Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


10. Uncle and Aunt

"Ami darling, you look beautiful" he says and then turns to look at me. "Is this....."

"Yup... were... you going somewhere?" Ami asks. 

"I was just going out shopping, it can wait, we'll go up"

"Great, come on babe" Ami takes my hand and walks me in. I look up to see bright lights and a white ceiling, a desk is on the right side, some stairs ahead, to the left of the stairs are some lifts, we walk to the lifts. He presses a button to go up, turns, smiles at me, the doors open and we follow in behind him. He presses the number for 10, the doors close and we move up. 

"So how are you both?" he asks. 

"We're good, Fort....... fell... she forgot things, but she's remembering now, I knew I had to come and see you Frank, there's so many things that happened out there" the doors open. He nods his head and walks out, we walk down left, 5 doors down on the right, he unlocks the door and we walk in

"That was..." someone says and walks out of a room. "Ami!" a blonde, attractive woman wearing black jeans and a red top walks out and throws her arms around Ami. "This... this is Fort"

"It is, she fell and forgot things, but she's slowly remembering things" Ami says. 

"Is she okay?"

"She's fine, we just need to explain everything to her" 

"Okay... I was going to cook... but we could get a takeaway instead, how does pizza sound?"

"That sounds good" I say

"Haha, you've always loved your food"

"I like food" I smile. 

"I'll sort the food out, you girls sit down and talk" 

"Thanks darling" the woman says and kisses him on the cheek, he walks into a room, Ami takes my hand and we walk over to the living area and sit on a sofa. Sounds like I'm going to get an explanation of what's going on now. 

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