Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


11. Happy Times

"So how are you both? What's been going on?" Alice smiles. 

"Well..... a lot of things" Ami says and Alice's smile instantly drops from her face.

"What happened?"

"Michelle happened... a few nights ago she broke into the house, we ran, Fort fell, she forgot things, but she's fine now, I knew we  had to come here"

"Good, if that woman ever gets her hands onto you I would cut her face and - "

"Okay... thanks Al"

"Any time" she smiles. 

"So yeah... we just wanna be safe, it took her a long time to track us down and she did it, and now we want to get away" 

"Good, Frank will sort something out, it'll be fine girls, you'll be out of here before you know it"


"Pizza time!" Frank calls and walks behind us, I sit up and watch him. The sweet smell of pizza. "Who wants to watch a film?"

"I do!" me and Ami say at the same time. 

"I have pirates of the caribbean recorded...... the forth one"

"Good film" I sit back, smile, and indulge into a pizza slice. Pepperoni, onion and tuna, my favourite, right now, I couldn't be any happier. We sit back, relax, eat and be merry. 

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