step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too


22. Percy time

Payton's POV

So today im going to spend it with Percy yay

I got dressed in a white nee length summer dress with white flip flops.

I went down stairs and waited for Percy.


I ran up to the door thinking it was Percy but it was Alayna 

''Hey um can you come back later im leaving''

''oh no im not here for you im here for louis''

''well you didnt have to say it like that but ook come in es in the pool with the others'' i said shutting he door

''ok'' she walked in the back and i sat back down.

I waited about 5 minutes and there was a knock at the door.

I opened it and saw Percy standing there

''hey ready to go'' he said kissing mwaa

''yup lets go'' i said grabbing my purse 

We went to the movie theater decided to see Lights Out

''ok lets go''

*after movie*

We were making are way out of the theater and guess who popped up Annabeth

''Hey babe so u did get my texted''

''what what texted''

''Annabeth sluty mc slutster sent me a texted yesterday asking to see a moving of course i didnt reply''


''Payton get away from my bf''

''go away'' and with that we waked into the theater with popcorn candy and sat down

''soo that was weird'' Percy said when we sat down

''ya it was shes such a bitch'' i said then the movie started


*after movie*

''okay what do u want to do now''

''ummmmmmmm Mall or carnival''

''id say mall but carnival would be more fun hmmmm''

''both we can go to the Carnival then the mall'' he suggested

''sounds great ok lets go''

*at carnival*

''alright were do you want to go first'' he asked as we walked in 

''um lets ride this rollicoster'' it was huge with loops and twists and everything

''okay lets go''

We waited in line for about 10-15 minutes untell it was our turn.

We couldnt sit together witch sucked but the good thing is i wasnt stuck with some fboy or slut i was sitting by and 8 year old girl but guess what you wont believe this guess who flowed us and is sitting by Percy Annabeth.

I turned around to talk to Percy and saw she was sqishing him

''UM CAN WE SWITCH SPOTS'' i asked the lady controlling the ride

''yea here okay you sit by her'' she said pointing and percy and me.

The little girl got up and moved to were annabeth is

''whatever'' Annabeth said moving over so the girl can sit

*after ride*

We got of the ride witch was amazing 

''that was awesome'' i said 



''we were walking around going on rides intell she popped up

''Percy i know you want me so leave her and come to me'' she said ugh

''no stop folowing me leave me alone or ill call the cops

She huffed and walked away

''shes so pathetic'' i said as we walked to other rides

We went on like every ride we ate and other stuff and right now we were heading home

''I had fun today'' i said with a big smile

''Me to we should do this more often'' he said as we pulled up my drive way


We walked into my house

''heyyyy'' i say as my mom comes walking out the kitchen

''hey'' i walk into the living room and sit down

''hey girl what did u guys do''

''went out''

''thats not what i meant''

''we went to a movie then the carnival we were going to go to the mall but were tired'' i say

''oh yea and Annabeth followed us and i almost had to sit nexted to her on a ride'' Percy says i annoyed by it

''well good night''

And with that i walked to my room changed and went to bed.


(hey guys so comment if you like or dont because i just want to make sure so i can carry on with the book byeeee)










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