step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too



Payton's POV

when we got home my mom told us to sit down. I set my bags by the stairs and sat nexted to Percy and Liam 

''okay so this is on short notice but are wedding is in two days'' mom said 

''TWO DAYS'' Izzic yelled 

''yea we already have the tuxs and Payton you can pick your dress but please have it be white with white jewlery'' Geoff said

''yea course and mom i have something for u'' i walked over to my bags and got out the necklace

''i felt bad that you thought i wasnt happy that u were re marrying so i got you this and hope you were it to your wedding'' i said handing her the necklace

''Payton its beautiful i so will were it'' she said hugging me ''thank you''

''welcome'' was all i said and sat back down.

I looked at Izzic and he was sad probley because he didnt get her anything

''well im going to go back out and find a dress anyone want to come'' i asked getting up and grabbing my bag

''i will we should get to know each other'' Liam said 

''good idea okay bye be back in like an hour'' i said and walked out


*back at the mall*

we walked into this store dont know the name of and went looking for dresses 

''i like this one what do you think'' i asked pointing a mid lenth white dress 

''i like get it'' 

''okay and its only $250'' i grabbed it and bought it

''want to go get a snack'' he asked   


we walked to the food court

''hi id like a strawberry bananna smoothie with aaaaaa blue berry muffin please'' i asked pulling out my card

''And id like a dr pepper with a burgar'' 

we bought our food and sat down 

''want to play something like 20 questions'' he asked 

''sure okay you ask first''

we spent about 20 minutes playing that game so we decited to head out

''i had fun'' i said 

''me to now we know alot about each other'' 


*at home*

we got home and i went up to my room i fell on my bed and fell asleep
















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