Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


17. The Truth has Spoken

Baby Miracle


There were many other pictures as well, Meadow raced back downstairs, and to Harry.


Chapter Seventeen: The Truth Has Spoken


"Harry!" Meadow called as she jogged into the hallway, "Harry Potter!"


"I'm right here," He stepped out from the corner she left him, "What's that?"


"Let's go to the library," Meadow avoided the question and the two went to the library, it was quiet as always but empty, like the rest of the castle. She sat down and Harry sat next to her, she placed the photo album in between them, and opened it. "Harry, this is us. Shane's with us too. I don't understand it all myself, but we were together when we were babies."


"How did you..?" Harry asked but trailed off, not knowing how to finish the question.


"I always thought I remembered a little boy with messy, black hair and green eyes that I used to play with and started to grow up with. Also, you do know me, I lived with Miss Figg for a year or two, we went to the same muggle school. I'd bug Uncle Remus, Shane's dad, endlessly for any scrap of evidence. Eventually, Uncle Remmy gave in and convinced my dad to give me all the pictures they took, but they did it for my eleventh birthday. I didn't expect it because I had given up on trying when I was five." Meadow was careful, she wanted Harry's godfather to be a surprise on Christmas.


The two kept looking at the pictures, some moving and some still. Harry was captivated by the pictures, he could see his parents, and they would wave up at him and smile as they held a baby Harry. Meadow watched the Gryffindor as he flipped through the pages of photos, Harry would smile and Meadow thought it would almost bring tears to his eyes. The two sat there for the longest time just looking at the three happy families when they were toddlers. Adella wasn't in a lot of the pictures, and soon after Adella showed up in a few pictures, Harry, his sister, and their parents disappeared from the photos.


Meadow frowned, "This was after you and Adella were taken away, after your parents were murdered. Shane and I were taken away too." She paused as she watched Harry slowly flip the pages of her, Shane, Remus, Sirius, and Severus. "Not in the way you were, of course, we were put into Uncle Remus's care, not under some magic hating muggles."


"Who's Adella?" Harry asked and Meadow flinched back at the words.


"Your sister," Meadow blinked.


"You mean to tell me I have a sister named Adella?"


"Erm… Yes…"


"Why wasn't she placed with my aunt and uncle then like me?" Harry asked, his voice rising.


Meadow looked at him, "I'm not sure, Harry… All I know is that she was born a few weeks before your parents were killed."


"What do you mean?" His voice was harsh, not understanding what she was saying.


"Adella is a year younger than you, her birthday is July 21, two years after you were born. Harry, You-Know-Who tried to kill you on your second birthday," Meadow replied, trying to not cry.


"How do you know all this," he demanded.


"It was in a book I read a long time ago, it was about your family history."


The two sat there for a long time just looking at each other. Meadow's eyes had tensed up, but refused to cry, and Harry, firm yet sorrow crossed his face. Neither moved, they just sat eyes locked, photo album between them. The doors to the library opened up, and they glanced that way, a short, redhead marched in, face red from running. "Oi! There you are Harry!"


"Shh!" Madame Pince, the librarian shushed the ginger.


"Sorry," Ron Weasley whisper-yelled back. He caught a glimpse of Meadow and stopped, "What are you doing here Snape."


Meadow raised her eyebrows at him and decided to be sarcastic, "I'm eating my supper here, couldn't you tell?" She gestured to Harry and rolled her eyes, he snorted, and covered it up with a cough.


"Don't be such a prat, why are you with Harry," Weasley demanded.


The Slytherin stood up and slammed to photo album shut, "For your information, Weasley, it's none of your business to know why I'm here with Harry. Why don't you just shove off and be a bloody pain in the arse somewhere else." Meadow's heart was racing from the adrenaline pumping through her veins, the fight or flight response was bickering between her walking away and her standing up for her friendship with Harry.


Weasley's ears became red, "At least I'm not bloody evil like you Snake." He used her new nickname for her and stormed off out of the library.


Madame Pince went by their table and threw them out of the library for the rest of Winter break, muttered about how disrespectful students these days are, and how she expected better from Meadow. Meadow glanced at Harry, who was watching her reaction, she sighed, "I'm sorry... I just don't like it when people bully others, especially when it's because they don't like their friend."


"It's okay," Harry said, "I understand."


Meadow looked into his eyes, "I've talked to Malfoy about teasing you."


Harry looked at her surprised, "Why?"


"Because I don't like it when people bully others," she repeated and blinked, they heard the clock chime six times, "Come on, let's go to dinner. I'm starving!" Meadow started running, leaving Harry behind, "Race you!" She laughed and kept sprinting.




Terrance and Meadow were the only two younger students from Slytherin whom had stayed home. Everyone else was a fifth year and above, Sage, the Perfect who checked in with Meadow here and there, had gone home, but the other fifth year Perfect, Adrian, had stayed at Hogwarts. Adrian, his girlfriend, Mary Jorgans, Marcus Flint, and a few other upper classmen. After seeing this the two first years bolt upstairs to their floor landing. Meadow nudged Terrance and looked at him questionably.


A moment passed and finally he said, "Meadow I know you want to ask something but I can't read your mind. I'm not that good of a wizard yet."


"Well..." Meadow bit her lip, unsure of how to ask, "Both of our dormitories are empty apart from us two, what if we had a week-long sleepover?"


Terrance raised his eyebrows in surprise but smiled, "I like the sound of that, but where would we go?"


"Boys aren't allowed in the girls, the door locks, but it never said anything about girls being allowed in the boys' dormitories," Meadow pointed out slowly.


The two looked at each other and nodded, planning out their week-long break, Meadow brought her blankets and pillows over to Terrance's room. Meadow noted that the boy's dormitory looked the same as the girl's rooms. Terrance levitated his bed off the four-poster frame and put it on the floor, he did the same to Theodore's bed and put them right next to each other. Meadow claimed Theo's bed on the floor and added her pillows and blankets to it, there would be no way she'd be cold at night.


"Oh!" Meadow jumped up from her spot on the bed and raced out of the room, she came back with a light blonde, fluffy, kitten in her arms. Bee had grown from her tiny fluff-ball size, but she wasn't a full-grown cat yet. The young witch crawled back under the covers of her bed and sat up with Bee in her arms, she turned to Terrance, who had grabbed some books from the library earlier, was reading one; Meadow smiled and rolled her eyes, "Bored of me already?"


Her friend looked up, "No, I was waiting." Terrance returned her smile, but his was lopsided and goofy, and his light blue eyes smiled as well.


Meadow laughed, causing Bee to mew in annoyance, "So what did my dad want to talk to you about the other day when our families came up?"


"Nothing important!" He answered quickly and the subject dropped.


Meadow fidgeted under her blankets, she wasn't good at awkward moments, in fact, she felt she made the awkward moments even more awkward. She picked up a book he was reading, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, it was titled. "Dying to know more about Harry?"


"No," Terrance shook his head, "You're mentioned in it."


She looked up from the book, surprised, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open, "That's impossible."


The dark-haired brunette raised his eyebrows at her and took the book back opening to a page, he read, "Severus Snape and his daughter, Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape, and Remus Lupin and his son, Shane Blake Lupin used to live in the house with the four Potters before Lily and James were murdered by You-Know-Who. It was said that Meadow was to live with the Potters and Lupins for protection under Albus Dumbledore's watchful eyes. Her mother was spell damaged to a fate worse than death, and the father is unknown due to no one knowing Severus Snape had a wife. It is said that Snape was-"




Terrance looked up at Meadow, "Did you know any of this?"


"I thought I knew," She said sadly, and read the rest of the article over, she shook her head. "I remember bits and pieces, but I was so young. I remember Harry, but only that he was a baby, black messy hair and green eyes. I remember we were happy, Harry, Shane, me, and our parents, well, I guess my dad and Shane's dad, and Harry's parents. I don't remember his sister. I don't remember the day they were murdered: where I was, how old I was, who I was with... I just remember we were a family."


He nodded thoughtfully and changed subjects to flying, the two talked on and on about Quidditch and flying, Terrance had the luck of the draw as well this year and made it on the Slytherin team as seeker, the Slytherins were excited but even with two first-years making their House Quidditch team, Harry had received most of the fame due to surviving the killing curse, and he was a better flier than Terrance. Terrance was mostly on the Quidditch team by default, he had tried out jokingly and landed a spot for backup Seeker. He had been playing ever since the second game when the original Seeker got hurt and dropped out because of injuries.


The two were laughing and joking around when a knock came from outside Terrance's door, they stopped talking, looked at each other with horrified expressions, and Meadow hid under the covers while Terrance opened it. It was a very red-faced Adrian in only shorts and Terrance lowered his eyes to the ground, "What can I do for you?"


"You can start by being a bit more quiet," the older wizard hissed, "I know you're in here Meadow, I don't care, but you two need to keep it down." She peaked out from under the covers, "Some of us are trying to sleep. Now shut up before I go get Snape." Adrian slammed the door behind him as his loud footsteps grew quiet as he went downstairs.


Terrance jumped on the bed, it slid into Meadow's bed, and he snickered as she giggled nervously. Meadow had never been one to anger older witches and wizards, her face was red with embarrassment and her hands shook slightly, she covered them with her blanket. Terrance put out the candle they had lit, it grew dark in the room, "Is this okay?"


"Yeah," Meadow's voice was small and she wrapped her arms around Bee.


There was a pause, "We can keep talking, if you want."


The girl wrinkled her nose and let out a soft huff of breath, "No, that's okay, we should turn in for the night." Meadow's eyes had adjusted to the light and she squeezed Terrance's hand. He squeezed her hand back before the two let go and curled into comfortable sleeping positions. Not long after the two fell into a deep sleep with Bee in between them.


"Meadow!" A boy's voice called her out of her sleep, "Meadow wake up!" The witch muttered something under her breath, "Doe, come on! It's Christmas!" Terrance shook her awake, his blue eyes were the first thing she saw when she opened her own yellow speckled orbs. "We have presents!"


"We have what?" Meadow asked brushing her curly, blonde hair out of her face. "Presents?" Terrance looked at her strangely, when suddenly the light bulb went off, "It's Christmas!" She squealed and tackled the wizard to his bed in a hug. "Happy Christmas!"


Terrance laughed, "Happy Christmas."


Meadow had received presents from Daphne, Uncle Remus and Shane, Theodore, Malfoy, Terrance, and to her surprise her father and Harry. From Daphne a small, silver bracelet with an even smaller, silver Slytherin snake as a charm (Daphne had noticed Meadow had a long chain around her neck which held a locket, a silver feather, a silver doe, and a dog tag which had always engraved in it, she thought the girl needed just something else to complete the look), Theo, Terrance, and Malfoy gave her chocolates, Uncle Remus and Shane had given her some charcoal to draw with and more pencils, her drawing skills had improved though the school year, Harry had given her a small letter that had said: "Thank you for being brave and bold, you are more of a Gryffindor than some" and lastly, her father had given her chocolates and a few books, one on plants and their uses, one on advanced potions, and the last one on Defense Against the Dark Arts. Meadow sighed, her father, although not talking to her, kept pushing her studies before she had any fun.


Terrance received quidditch gear and books from his aunt, and chocolate from Daphne, Meadow, and Theo. Meadow squeezed his hand and he smiled at her, although disappointed at the amount of gifts he was given compared to his friend. The two went to the Great Hall for breakfast and it was filled students who stayed during the Holiday. Harry waved Meadow over, and Terrance followed hesitantly. Harry gave Meadow a bear hug, "Thank you for holding on to that ring," he whispered.


Meadow smiled back at him, ignoring the annoyed stare from her father, and sat down across from Harry with Terrance next to her side. Ron Weasley was no were to be seen. It was awkward at first, with the tension between Terrance and Harry, but Meadow pinched Terry's arm and kicked Harry lightly, she gave them pointed looks. The three chatted about school, presents, and mostly Quidditch; Harry was surprised to hear that Meadow had gained some interest in the game due to Shane complaining about how he could never talk about the game until the two came here. Dumbledore rose in robes of silver, his beard almost blended in, Meadow noted to herself with a small giggle, and Terry threw an amused look at her as he noticed the same thing.


"Quiet down," Dumbledore's wistful voice said, "Happy Christmas, I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break," He made eye contact with Harry for a split second and winked before addressing the rest of the Hall, "Now, let us eat."


Waffles, pancakes, French toast, French pancakes, cereal, toast, bacon, milk, orange juice, and pumpkin juice appeared on the tables in front of the students and professors. The three first years tucked in and pilled their plates; the three were mostly quiet, enjoying the food and the special day. The twins scooted closer to Harry and the two Slytherins, George gave her a wink as he whispered, "So how's snogging Malfoy? Is he any good at it?"


Meadow's face heated up, "I am not snogging him!" Terrance raised an eyebrow, he had heard his friend complain that the twins would always tease her about Malfoy, but he never actually heard it himself.


"Oh, but the rumors say you are," Fred responded as he sat his plate down next to her.


"Well, rumors are just that, it is not the truth!" Meadow responded, clearly frustrated as the two first year boys exchanged a glace before snorting.


"Oh? Does that mean it's true boys?" George said with a grin as Meadow's face became hot again. "I take your blush as a yes."


"I- no- you!" Meadow pointed a butter knife at him and he raised his arms up.


"I surrender, I surrender," the younger twin said. Terrance observed the two, George was clearly saying anything to make Meadow blush, he probably had a small crush on her, and Meadow was clearly obvious to it, as usual, she really had no idea how many of the boys she could get, even at just eleven years old. Terrance had noticed, even though she always referred to Shane as her brother, he always looked at her with such loving eyes, it was difficult to understand how she never noticed that Shane liked her.


All Meadow could do is shake her head at the twins, she was too flustered to notice that the Great Hall doors opened slightly and a small, redhead boy charged through, his hair messy, robes a mess and falling off, he caused everyone to look at him. The boy's face and ears turned pink and he rushed over to part of the table where Harry, Meadow, Terrance, and the twins sat. His face turned into a scowl as he saw them. "I thought I told you to stay away from Harry," Weasley sneered at Meadow.


Meadow rolled her two-toned eyes and replied, "Oh, I tried, but it seems to me Harry wants me as a friend."


Weasley glared, but he just looked funny, he wasn't a Slytherin after all, he didn't know how to actually look mean and superior, Meadow let out a small giggle, which just seemed to piss the redhead off more. "Nothing is funny Snake," he snapped, "Actually, there is something that's funny, and it's your family. I've never seen such a dysfunctional family quite like yours, a lifeless mother at St. Mungo's and a father who doesn't acknowledge you."


Terrance grabbed Meadow's hand and squeezed, but tears jumped to her eyes, Meadow forced herself to look into Weasley's green eyes and she whispered, "How is it that I leave the rest of your family out, but mine gets brought up. Weasley is a well-known, poor, pureblood family, who had too many children because they can't even afford to buy new wands, robes, or anything that isn't second-hand. But yet I don't bring any of that up and yet you have the nerve to think that my mother being basically murdered and that my father ignores me during school is funny. You think it's okay to think that my father doing his job is funny, but he's doing exactly what he needs to, he's not picking me as a favorite, in fact, he makes it seem like he hates me so people like you can't say he's picking favorites because I'm his daughter." Meadow took a deep breath, "The joke is on you Weasley, not only did you just ruin my Christmas, you ruined two others who care about me. Next time you talk to me, I'm going straight to Professor McGonagall."


Meadow got up from her seat and walked as fast as she could out of the Great Hall without running, her chin up and her eyes avoiding any stares. She could her Terrance yelling at Weasley, Weasley asking Harry for back up, and Harry jumping to Terrance's aid. And the twins yelling at their brother for being such a great prat, threating to owl their mother. Meadow pushed open the door and sprinted, not looking at where she was going, she just kept running as fast as she could.


The girl found herself down a corridor on the seventh floor, sitting on the cold floor, trying to catch her breath. Meadow heard something and she jumped up, she paced back and forth, 'I need some place to hide' she thought with her eyes closed as she tried to think of a place. She heard another noise, but when she opened her eyes a small door had appeared on the wall. Meadow looked at it hesitantly, but heard a shot of someone getting closer, and squeezed through the door. She saw piles of junk everywhere. Mountains, more like. Anything you could imagine was there, books, tables, chairs, feathers, lanterns, old wands, melted cauldrons, book shelves, and there was more. Meadow stood in awe at all the amazing things, she walked around, jaw dropped as she took in the sights, smells, and the occasional smelly tastes. She turned and turned down numerous isles and ran her hands against the sides of things. She saw the ugliest stuffed troll with a beautiful crown on it.


Meadow climbed up on a chair that was next to the bookshelf the troll was sitting on. She jumped to the top and reached for the jeweled crown. Meadow's small hands clasped the cool metal and she traced her finger over the gems. It slightly shook and Meadow dropped the crown, frightened, it clanged to the floor. The girl felt a dark presence from the tiara and back away from it slightly, turned on her heel, and wandered around the junk piles. After what seemed like five minutes, she raced back through the maze of forgotten things towards the entrance. She pushed the door open and made her way back to the Slytherin common room. Meadow muttered the password and the door opened, Terrance jumped up from a chair nearby, and awkwardly hugged her.


The blonde girl giggled and hugged him back, used to hugging Shane all the time, it wasn't awkward for Meadow to hug a boy. "What's wrong?"


Terrance looked at her with wide eyes, "Meadow, you were gone for hours. What were you doing?"


Meadow's black speckled yellow eyes widened, "I was gone for hours?"


"That's what I just bloody said wasn't it?"


She looked at her friend with her head turned slightly, Meadow had never heard Terrance say 'bloody' before, "He might have actually been worried about you Meadow," a small voice said in the back of her head. She pushed that thought down before she could think about it more. "I didn't realize I was gone for so long... I'm sorry?"


Terrance frowned, "Potter and I looked for you everywhere, the library, which remind you Potter had to sneak in for some reason, empty classrooms, your dad's office, he's not thrilled with you either, Dumbledore's office, the grounds, the Quidditch pitch. Everywhere!"


Meadow looked down, slightly ashamed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you guys, or make you look for me everywhere, I was just so..." she stuttered slightly, "... Bloody flustered at Weasley, I just wanted some time to myself. Can I borrow your owl? I'll send a letter to Harry quick before I go visit my father..."


The blue-eyed boy sighed, "I told Potter I'd go up to the Hump Back Witch if you came back, he said he'd find out if I was there somehow. You go deal with your father."


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