step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too



Payton's POV

I woke and my arm hurt great if you dont remember my arm is in a brace thing because my ''friend'' pushed me down some stairs.

I got up and remembered its the big day MY MOMS GETTING MARRIED.

I didnt like the dress that i picked so i returned it and got a different one.

I walked down stairs and of course everyone was there the boys Izzic mom Geoff Alayna Percy and Jason

''hey'' i walked up to the fridge and got the strawberries out and of course ate them cause what would i do throw them out the window like a stupid person.

''Payton get your new dress on at like 1:00'' Mom said taking the box before i ate them all. I looked at the clock and it read 12:25


I waked out to the living room and layed on the couch and was about to fall back asleep when someone sat on me

''wake up dont sleep'' I looked up and saw Izzic

''get off me'' 

''not untell you get up''

''not till 12:45''

''fine but im not getting up''

''what if you lay on my arm it already hurts so get up'' 

'' I'll get you an ice pack''


He got up and left i opened up my brace and waited he came back sat back on me and put my arm in his lap then put the ice on it.

''feel better''

''a little''

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

I woke up with Izzic still sitting on meand the ice still on my wrist. 

I looked at the clock and it read 12:41

''are you up now'' 

''ummm no wake me up at 1:00''


I was almost asleep when i felt him take the ice of and strap my brace back on

''IZZIC WAKE YOUR SISTER UP'' i herd my mother yell from upstairs 

''Payton wake up''


''ill hit your arm''

''wow first you ice it then you say your going to hit nice brother''

I pushed him off me and walked up stairs

''mother why did you make me wake up'' i said walking into her room

''go get your dress on'' 

''okay were Geoff''

''at a friends because he doesnt want to see me''

''didnt he already see the dress''

''no i went shoping without him a few days ago now go go go''.

I walked into my bathroom were my dress was hanging up.

i got in the shower and did all that stuff. i dried off and put on light make up so i dont look like a barbie.

I put the dress on and my shoes.

I walked into my moms room 

''how do i look mom'' i asked 

''beautiful'' she said smiling


''go get your brother and do something with your hair''

''what should i do''

''fish tail braid''

''k were Izzic''

''in his room''


I made my way to Izzic's room and found it cracked

''Izzic you done'' i walked in his room to see a girl in here 

''Izzic whos she'' i asked looking at him

''my girlfriend''

''oh col we'll talk about this later but get your tux on were leaving in 5 minutes''


I walked out of his room and went down stairs

''you look hot'' Harry said 

''thanks'' was all i said

''really no you to or anything'' he said looking at me

''nope sowwy''

''hey the only person who can call her hot is me'' Percy said

''yea umm did you guys see that Izzic has a girl over'' i asked because she wasnt here when he was sitting on me

''yea u were up stairs when she came shes a total bitch'' Jason said

''well great ill have to deal with her ass'' i said leaning on Percy 

''ALRIGHT LETS GOOO IZZIC GET DOWN HERE CRYSTAL YOU HAVE TO GO'' Mom yelled coming down stairs with her dress in her hand.

Izzic came down and he came over to me 

''hey Pay love your dress and meet Crystal'' he said and this girl who wasnt a slut to my suprise 

''hi when did she get here and why didnt you tell me you were dating someone'' i asked looking at her

''we'll talk later after the wedding.


*wedding time*

We all got ready everyone was seated and Izzic Percy Liam and Jason were the boys up here and Me Alayna and two of my cousins were up here to.

The music stared and my mom came out in the most beautiful dress ever and she was wearing the necklace i got her. 

*after the wedding*

We got home at like 1:30.

I went up and changed into a crop top and nike shorts and went into Izzics room


''hey so about my girlfriend i started dating her last week and forgot to tell you''

''ok shes seems like a bitch''

''yea i think im going to break with her she doesnt seem like a good person''

''oh well''

we talked for along time and i laughed hard i fell off the bed and landed on my arm hard



''no i screamed for no reason'' i said holding my arm 


After i said that everyone came burting in

''what happended i herd a scream'' mom said

''i fell and landed on my arm'' i said sitting up and un strapping my thing and looking at it

'' i need ice its really swollen'' 

I got up and went down stairs to get ice.

I was half way there when i just sat down i was to tired to walk

''what are you doing'' Izzic said chuckling 

''im tired'' i said 

''ill get you the ice'' he got me the ice oicked me up and brought me to his room. He laid me down and laid next to me unstrapped my brace and put ice on it

''alright get some sleep Payton ill keep he ice on your arm'' he said

"ok thanks goodnight''












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