Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


15. Security

Ami puts her things into a baggage belt, and walks through a metal frame that beeps. A female guard steps towards her. 

"Have you got anything metal on you love?" she asks Ami. 

"No, I've just taken it off" Ami says patting her jeans and top. 

"Can you step back through please?"

"Yeah sure" Ami steps back through, it beeps again, the guard has followed her over. "I don't have anything metal on me"

"Step back through" and she does, again, it beeps. "Hmm, can you come with me?"

"Erm... yeah" Ami follows the guard into a room. 

"Come on through" a new female guard is nearby. 

"Sorry?" I say, completely in my own world thinking of what's happening to Ami this moment in time. 

"Come on through" 

"Oh" I look down, nothing metal on me, I walk on through. It beeps. 

"Tut, come back through" I do, and it beeps. "Anything metal on you?" 

"No, I don't have anything on me at all"

"Hmm, walk back through" and I do, and it beeps, again. "Come with me" I follow her in the direction of where Ami has gone. She opens the door to a room, I see people and a figure on the floor. I look down, Ami. My heart drops into my stomach, I feel a massive lump in my throat, my eyes widen with shock and I'm frozen to the spot in fear. 

"Ami" I say to myself. I go to turn, but as I do, something hits me on the head, hard, my limbs go weak and I am brought down to the floor. I find myself falling into a deep dark hole all over again. 

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