Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


5. Morning

The smell of bacon and eggs wafts into the room waking me up. I sit up, and then race into the bathroom to the toilet.

Moments later I walk out, and go downstairs into the kitchen. Ami turns around, still in her pajamas with two plates in her hands with bacon, eggs, sausages and hash browns on. 

"Hey you, made you breakfast" she smiles, puts a plate down and sits opposite me. 

"Thanks... where... did you get the food?" I ask

"In the other fridge in the garage... I've packed everything, we just need to get ready"

"Oh..... sounds good"

"Yup" the taste of bacon is beautiful, I will savour every taste. "You enjoying that babe?"

"Yeah, so........ what's the plan?"

"Go to the desert, and we walk, I've got tents so we can stay in one over night if we have to, there's food to last us days"

"Sounds good" 


"What about your uncle"

"What about him?" 

"Do you know where he lives?"

"Yeah, once we get into town I'll know where to go"

"Cool, will we actually get out of this place?"

"Oh yeah, he knows all about that stuff, so the sooner we get there, the better"


"You ate that quick" I look down at the plate, it's all gone, I did eat that quickly. 

"Come on, doesn't matter about the plates, lets get ready"

"Okay" I follow her out, and then up the stairs. I walk into my room, go to the wardrobe and look in in. Black jeans, black shirt, and a hoody, there seems to be a lot of clothes in here. This is it, we're finally going to be getting out of this place, I couldn't be any happier. 

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