step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too


11. 1 day till wedding

Payton's POV

I woke up the next morning at 7:30 i took a shower and did all that stuff i put on mascara and eye shadow thats all i need really.

I went down stairs and they were all here

''your up'' mom asked

''yea'' i walked over to the pantry and a cookie

''payton your not eating a cookie for breakfest'' Geoff said trying to take it

''to bad i am'' i said walking away and started texting Percy

''MOM ME AND PERCY ARE GOING TO A MOVIE'' i yelled we decided  to go see finding dory

''K'' yea hit me with the letter k

i walked out waiting for Percy i was texting alayna when Izzic came out.

''hey'' was all he said and sat down

''are you happy about the wedding'' i asked wanting know

''not really'' 


''i dont know Payton can we not talk about it''

''sure i have to bye'' i say as Percy pulls up i kiss Izzic on the cheek and get in Percy's car

''ready'' he asked me no Percy im not stupid question to ask

''yea lets go'' 


Izzic's POV 

I didn't want to tell Payton that I'm not happy because she would ask questions and some I dont want to answer so i just said i dont know what else could i say i didnt want her to tell mom and mom bemad at me that i dont want her to get married because is son and his sons friends are annoying.

one never stops talking,another never stops eating, and one never stops being bossy they aint going to act that way in my house.


Payton's POV

The movie was awesome my favorite part was when it was baby dory she was sooo cute.

''I liked it finding nemo is 1% behind this movie''

''yea it was just a little bit better''

''yea want to lunch'' i ask because all i had was that cookie

''yea sure were do you want to go''

''ummmmm do you like apple bees'' 

''yea come on'' he took my hand and dragged me out the doors.

We were close to the car when Annabeth showed up 

''Percy didnt know you were here want to see a movie maybe xmen'' she said oh my god i cant stand her 

''no i already saw a movie'' he said walking to the car but Annabeth got infron of him

''with who im your girlfriend'' she said 

''your not my girlfriend i dont even like u Payton's my girlfriend'' i was shocked at how he just asked me out. i took his hand 

''yea i am his girlfriend'' she huffed and walked into the mall

''so do u want to be my girlfriend'' he asked

''yes if i didnt i would have said yea im his girlfriend'' i said getting in the car.

We went to apple bees and ate duh. We got home around 4:30


''FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE''i herd someone yell back and Alayna came around the corner

''really'' i said taking my shoes of and going up the stairs

''yup i love adele'' she said following me into my room

''that u do were is everyone'' Percy asked sitting on my bed

''idk i let my self in'' 

''wow ok'' i said getting us gatorade out of my mini fridge 

''thanks'' they both said 

''Alayna can i ask you something'' i said becasue i really wanted to know why she was mad yesterday 

''yea sure what ya got''

''why were you mad yesterday at the mall''

''can we talk about this later just me and you'' she said not wanting Percy to hear

''were u mad because you like Percy and we kissed'' i said putting my drink on my night stand

''wait Alayna you like me'' Percy said looking at her

''yea i do but i know that you dont like me like that but you do like Payton''

''Alayna im sorry but yea i dont like you like that'

''anyway Payton lets dye my hair'' Alayna said pulling out pink and blue dye

''know okay''

''yea can you do like yours'' 

''yea okay wash your hair from the sink''

*after dyeing drying and playing with her hair*

''i like it thanks Payton'' Alayna said hugging me ''yea no problem''

''WERE HOOOOME'' my mo yelled 

''UPSTAIRS'' Percy replied 

My mom and the rest came in my room 

''were did you go and weres Izzic''

''went out for lunch and Izzic and Jason are in his room'' mom said

''okay'' was all i said and they left.

By now it was 8:30 and i was pooped and dont judge me 

''im going to leave'' Percy said 

''Alright bye''

''Bye'' he said and kissed me Alayna saw and raised and eyebrow

''were dating''

''ohh ok bye Percy'' andwith that he left

Me and alayna watched movies till 1:00am and decided to go to bed since the weddings tomorrow 

''goodnight'' i said turning the light off 

''good night''


(so im going to show you what the house looks like so here you go)













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