Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


7. Hope

After what feels like an hour of walking, I stop and turn around, Ami looks at me as I do so. It looks far away, but nothing but sand can be seen up ahead. 

"You okay?" she asks. 

"Yeah.....I just wanna get there Ami"

"I know babe, we just need to keep walking" so we walk. 

"So........ how far did you get out here?"

"Pretty far... I think we could get to the town by night"

"Great" I smile, that's good. 

"When I saw it I headed back, I just wanted to see it, I did, so I came back for you" 

"I love you"

"I know babe, then.... we could be living it up in a different country, lying on a beach, being waited on, swimming and having fun"

"Yeah, that sounds fun, what country?"

"I dunno, depends on what my uncle says, I'm thinking Spain though, cos he know's a lot of people out there"

"Spain sounds great"

"Yeah it does" I feel positive, I feel hope, I feel excited for what's about to happen. 

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