The Riot Club

Wicked /'wikid'/ Adjective Evil or morally wrong "A wicked and unscrupulous politician" Synonyms: evil, sinful, immoral, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, bad, iniquitous, corrupt, base, mean, vile, more In this case: Wicked Kids Friends with psychotic tendencies trapped in their own minds. Mature content: - mature language - dark theme - explicit scenes - abuse (drugs, parents, siblings) - trigger If any of that bothers at your own risk.


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    B L A I S E

  Blaise was laying on the picnic table under the tree. Her long dark black hair sprawled over her the table like a dim halo forming over her head. Cole leaned his head back onto her stomach, admiring the hot young freshman squealing and bouncing, unaware that their small tits were moving with them as they reconnected with old friends from middle-school. Gale was right on the far end of the bench. He wasn't having eye on anything or talking but gazing at the grass. He hardly speaks in public. Blaise glanced at him occasionally for the sake of his well-being. 

He had a tendency to scratch his arms until he bled.

She poked him with her foot. "Look alive, Gale." She teased and he smiled slightly before returning back to his thoughts. She used to wonder what made the poor guy tick. Now she realized it was just about everything.

The remaining of her friends were taking their sweet time getting to their picnic table. Like Tiberius, for example. Who was standing a few feet away from them, talking to some red headed girl with big tits. Thank God Adeline wasn't here. She would've ripped the head off the red head for even looking at the golden boy. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. The courtyard was crowded with her ignorant peers who seemed oblivious to her cold hearted stares. She raised her two fingers and curled her thumb into a gesture of a gun. Puffing out the sound of bullets firing while she pointed it at the people she resents.

Die. Die. Die. Die

"Oh, my God! It's so nice to see you Blaise after such a long summer. " A squeaky high-pitched tone interrupted her thoughts. Seeming to move closer and closer by the second. God, just leave us alone for one day. One fucking day. "Oooh, Cole. I love what you've done with your---"

"Fuck off, Lacey," Blaise said indifferently. "Nobody fucking likes you."

"I second that motion." Cole snickered, lighting a cigarette and dragging a breath nicotine. "Go make someone else's life a living hell, Lace. We're not in the mood for your shit." They weren't. Honestly, who was? First day of senior year has officaly rolled around and the social hiearchy still continued to rule the school. Whether anybody realized it or not it was still there. Just dressed and labeled a different name.

Blaise nudged Cole's shoulder until he arched his neck to look at her upside down in response. She curled her fingers repeatedly. He handed her the cigarette and she took a nice long drag before giving it back to him.

"Excuse me," One of her few friends said. "There's a no smoking policy on school grounds---"

"Fuck off, you narcissistic cunts." Blaise said.

"You're the reason why everyone wants to kill themselves." Cole stated at the same time.

"Well, then," Lacey bit back eyeing the two of them. They looked just like siblings with their dark hair and cold dark eyes and milky white skin. Freaks. It's like they huddled in the dark and hadn't bothered to go out to the sun. What the hell did they so the whole summer? Fuck and got fucked up? She felt the pit of anger bubbling in the bottom of her stomach, tempted to snap something nasty as well.

Blaise didn't even have to see her to know that she was pouting like if Blaise just kicked a cute little puppy. And if the puppy was Lacey, she wouldn't just kick it. She'd grab the fucking bitch and shove her in the oven. "That was not so kind. I figured since it was our last year...we could at least....maybe... mutually accept each other presence. Right, Gale? Just like you and I do?" 

Blaise's eyes looked over to Gale who didn't take his eyes off the ground, pinching a small piece of flesh on his index finger. His face scrunched up in pain. "Leave him alone." Blaise barked, anger lacing around her tone. 

"What do you want, Lindsey?" Cole muttered, feeling as if he was in the process of being caught in between the battle of bitches. And Cole didn't feel like moving.

"Just to be friends," Lindsey said, with a smile on her face. "Here, as an example of our truce, I'll even get the girls to not report you to the principle for disregarding...Another school rule."

Before Blaise could respond, Cole smiled. And when Cole smiled, he can make just about anybody fall limp to their knees. "Thank you, Lindsey. We really appreciate it."

Lindsey's eyes fluttered. He's a cute freak. One that I wouldn't mind fucking."Anytime, Cole. See you in class!" Lindsey said before walking away towards her larger group of friends that sat on the other picnic bench across from the one Blaise claimed. Two girls---or should she call them minions?--- trailing beside her. "Hope you catch AIDS!" Blaise shouted, waving. One of the girls turned around and gave one of the most disgusted faces she's ever mustered. Blaise smiled while flicking her off.

"I hate her." Gale muttered quietly. 

"Don't we all, buddy." Blaise said, lifting herself up into a sitting position. 

"I don't know," Cole said sarcastically. "She actually sounded genuine this time."

"Yeah," Gale said dryly, lighting his own cigarette. "So did the serpent when he convinced Adam and Eve to bite the apple."

"And look what happened to them." Blaise added. She looked over to the group. Lacey snugged herself next to her boyfriend, Micheal Lann, a meathead of a jock. And a raging, hormonal asshole that Blaise will forever despise. Ashley Winters, Lacey's best-friend, possibly a succubus in disguise. And a few other popular kids whom she loathed with every fiber in her body. Michael caught her glare.

She gestured her hand into a gun and directly intended for him. "Pow." She whispered quietly as she imagined it exploding in the center of his head. 

Him being the coward that he is. He looked over back to his girlfriend pretending what happened never actually happened. Of course, she never really did exist around him. 

"I'm going to kill the fake bitch one day," Blaise muttered. "I'm going to kill every last one of them."

"That's my girl." Cole said, offering the cigarette without turning back. He was too busy eyeing a pretty blonde. Instantly his eyes sent to the shortness of her skirt and the crinkly white buttoned down shirt that revealed her black bra. She must've not noticed or paid attention to that minor detail, but it didn't matter to Cole. He was able to see everything he wanted to see perfectly. A sharp breeze blew by pushing up her skirt and revealing her white plain panties. "Fuck, she's hot."

Blaise peaked over to his direction. Observing her flat chest and innocent features she grunted." She looks fourteen, Cole." 

"She's still hot."

"She's a minor."

"Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot."

She scoffed. "You're all kinds of fucked up." Passing back the cancer stick.

"Yeah," He said putting it between his teeth watching her disappear into the building. "Aren't we all." 

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