Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


4. Sweet, Precious, Twist

 So! New and Improved chapter four, I have decided to just start right away with moving Meadow's age up with the chapters (chapter : age). I'm still torn if I should place Meadow with the Lupins or not. I feel like I would like to make it a bit of a challenge for Harry, Shane, and Meadow to reconnect and figure out they had all lived together. So I'll probably do that.


Baby Miracle


Severus nodded towards her, he had almost completely forgot his daughter's fourth birthday was tomorrow, August 21, 1984, he would send a patron Lucius headed out of the bedroom first followed by Severus, and finally Narcissa, who slightly smiled at the idea of the two toddlers going up together and maybe having a future.


Four: Sweet, Precious, Twist


It was Halloween, Meadow was just four years and three months old, but her hair had gotten even longer, down to her mid-back, her eyes had finally stopped darkening, they were almost full black, but with yellow specks floating around within her irises. Her skin had started to pale again after the sun was becoming scarce.


Severus sat on his dark bed for a while, as he thought about the latest conversation with Albus Dumbledore. The situation with Meadow was difficult. Severus wanted the best for her, but also had a difficult time to part with the child. The plan was to send her off to Miss Figg. Where she would grow up to never know who her real family was, until she was 11 years old; where she would learn the truth, and hopefully she would meet the Potter boy. The plan that Albus and Severus had for Meadow was changed. Everything had gone askew when Miss Figg broke her leg and was unable to pass the Muggle, something called, Social Worker's test. Meadow would be put in some sort of Muggle Foster Care, where an adult within the Foster Care would take care of her. With the failed test (apparently Miss Figg had too many cats) they were to the drawing board again.


Severus was laid down with the small blonde laying next to him on the couch; she was entertained by a small rubber ball. Severus thanked Merlin that he had down time before the feast, he had been able to wear her out with having her run after a small light he had produced.


A glass vile dropped to the ground with a large crash and Meadow flinched, allowing the rubber ball to slip through her fingers and smack her in the face.




Another crash.


"I'll have the Bloody Baron come get you!"


Severus turned his attention to the child of four-years-old, who was bawling her eyes out, they were now red and puffy while high pitched screams of pain still echoed around the dungeon. Severus scoped Meadow up and carried her over to the counter where he then got out a jug of milk, pored some in a cup that had a top to it, and mixed in a drop of Calming Draught in it. Severus then gave Meadow the bottle and she calmed down enough to drink some, she was then affected almost instantly and stopped crying.


Albus had said it would be no problem to bring Meadow to meals, however, that would have Severus admit that the little girl was his to the whole school, and he wasn't sure he was ready for that kind of commitment and publicity. Severus would look more approachable and that was the last thing he wanted his students to think.


Severus walked into his bedroom, dark and gloomy, there was only a single king-sized bed with dark green covers, a black dresser stood sadly in the corner of the room, a door then appeared, it was marked 'Meadow.' The potions' professor then opened it and it was a spitting image like the one at the Potters'. He had called for one of the kitchen house elves, and one name Tippy appeared, she was the one who had volunteered to babysit whenever Severus would need someone too. He still felt bad to rely on another wizarding couple to take care of his child.


After saying a small goodbye to Meadow he walked out of the dungeons and up to the Great Hall for the Halloween feast. He grabbed a few pieces of candy that Meadow could chew or suck on, such as a sugar quill, licorice wands, and a slab of chocolate.


After the feast was over, and all students were sent to their common rooms, Severus tucked Meadow into bed with her cup (it had a charm on the top so it wouldn't spill). He could give the candy to her tomorrow for entertainment.


"Good night my flower," Severus whispered as he kissed her on the forehead.


She didn't reply but her adopted father understood, he turned and went back to his room. Before Severus was even out of Meadow's room she was sound asleep.




"Open your books to page 383, read the ingredients you'll need and get them from the student ingredient pantry as usual, and get started. You'll have until next lesson. Go. Now," Severus stated in his monotone school voice as he sat down at his desk. A second year at Hogwarts was coming towards an end and Meadow had caused even more trouble, she had started to wander the halls when Severus's class was scheduled or had walked in on the class and went over to a cooing female to get picked up as she watched them brew their potion.


It was rather revolting to watch all the females get all gushy over a child, Severus had thought to himself as he rolled his eyes one class period. He was tempted to give anyone a detention for getting distracted, but decided against it, he didn't need a bunch of females cooing over his daughter for another hour when it was his fault she was roaming about anyways. By the rate Argus Flitch was picking her up and bringing her back to Severus, Meadow would know the castle inside and out before the time she even got to school. If she was to stay here. Maybe he should write a bunch of tips for her when she's older, since she won't be staying at Hogwarts another year.


Multiple times Minerva McGonagall had come down to Severus's rooms to tell him to keep an eye on his daughter. Meadow had wandered into her classroom a few times during her classes. Filius Flitwick thought Meadow was just adorable and if she'd wander into his classroom, he'd invite her over to his desk to stand on with him. She was just as tall as the half-goblin professor, which Severus had found quite amusing. Pomona Sprout was not as stern as Minerva, however, with the dangerous plants she had, Pomona was not a fan of Meadow wandering into the greenhouses.


Severus had given up trying to prevent Meadow from escaping the dungeons this year, she was so much trouble last year to contain. It was better her curiosity was satisfied rather than sustained, he was not worried with her wandering around, there would always be a ghost, portrait, professor, student, Flitch, or his cat, Miss Norris, for her to follow back into safety.


As of right now, Meadow was climbing the stairs to the North Tower, where Sybill Trelawney was teaching the third years' divination. She took a couple breaks on the way up, but she had been looking at this staircase for a long time (which was just a day before she climbed it). Today, she was wearing a dark green tutu with a white, short-sleeved shirt, black tights, and black flats. Her blonde hair was up in pigtails, curtesy of Madam Pomfrey, whom Meadow had ran into earlier.


A few small breaks later before an energetic four-year-old raced up the stairs and to the top, only to find a ladder. She reached her little hands up to the first one she could reach, she reached one hand over the other and stepped her feet up and up. The blonde walked into the classroom like she owned it, surprising a few students as Meadow had gone right up to Professor Trelawney. "Hi!" she said excitedly, she had made it up to the top of the stairs. Many of the girls cooed at the four-year-old, and most of the boys rolled their eyes, Meadow looked around after hearing the noise. She turned back around to the wild-haired professor with large, round, purple glasses on her nose, however, Trelawney had gone into a blank stare at the youngest Snape.


With slow movement the older woman picked Meadow up, who widened her black eyes, "THE DAUGHTER OF THE ILL AND UNKNOWN… WILL HELP DETERMINE THE END … SHE WILL BE LIGHT AND DARK TOGETHER… AFTER THE GRAVE DEATH OF ONE CLOSE… SHE WILL DECIDE WHO WILL WIN THAT NIGHT…" Professor Trelawney coughed, confused, and put Meadow down. The child had tears in her eyes, all she caught was daughter of the ill and unknown… she will decide who will die that night…


"Did I say something?" The professor asked the class as whispering started to occur, wide eyes, open mouths, and surprised stares watched their teacher.


"Professor…" A female Gryffindor started, "You just said a prophecy."


Professor Trelawney's eyes got even wider, if that was possible for the witch, she already had very wide, round eyes due to being a tad bit on the anti-social side. "What was it? What did I say?"


The female Gryffindor who spoke before walked down to the front, offered to pick up Meadow, whom obliged. "You said that Meadow would help determine the end of the second war, what war?"


"I don't know, dear."


"You have to know!" Another student called out, "You're the one who said it!"


"On the contrary, I don't know my predictions when I go into a trance. So if someone would please give me the EXACT words."


A Ravenclaw student stood up with a piece of paper, "I wrote it down, here." She shoved the paper into the Professor's hands.


The girl holding Meadow grabbed her classmate's hand, "Can I get a copy? I think her father, however much of a git he is, should know."


The Ravenclaw nodded, as Sybill read what she said, she began to shake. "Everyone out!" Her voice became shrill, "Class is dismissed!" with that, she grabbed a bottle of Chery, and slammed her office door shut, a loud click of the lock was heard before the third-years began packing up their bags.


The Gryffindor girl made her way back to her seat. "What your name?" Meadow asked her.


"My name is Hayley Evergreen, and you are Meadow Snape," the girl responded, her eyes shifted to a color of blue and her hair was dark brown. "Should we get you back to your daddy?"


Meadow shook her head, "No!"


"No? Why not?"




"Me what?" Hayley asked as she swung her bag over her shoulders and picked Meadow back up.


"I want to stay with you!" Meadow responded and wrapped her arms around the older girl's neck.


Hayley laughed, "Only until dinner time! Okay?"


Meadow crinkled her nose, "Okay," she agreed.


The next class the Gryffindor's had was Transfiguration, when Hayley walked in with Meadow on her hip, Professor McGonagall rolled he eyes, "It seems as though we have a visitor among us!" She announced. Meadow wiggled out of Hayley's grip and raced towards the professor, gesturing to be picked up. The Head of Gryffindor obliged and swung the little girl on her hip as she began teaching. Once the lesson was over, Hayley walked over to her head of house.


Meadow had been set down and was racing through the classroom, poking any student who was still there. She poked a Slytherin student who looked like he was going to snap at her, but realizing who actually poked him, he relaxed. "Hi Miss Meadow," his voice was rough. He had black hair and brown eyes, he had darker skin too.


Meadow beamed up at him, "HI! Um.. What is your name?"


"Jon Jorgenson," he replied.


"Hi Jon!" Meadow smiled again and continued to bug him as he put his stuff away.


Hayley Evergreen and Professor McGonagall were whispering frantically. "I just don't know what to do, obviously Professor Snape needs to know, there's no doubt it's about her," Hayley said.


"I wouldn't be quite so sure it's about Miss Snape; Professor Trelawney said 'the daughter of the ill and unknown' it is very well known who Meadow's father is. We need to take this to Albus," the cat-animagus responded. "The password is Lemontarts."


Hayley nodded, agreeing yet still not, no one ever knew that Professor Snape had a wife or child before, and why would he need to take Meadow to school with him if he had a wife? She went to grab Meadow from talking to the Slytherin Jon Jorgenson. He was attractive, but since he was a Slytherin, more than likely he supported hating Muggleborns just like the rest of his house. "Meadow, time to go," Hayley said softly.


"Not yet," Meadow replied and turned to the Slytherin. "Do you know who this is?"


Jon stared blankly at the girl, taken off guard at the question, he glanced at Hayley whose cheeks were flushed pink, "Yes, that's Hayley Evergreen, she's in Gryffindor house." His voice was something Hayley had always dreamed of, husky yet sweet, she'd never talked to Jon before and when the two made eye contact for a split second she felt her face get hot again.


"Yes… Come with us!" Meadow pleaded with Jon, who had stood up, and threw on his backpack.




The two looked up at Hayley, whose heart skipped a little when Jon looked at her again, "We have to go to the Headmaster's; something happened in Trelawney's class-"


"I know," Jon said, cutting her off, she flushed even more, her face very hot and she was sure it was very red. Before she could ask how the Slytherin replied, "I was there, we have class together."


Hayley's face became even redder if that was possible and Jon smiled, it was cute how embarrassed she got just by looking at him. In the Divination class they just had he was sitting at a back table with his one Slytherin friend, Jamie, who wasn't paying much attention as he was racing to finish the Transfiguration essay that was due. Jon was drawing Hayley, she was beautiful even at the age of 13, the way she smiled and her eyes lit up. Flustered, Hayley finally asked, "Well, what do you think?"


"I have free period," Jon replied, hoping he didn't sound too eager, "If Meadow insists, I wi- could come along." He started saying will, but changed to could, he really didn't want to sound like he wanted to go with.


Hayley's blush showed up again, "Okay, Meadow?" She turned the attention on the four-year-old, "Do you want to walk or be carried?"


"Walk!" Meadow said excitedly and grabbed a hand of each student, both seemed to blush as they realized how this looked. Meadow looked like their kid, and they looked like a couple. The two silently hoped no one would see them as they walked to Albus Dumbledore's office. However, one person did see the three, it was Charlie Weasley, who was in his fourth year at school. Slightly pink in the face when he saw Hayley with a Slytherin and his head of house's daughter, he would remember to confront her later about it.


"Lemontart," Hayley said to the gargoyle and it sprang to life, she moved over so she could follow Jon and Meadow up the stairs, however that was shot down.


"Ladies first," Jon said and pushed her forward. The skin on her lower back burned from the touch and her face flushed again. Hayley picked up Meadow and walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.


It opened immediately, and the three stepped inside, "What can I do for you three?" Professor Dumbledore asked with a twinkle in his eyes.


"Well, you see…" Hayley started, but stopped when Meadow started wiggling. ("Put me down!" She whisper-yelled.) The Gryffindor distracted Jon stepped in.


"During our Divination class, Meadow walked in, Professor Trelawney picked her up and went into some sort of trance. She said-" He paused and Hayley smoothed out the piece of parchment with the prophecy on it.


"She said: 'The daughter of the ill and unknown… will help determine the end… she will be light and dark together… after the grave death of one close… she will decide who will win that night…'" The two students looked up at the Headmaster with worried expressions on their faces.


"Not to worry," Professor Dumbledore said, "I will take care of it, if you would please." He gestured to the paper Hayley had in her hands.


"Of course!" Hayley raced forward to give the prophecy to him.


"You three are dismissed, enjoy the rest of your day, I would suggest going outside on such a wonderful day," Dumbledore smiled as the three walked out of his office, he could already tell Meadow was trying to play match maker.




Yep! So… I decided to do a little bit of young romance between two Hogwarts students, they'll probably pop up now and again throughout this story. Just again, proving my point that not all Slytherins are bad… I understand they have a bad reputation, but there's a few good ones. And no, Hayley and Jon will not be at Hogwarts at the same time Meadow is, they graduate one or two years before she's a first year.




Meadow lives with Severus at Hogwarts, she get bored, wanders around the school, sometimes to the annoyance of other professors, but mostly, they think she's adorable. Hello, Meadow is a four-year-old with a bit of spunk and demanding cuteness. Anyways, Meadow was originally supposed to be shipped off to Miss Figg's to be brought up as a Muggle, however, the social workers who interviewed her decided she had too many cats (she had broken her leg from tripping over one), which set back Meadow from having a stable home.


Professor Trelawney made a prediction about her, and you know when Trelawney going into a trance and doesn't remember what she said, it's the real deal; her prophecy was: "'The daughter of the ill and unknown… will help determine the end… she will be light and dark together… after the grave death of one close… she will decide who will win that night…'" Obviously there have been some doubts about Severus actually being Meadow's father, and although everything leads Severus to be the biological father of Meadow, no one actually found out who Meadow's dad is or who isn't. Meadow's biological mother is obviously known, Sadie, and yeah. So Trelawney will have three legit prophecies instead of two.


Meadow also met Hayley Evergreen, a third year Gryffindor who she spent most of her time with in this chapter, and she kind of set her up with a third year Slytherin, Jon Jorganson. Who's had a thing for Hayley since he remembers her. Hayley has a slight crush on Jon, and Meadow makes them spend time together by dragging Jon with to Albus Dumbledore's office.

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