was a wonderful shade of blue, but the largeness of her eyes set Venus into a battle of attraction and discomfort. Not quite sure which feeling overpowered the other. "May I help you?" Her tight, high voice asked kindly. 

"ummm," Venus hummed, still not completely grasping her unsettling features. "Yeah, I----I'm a new...Student." 

The girl in front of her blinked and Venus's heart jumped. 

"Oh!" The unsettling girl said with much more enthusiasm than necessary. "Ah, yes, yes. Ms. Anderson said you'd be coming today. Let me, um, let me go to the guidance counselor and grab your schedule for you." She said, holding her pen and jutting it side to side as if it pinpointing her thoughts. The girl was looking at her, but wasn't exactly looking at her at the same time. Venus could tell that the girl was in her own mind, uncovering the missing instructions she seemed to have received and forgotten this morning. The girl skipped around the receptionist desk. Humming and muttering incoherent words under her breath. "Oh!" She said whirling around, startling Venus. "My name is Poppy Eter, by the way." She said with a large smile that possibly made her eyes larger than she could ever imagine possible. 

"Venus Knight." She responded curtly, a forced smile stretched on her face.

"Welcome to Eastwick High." Poppy said before disappearing into one of the rooms. Venus could hear and another voice having a brief conversation. Venus continued to look around the office. It was rather large, wide room with a couple of desks, not as large as the receptionist desk but large enough tighten the room up. Behind them were the offices and other rooms where she heard phones ringing and conversations humming.

A faint ringing came from the hallways of the school signaling that first period had begun and that anybody standing in the hallways was late.  

Soon enough Poppy returned with a yellow file in her hand. "What grade are you in?" She asked, opening up to examine my schedule with her high brow raised. "Sophomore." Venus responded, tempted to look over and see her schedule as well. 

"I figured as much," She said. "You have senior courses on your schedule."

"Oh, yeah. I've taken all the other courses, so." 

Poppy's eyes raised to meet hers. "That's amazing! You're a genius!" She said smiling again, which made Venus again very uncomfortable. She has a killer smile. Literally. "I guess." Venus shrugged. 

"Being really pretty and smart is a threat around here you know," Poppy teased. "Better be careful with Lacey, she'll take you down if you step on her pedestal." 

"Lacey?" Venus asked.

"Oh, you'll meet her eventually. She's hard to miss. " Poppy said, handing the yellow folder to Venus who took it gratefully and examined her schedule. "You have first, second, and fourth with me. I can show you now." She chirps, gathering all her belongings from the gap between the desk. 

"Wait you go to school here?"
Poppy frowned for a second, then threw her head back and laughed. Her laugh was sweet and sharp. It reminded Venus of a bird singing on a branch of a tree. "Yes. I'm just a aid for the office. I came here this morning to cover Ms. Anderson while she talked to one of the teachers in the back building."

"That makes sense." Venus responded. How couldn't she have guessed that before.

"Yeah, are you ready?"


"Let's go!" Poppy grabbed Venus's hand and skipped. "We're off on an adventure!" 

Oh, shit, she thought. What did I just get myself into

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