step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too


7. mall time

Percy's POV

so we sat in the csr waiting for the others and i was thinking about if i should tell Payton i like her

''we should get out and see if there here'' she said 

we got out and we sat on the truck 

''payton can i tell you something'' i said with all my guts

''yea sure'' she looked at me in the eyes

''i like you''

''Percy want to know how long ive wanted to here that'' she said with a smile on her face 

''a long time'' 

''since we met'' after that she kissed me her lips were very soft and warm.

she pulled away

''ive been waiting to do that for a while''i said and looked up and saw the others

''heyyy guys when did you get here'' i asked a little embaressed 

''since you kissed'' Alayna said mad

''why you mad'' Payton asked

"no reason come on lets go in'' she said and we did


Payton's POV

when we got in i went to victorias secret to get you know girl things 

when i got in the store i looked behind me and theywere all following me 

''um the boys stay out here and Alayna if you want to come then come on'' i said making my way to the bras.

*after victorias secret*

so i ended up with 5 laced bras 2 not laced bras 10 period panties and non period panties and idk what Alayna got

''dang Payton what did you get'' Harry asked

''non of your business'' i said walking to the food court 

''your hungry you just ate'' Louis said 

''im getting a smoothie jeez'' i sassed and got in line.

The line took like 5 minutes untill i was nexted i got a strawberry bananna smoothie and a mango one for Alayna

''payton you didnt have to get me one'' she said taking it

''i wanted to cause i felt like it'' i said and smiled and started walking

''boys you can go and get stuff we can meet up by the food court say an hour'' i said looking at them

''sounds great'' Jason said 

''ill stay with Payton'' Percy said and we and Alayna went to do our stuff

''can we stop by the jewlery shop'' i asked

''why'' Alayna asked trowing her cup away and looking at me

''i wanted to get mom a necklace to were at her wedding a sorry present i guess'' 

''why a sorry present'' they both asked

''well when i came down stairs mom out f no were said that she was marring Liams dad Geoff and Izzic and I said something that sounded like we werent happy i am idk about Izzic'' 

''oh well thats nice'' Percy said as we walked in the jewlery shop.

i ended with a dimonde  necklace that is like the most beautiful necklace ever


*after several shops*

we went to like 100 different shops i got makeup clothes shoes jewlery etc etc same with Alayna and Percy got a few shirts shorts and boxers.

''hey guys ready to go'' i askedthe other boys who had at least 15 bags each 

''yea lets go'' Izzic said heading out














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