Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


14. Airport

After a half an hour trip to the airport, we are here. Frank gets out and opens the door for me.

"Thank you" I say.

"No bother" he smiles, and then goes into the boot for our bags. He locks the door and we travel on up to the airport. We walk in, and I've never seen anywhere this busy full of people. People are queuing at check in desks, walking around on phones and some have earbuds in. Frank walks to a desk, above the desk is a screen, it says Barcelona. So were going to Barcelona? This should be fun. We join a queue with two families in front of us. One walks away, and then a woman is free.

"Hello there" she smiles and we walk over.

"Hello" Frank smiles and we walk over.

"Thank you" she scans the tickets that we have. "Is it...... just the two bags?"

"Yeah, there staying out with some friends, I think you two are planning out staying there are you girls?"

"Yup, we don't know when we'll decide to come back" Ami smiles.

"Haha, hard letting them go isn't it?" she asks.

"Oh, she's my niece, I love her like my own, I promise I won't cry though" Frank smiles.

"A true man would let out there emotions"

"Yeah they would" Alice rolls her eyes.

"Haha, you two have fun" she smiles.

"Thanks" Ami smiles, and we walk off, well that was quick... I was scared she was going to catch us out, but no, that's good. We walk over to a sign that says, departures, and start up some escalators... Ami walks, I then follow her. At the top is security.

"Well girls this is it....... we're coming over in two weeks though so we'll see you out there" Frank says

"Oh great, I was afraid it would be a while" Ami says.

"Nope, soon enough, we'll come visit, you two have fun now"

"Bye Ami" Alice says and kisses Ami on the cheek, and then me. "See you two soon"

"Bye" we smile, wave, and join the queue.

"This.... is so exciting Fort" Ami says.

"Yeah...... It feels so weird Ami" I say

"Yeah I know, but it's so great" Yes, yes it is, I feel, warm, comfortable and safe, and excited for the flight.

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