Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


4. Practicing Magic

"Okay... where do you want to start?" Ami asks. 

"What do you mean?" I ask in reply. 

"Like... mind magic... or... physical magic with your hands"

"Mind magic... that sounds interesting"

"Okay... this is more fun... your better than it than me"

"Ha" she makes me smile, I feel a connection with her, like I've known her forever. Memories are flowing back to me, we shared ice cream when we were 8 years old looking into the desert. We were happy back then, we practiced magic in the house and would make bunnies and kittens appear, but then my mum would tell me we couldn't look after them, but we could still play with them, good times. 

"I'm serious...... okay..... let's start small...... with this fork.... think what you want to do with it...... think to yourself... you want it to hover in the air...... or........ you want it to change colour" I look at the fork...... I can make it hover? I can make it change colour? I squint my eyes........ and imagine a yellow fork. It then changes yellow. 

"Oh my God" 

"Yes!" she throws her arms around me. "I was afraid you were going to forget" she kisses my cheek and sits back. "Okay...... lets make it hover" I look at the fork again... and think about it hovering... it goes into the air slowly... it then drops on the table"

"Okay... this is weird"

"Ha....... this is good... lets try the table"

"The table?"

"Yeah... try it" 

"Okay" I concentrate on the table, thinking about it floating, I dart my eyes upwards a little and it goes upwards a few inches, I feel my eyes widen. 

"Focus..... make it go up some more..." I do... "That's it... and down" down.. and its on the floor. "Excellent...... lets try bigger things" she takes my hand and takes me out the room, she takes me down, into the next room, the living room. "Try the sofa"

"The sofa"

"Yup.... go on"

"Okay..." I look at the sofa, I concentrate, I take my eyes, upwards whilst concentrating, and the sofa comes in the air. 


"O..... kay" I make it go up some more....... it's all about the eyes... my eyes direct where it goes. 

"Nice one Fort" I make it go left.. and right... and up some more... then I place it back down. "Yes" 

"That's cool" 

"Yeah... try your hands... power from the hands directs it, like you eyes"

"Okay" I put my hands out... and then look at the palms of my hands, then I place them towards the sofa. I feel power building up inside me, I see a yellow light coming from them, I concentrate on the sofa with my hands, and then pull it up into the air. 

"Yes..... you're doing well" 

"This....... is....... freaking....... awesome!" I make it go up into the air some more, and make it go left and right, and then place it down. "I'm really tired"

"Yeah... its turned twenty past eight... so get into the shower and go to bed... tomorrow... we have a long day of travelling"

"Do we?"

"Yes, we need to get into the mist"

"What's behind the house?"

"Mountains, mountains and more mountains, there's no point in going that way, the desert is the way into the town" 

"I thought we had to avoid people"

"Yes... but we're going to find my uncle...... he'll be worried, I haven't been in contact with him for a while, he knew if we hadn't been to see him, we'd be in trouble"

"Can't he come to us?"

"No, he and my aunt never knew where this place was... they didn't want to know in case people asked questions"


"That's right...... our parents were the only people that knew, and there dead, and we need my uncles help...... so tomorrow...... we're going"

"Why...... do you want his help?"

"Because Michelle knows that we're in this area...... he can help us get out of the country, he knows people that can keep us safe"

"Makes sense"

"It does"

"So get in the shower and get to bed... we have a long day ahead tomorrow"

"Okay" I walk up the stairs, and then then stop. 

"This ones your bedroom" points to the room on the left, the room on the corner, the first bedroom I walked into when I came here yesterday. 


"Night babe, sleep well"

"Thanks, you too" I walk into the room, and shut the door. I smell, I really do smell, I walk into the bathroom, takes my clothes off, step into the shower, and put the taps on. Warm water trickles down my skin and into my hair, it feels like heaven. 


Of what feels like half an hour later I walk out of the bathroom and walk over to a wardrobe, I open it, and see different clothes. Some pajama bottoms I take, and a black strap top, I put them on, walk over to the bed, and lie down, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall into a deep sleep. 

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