Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


16. Nicolas Flamel

Baby Miracle


Last Chapter: "Oh no..." Meadow groaned and pushed harder to catch up with the two, Pomfrey was going to get hurt. The tree unfroze as soon as the two disappeared under it and whipped Meadow off her balance. The young witch fell with a thump on her stomach, she grunted, her ribs felt like they were on fire now and her hands had little cuts on them. "How in the world did the tree freeze?" Meadow asked herself as she dodged a branch that was aimed towards her feet. "Shane!" She yelled, "SHANE!"




Chapter Sixteen: Nicolas Flamel


Meadow woke up crying in the hospital wing. It was the middle of the night, she swung her legs over the bed, she raced over, and knocked on Madame Pomfrey's room. Her dream still fresh in her mind, was it the full moon tonight? She asked herself, silently kicking herself for not asking sooner. "Madame Pomfrey! Are you in there?"


No answer.


Meadow knocked harder, "Madame Pomfrey!"


"What is it dear?" A tired looking Pomfrey opened her door and peaked her head out as she looked at Meadow.


"Thank Merlin, I wanted to ask you about the full moon, but I can't remember if that was tonight or not."


Madame Pomfrey looked alarmed and opened her door wider, "Meadow, Halloween night was the full moon, why are you asking?"


"I had a dream..." And Meadow launched into her dream about Pomfrey taking Shane under the Whomping Willow on a full moon she swore was tonight.


"It was just a nightmare, my dear," the grey haired witch stepped out of her room and took Meadow's arm, "Let's get back to bed, I have Shane all taken care of during his episodes."


"Okay, but if you ever need help-"


"Meadow," Pomfrey sternly cut her off, "We do not need you to be turned into a werewolf, and Shane would be crushed when he knew he did that to you. Just get back to sleep, I'll check you in the morning."


"Yes Madame Pomfrey..." Meadow looked down and got into bed. Pomfrey pulled the sheets over Meadow and tucked her back in. The girl sighed and turned over, closed her eyes, and willed sleep upon her. It did not come easily, Meadow's mind was still racing from the thought of Shane changing without taking his potion.


Eventually sleep came, but Meadow tossed and turned all night, the feeling of being well-rested on the day she was released, did not come. When Meadow woke up the next morning she saw brown shaggy hair above her. "Shane!" She squeaked and threw her arms around him, pulling him on the bed.


"Hey Doe," he laughed and pulled the two into a sitting position. "It's about bloody time you woke up when I come visit."


They both laughed and Meadow let go of him and pushed her friend away, she winked, "I didn't know I planned on sleeping just when you came."


"I bet you do," Shane smiled, "How do you feel?" He asked more seriously as he looked into her yellow-speckled eyes.


Meadow bit her lip, "Shane I'm fine."


"I'm just making sure, Doe," He whined, he shook the hair out of his eyes. "Let's go get breakfast."


"I have to get checked out by Madame Pomfrey first," Meadow said.


Shane shook his head, "She already did when you were sleeping, and she said you're fine to leave."


Meadow looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "Are you sure?"


"If you don't believe me, ask her yourself," He frowned, "Daphne brought you some clothes. She also told me to tell you that Pansy and her switched places for rooms. You and Daphne are together and Pansy and Sally-Anne are together?"


Meadow shrugged, "Well thanks, now out, I need to change."


Shane rolled his eyes and went on the other side of the curtain; Meadow quickly changed into her Slytherin uniform, gray, green, and silver knee high socks, black ballerina shoes, black mid-thigh skirt, white dress shirt with a grey vest over top and a green, silver tie tucked under it, and her Slytherin robe on top. She pulled the curtain back and Shane got on his feet, "You might want to... Go washyou're your hair is a little... Well, messy."


The young witch blushed and ducked into the bathroom, she ran the water and washed her face, wet her hair, and put her damp blonde curls into a side ponytail. She stepped back out of the bathroom and almost walked into Madame Pomfrey, "Hello!"


"Meadow!" Pomfrey jumped, "I need you to think this before you go, and it's just another pepper-up potion. It'll get you through the day."


"Thank you," the blonde smiled and drained the potion quickly, her ears steaming and her face became hot. As soon as her face went back to normal Shane and Meadow walked out of the Hospital Wing.


Shane grabbed Meadow's hand and squeezed it, "Did you get all you're work done?"


In the middle of the night, after Meadow had freaked out about the full moon, she had lit a candle and wrote the last of her essays. "Yes sir I did," she smiled, "Who are you Shane? My father?" She teased.


He laughed, "No, I'm just your best friend who cares about you." He pulled her into a hug, "Doe, I've been so worried about you."


"I know," She said in a small voice. "But I'm okay now. I promise, I'm going to my Slytherin friends, okay? You go to Harry and the others, I'll talk to you before dinner."


Shane smiled sadly, "Alright, blimey Doe." The two let go of each other and they walked into the Great Hall, parting to go to one's own table. Harry and Weasley greeted Shane with smiles and loud "Mornings," and Meadow made her way down to Daphne, Theo, and Terrance.


The three were smiling at each other and Theo caught Meadow's eye, "Meadow! Over here!" He patted a spot in between him and Malfoy, right across from Terrance. A throb of guilt raced through her, and tears popped into her eyes, but she forced them down and took a deep breath. Meadow walked over and sat down, Theo threw an arm around her, "Glad to see you up and moving Doe!"


"Thanks," She replied softly as she grabbed a bagel and put some strawberry jam on it.


Malfoy leaned over, "Hey Snape, glad to see you're not broken." he meant it as a compliment but it came out mean.


Meadow looked over at him and sneered, "Excuse me Malfoy, but I do recall you sitting on that chair crying for me to get better."


Most of the first years laughed, Malfoy's face blotched up reddened and Parkinson crossed her arms, "Snape it's not funny to make fun of someone who cares about you."


"Like you ever cared about me Parkinson," Meadow snorted, "Why don't you mind your own business, besides, I was never awake when Malfoy visited me. I do recall, I was unconscious for the majority of those nine days."


Pansy's nostrils flared and she went back to her breakfast. Meadow bumped Malfoy's shoulder with her own, he glanced at her and she smiled at him, "I'm teasing, I was awake once, but only for a couple minutes, it's sweet of you to visit me Malfoy."


The white-blonde haired boy blushed slightly, "I'm really glad you're okay, if you want I can catch you up on flying lessons, Snape."


"Maybe I'll take you up on that," She winked at him, little did she know Terrance was watching the exchange between the two, he narrowed his ice blue eyes at them. Malfoy barely caught the glare and sneered back at him briefly before turning his attention back on the young Snape.


Classes went as normal and the professors were surprised that Meadow got all her work and reading done before she came back, Meadow would smile and reply "I had some help from the best." The classes the Slytherins had today was Potions with the Gryffindors, Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, and Free Period with the Ravenclaws. All of which were boring for Meadow, potions came easily to the girl due to who her father was, Professor Sprout taught herbology at an easy pace, and free period was free, and the first-years crowded around Meadow to ask questions about the troll attack. She described everything that had happened, leaving out the part about Granger, Meadow told the others that Granger burst into the door shortly after the troll came in and smashed everything. It was Granger that distracted Meadow from being able to escape and getting thrown into a wall. She said she blacked out after that and woke up here and there, mostly at night.


As Meadow had talked about Granger, Theo and Daphne looked at each other, knowing full well that was a lie. Terrance saw the exchange and caught the eye of Daphne, "Lie?" he mouthed and she hesitated before starting to nod but change to shaking her head, but it was too late Terrance got his answer.


As the weeks went on, the tension between Meadow and Terrance had mounted even higher, both torn between working things out and waiting for the other break first; they knew that they'd become friends again, it was just all over time. Meadow was trying to change Terrance's spot with Malfoy, but it hasn't worked. They still called each other by last names, he picked on Shane, Harry, Weasley, and Granger constantly, which Meadow did not approve of, and the two would always try and outsmart each other. Terrance would show up when Meadow was alone, and start a fight with her, or just a way to get into her head. It was working, Meadow couldn't stop thinking about the broken friendship. Every day the young witch felt the guilt rise more, she tried talking to her father but he always had kids in detention with him or he was locked away planning lessons.


Towards the end of December the Slytherin first years made their way back to the common room talking about who was going home for the Holidays. Meadow got pulled aside, a brunette stood there looking into her eyes, and Meadow smiled, "Hi Shane."


"You didn't come find me before dinner," he grabbed onto her shoulders and held her there as he looked for answers.


Meadow shoved him off, "I got caught up with friends." It had started to be tradition for the two to meet up before dinner and talk.


"Doe," Shane pouted, "I'm just trying to look out for you, you skipped going to the Hospital Wing...""


"I don't need to be looked after," She said softly, yet inside she was hurt and boiling with anger. "I had went earlier, it's looking I just want you to be my friend again, like how it was back at home."


Shane shook his head, "It will never go back to that way, not at Hogwarts."


"What does that mean?" Meadow narrowed her eyes at the taller boy.


"It means Hogwarts is in a bit of danger itself right now," He shuffled from foot to foot.


"What does that mean?"


"Do you know anything about the Sorcerer's Stone?" Meadow shook her head, "What about Nicolas Flamel?" Again a no, Shane sighed, "I didn't think so. Harry saw in the Daily Prophet that Gringotts was broken into for something that was removed the same day. And a few weeks ago Hagrid let it slip that whatever was behind Fluffy was between Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel. Flamel had made the Sorcerer's Stone, that's why he's been alive for centuries."


"It sounds familiar from somewhere, but it also sounds like you already know a bunch," Meadow hesitated, "I'll try and find something out."


Shane dipped his head in thanks and hugged her quick, "You're like my little sister, Doe, and I'll always be protective of you."


Meadow hugged him back, "Thanks Shane, but I won't always be so little!"


"Yes you will," he messed her hair up and she pouted, "Thanks for looking for you know..."


"Anytime!" She smiled, "Good night."


"Night!" He started to walk away but added, "Oh, Doe, there's one more thing... my group of friends, they suspect Snape to be behind everything that's been going on. The troll, the quidditch match you missed, Harry's broom was getting jinxed and Snape wasn't blinking."


"That's not possible," Meadow breathed, "Daddy would never..."


Shane put his hands up, "I'm not saying I agree, but he wasn't blinking Doe, maybe you should try and pick his brain." He turned and ran after Harry, Weasley, and Granger, whom were waiting for him at the base of the stairs, Harry waved at Meadow and she waved back with a troubled frown before going back to her own common room.


Meadow made her way back down the stairs and to the dungeons she tripped over something, she looked down and saw her leg was stuck in a trick stair. "No," she groaned, "No, no, no."


"Need some help?" A boy's voice asked, Terrance.


Meadow looked up and saw him, standing tall and offering a hand, "Um, yes." She took his hand and he pulled her up, grabbing with both of his hands.


Grab on with your other hand." Meadow obeyed, and grabbed his other arm with her left arm. Her robe slid up her arm, her scar was fully revealed, Terrance noticed it out of the corner of his eye, and Meadow's face got red with embarrassment.


"Please just pull me out."


Terrance let go with one hand and put it around her waist, he scooped her up out of the trick stair, and he set her down next to him on the stair above. "Is that from the troll?" He asked hesitantly as he looked into her eyes.


Tears sprung up in her yellow speckled eyes, she looked away, a frown danced on her lips, and she just shook her head. "Terrance," Meadow choked out, "Not now."


"You lied about Granger not being there before the troll."


"No, I- she- I was by myself," Meadow stuttered.


"No you weren't, Granger was there before, and that's why those Gryffindors were there. They were there to get Granger because she had been crying all day from something Weasley said. Meadow no one knew you were there. I would have gone after you but you didn't tell any of us, we woke up and you were gone." Terrance said, "It took me awhile to figure out why you weren't with us and why you were in the bathroom. With Granger that was easy, she was in there all day, why you were in the bathroom, that's something I didn't get." He paused and took a deep breathe, "But Theodore pointed out one day that I slept talked about things I was feeling guilty over. Like when I tried to help my dad out one day, but it didn't go as planned and he put me in my room. I sleep talk, so when you woke up, I told you why I became your friend. And I told you because I felt so guilty. Meadow I never meant to hurt you."


Meadow just shook her head and raced down the steps, it was too much. The fighting, the trying to get into each other's heads, and the truth. Meadow didn't know if she could trust him, how could she after he lied to her. "He did just tell you the truth," a small voice in her head said, "You should forgive him, he's not a bad kid, he's just confused like you." Meadow rubbed her temples and went up to the empty wall. "Strength," she whispered and the wall's bricks melted into an archway, Meadow ducked into the common room which she still saw was as breath-taking as usual, even though by now she was far used to the beauty of it. The tint of green from the Black Lake still amazed the young witch and she smiled as Daphne waved her over to a table.


"We've been waiting for you! Theo and I started a game of wizard's chest. Want to watch?"


"I guess so," Meadow sat down on the bench. "Are you two going home for the Holidays?" Since Malfoy had decided to never leave Meadow alone, the three hadn't been able to talk very much.


"Yeah, both of us are," Daphne replied as her knight took out one of Theo's pawns. "Actually I think all first years are except for Terrance, he's not allowed to."


Meadow flinched surprised, "Why not?"


"Because my family doesn't exist," Terrance's voice said from right behind her, "My father is on his side. And my mum was murdered."


"Terrance," Meadow jumped up, "I'm sorry, I- I didn't know."


"Of course you didn't, I didn't want you to know."


"Why," she looked up at him. The clashing of the chess pieces stopped, and the rest of the Common Room was silent.


"Now is not the time," Terrance replied, jaw set as he walked up the stairs to his room.


There was a silence as Meadow stood watching him walk up those stairs. "Meadow, go talk to him," Daphne whispered. Meadow stood there looking at her with wide eyes. "Go!"


On wobbly legs Meadow walked towards the stairs and Malfoy blocked her way, "You're not actually going to believe that story are you?"


"Not now Malfoy," she pushed him away.


"Oh come on Snape!"


"Not. Now." And she dashed up the stairs, after the rocky friendship.


Terrance was leaning on the boy's door, waiting for her to come up the stairs, and Meadow did panting. She leaned over and gasped for air, Terrance was smiling lazily, and Meadow glanced up. "You think this is funny do you?"


"Not really, it's horrible to see you in pain," He responded but grinned, "Stand up, put your arms over your head, and take deep breaths." She did as she was told and slowly her breathing went normal, but when she raised her arms the sleeves of her robe slid to her shoulders. Her scar was showing again and she quickly dropped her arms, hiding it for the second time that day.


"What did you mean when you said that earlier?" Meadow asked.


"When I said my mum was murdered and my dad was with him?"




"Exactly what I said, and you have the same situation as I do," Terrance replied as he frowned.


"What do you mean?" Meadow looked at him from under her eyelashes, her mother wasn't dead, and her dad, was a good man. Wasn't he?


"You father-"


"Would be extremely displeased if a Slytherin is going against the Head of House," Severus said as he folded his robes around himself. "Terrance, I believe we need to talk. Meadow, are you staying at Hogwarts for the Holiday's? I believe Shane's going back home."


"I'm staying here, I'll always be in the Lupin's hearts, and Uncle Remmy knows this already. Funny you didn't know, since you are Head of Slytherin house, which I'm in," Meadow took the small chance to insult her father, but all he did was beckon for Terrance to follow him.


The two disappeared back downstairs, Meadow sighed and opened the door to the girl's dormitories and went to her and Daphne's room. The girl changed into her normal pajamas, flannel shorts and an old shirt of Shane's, she put her hair up into a bun, and crawled into bed. Bee nuzzled close to Meadow, the small, white-haired kitten curled up in between Meadow's shoulders and neck, the kitten's tail covering the girl's neck. Meadow had drifted off into a deep, fitful sleep. Nightmares of her and Terrance fighting in her head, what her father will or had done to Terrance, Malfoy's taunting, and Daphne and Theo's disapproval of her choices.




"Are you should you don't want to spend the Holidays with me?" Daphne asked as she started hauling her trunk downstairs to the common room.


Meadow smiled, "Yes, I'm sure. I want to spend it here, I want to see what Harry's up too."


Daphne groaned, "Not another Gryffindor."


"Yes another one!" The blonde laughed and pulled on her winter robe, she decided to walk out with Daphne and Theo until she wasn't allowed to go any further. She pulled on her silver and green knit mittens, "They're up to something, and I want to find out what."


"If you say so, but when aren't they up to something Doe?" Daphne rolled her green eyes, but a smile fluttered on her face.


"Like you don't want to like," Meadow teased back, a scarf was next on her things to put on. They made it to the common room where Theo was waiting along with some of the other first years.


"You're coming with after all?" Theo asked confused.


"No, just seeing you off!"


"She'll change her mind and jump on the train just for you Theo," Daphne giggled.


Theodore laughed, "More like for Draco!"


"Don't say his name!" Meadow hissed but it was too late, Malfoy had heard his name and swaggered over to the three.


"Missing me already Snape?" He winked and Meadow's cheeks felt on fire.


"I miss you not missing me," She retorted quietly and Daphne burst out laughing.


Malfoy gave her a confused look, "What does that mean?"


"I'm sure you'll figure it out at some point," Meadow smiled then turned to Daphne and Theo, "Let's go eat."


The three left a confused Malfoy behind as they walked out of the common room. As they climbed the steps Terrance ran up to join them, laughing, "Whatever you did to Malfoy, Doe, he's still trying to figure it out. He's talking to Blaise about it."


Meadow and Daphne smiled at each other, "I figured that would do it."


Daphne laughed, "Yeah, he'll be pondering that all Winter break now!"


The four went into the Great Hall to see a bunch of the Hogwarts' students with their trunks all packed and ready, most were still eating, and some were talking to friends. The first-years walked to their spot at the Slytherin table and two put their trunks down and two sat down; Meadow and Daphne sat next to each other and across from them were the two boys. They ate in somewhat silence, the rest of the Hall was filled with noise but the four didn't talk much. They were dreading something, Meadow was dreading Theo, Daphne, and Shane leaving, Daphne was dreading her cousins at home, Theo was dreading his father, and Terrance was dreading the jokes Malfoy would play on him when the rest of the first years got back from break.


Meadow picked at her food, scrambled eggs, bacon, and maple syrup, finally she pushed it away, "I'm sorry... I'm just not hungry, I'll miss you two and this is my first Christmas without Shane."


"It's okay, I feel the same way... Even though my dad and I don't get along, it'll be weird without him," Terrance said, trying to comfort her.


"You'll have Terrance and Harry," Daphne added, "Oh! And Professor Snape, if he ever lightens up."


Snape had been extremely cruel to Meadow since Terrance almost told her something and after Meadow had pointed out that Granger's hand was in the air after he asked a question. He was so furious at Meadow he took Slytherin points away and gave her a detention for speaking out of term, most of the school knew that little Snape was not the favorite of father Snape. Meadow shook her head, "No, he probably won't, ever since I came here he's just been pushing me further away and I don't understand why. I mean, I never did anything to make him mad at me, apart from the whole Granger thing..."


"I still don't get why you did that for a bloody Gryffindor anyways," Theo said with his mouth full, "She's an annoying know-it-all anyways."


"So am I but do you find me annoying?" Meadow retorted.


"No, but you don't shove it down people's throats that you're brilliant, you'll like a quiet genius," Theo swallowed his food and pointed a fork at her, "Besides, you're my friend I wouldn't tell you if your hair looked awful if you asked me. Not just because you're my friend, but you're a girl."


Meadow rolled her eyes, "Thank you for that observation, what gave it away? My skirt?" She snorted on accident and it turned into a hiccup, causing the other three to laugh. Meadow's face got red with embarrassment before she joined in the laughter.


"No, you're face is too much like a girl's face," Theo said in between laughs, but panic rose in his face, "What time does the train leave?" Both Meadow and Terrance froze and looked at each other, neither knew due do that fact that they weren't leaving, and Daphne went into a giggle fit again. "Hey! It's not funny Daph, when does the train leave, I don't want to miss it!"


Meadow looked around and relaxed, there were still a few people with trunks were in the Great Hall but not many and she pointed this out, "It doesn't matter when, but you two might want to get going."


The other three agreed and finished eating. When everyone was finished, which was in no time at all due to Meadow and Terrance's lack of appetite, and the train having the trolley for Daphne and Theo. The four walked out, the two girls leading, the boys next and finally the trunks that Daphne had levitated using Wingardium Leviosa, one of the first charms they ever learned. Meadow was later told by Shane that Weasley had saved everyone by using it on the troll's club and dropping the club on its head; although, Meadow was hardly convinced he did it by himself.




Meadow looked up from her conversation with Daphne and to the person who called her: Harry and Shane were waving at her to go by them. Meadow frowned and nodded, she turned to Daphne who rolled her eyes, "I know, they want to talk to you so of course you'll go."


"I'm sorry," Meadow said meekly, "I'll try and catch up but just in case..." She hugged her best friend, "I miss you already!"


Meadow could feel Daphne smile, "I miss you too, Doe. I'll owl you while I'm gone." The two broke away from each other. "You better owl back," Daphne tapped her foot and put her hands on her waist.


"I will! I promise, and I'll try and get Snape to lighten up." Meadow turned to Theo and hugged him, although it was much shorter than the girls' hug, "I'll miss you too Theo."


The boy got bright red and tried to play it off cool by slinging an arm over Meadow's shoulder, "I'll see you in seven days or whatever, it's not forever."


The four laughed and Meadow shrugged off Theo's shoulder and jogged over to where Harry and Shane were, "What's up?"


"Have you found out anything from Snape?" Harry asked right away.


Meadow snorted, "In case you haven't noticed, my father and I haven't been talking recently."


"Are you staying?" Shane asked quietly, switching topics. Meadow looked down and nodded, Shane smiled sadly, "I'll see you when we get back, are you walking out?"


"Yeah, I'll walk with you, I told my friends I might catch up with them." Meadow levitated Shane's trunk and the three walked out of Hogwarts into the bitter cold. Meadow wrapped herself into her robes and her cheeks immediately became rosy red from the pinching cold. As they hurried down the court yard and towards the path with the carts that pulled them towards the train, Meadow asked, "So why are you so adamant on me talking to my father about the third floor?"


The two Gryffindors shared a look and Meadow caught it out of the corner of her eye, "Never mind, you don't trust me enough to know, why bother telling me when I'm the closest thing to Snape."


"It's not that we don't trust you Doe," Harry said, "Shane here, he thinks it's too dangerous for you to know the whole truth."


"Of course he does," Meadow muttered to herself.


"What was that?" Shane asked.




Harry continued, "Although I can see where's he's coming from, you have gotten hurt a lot this year; the stomach flu and the troll. I honestly don't understand why you'd want to fly so often with your luck."


"Gee, thanks Harry, your support is so welcome." Meadow replied sarcastically, "I want to try out next year for the team. Being a chaser looks like a lot of fun!"


Shane groaned, "Who would have thought you'd like Quidditch, you never were interested in it before you came here."


"That's because you never let me go near any of your Quidditch books!"


"Not true! You had your nose in any other sort of book!"


"I did not!"


Harry rolled his green eyes as the two bickered back and forth, as they got to the path Meadow stopped in her tracks, and Shane ran into her. "What the bloody hell Meadow?"


"Do you see that?" Meadow asked.


"See what?" Shane responded.


"I don't see anything," Harry commented as well.


Pulling the carts were large, black, horses, only their bones showed and jutted against the leather-like skin, the horses had wings, also the skin clung to the bones in the wing, they were almost transparent. Shane laughed nervously, "What are you looking at? Nothing's there, no one else is just staring at an empty cart, it pulls itself."


Meadow frowned before climbing in the cart after Shane and Harry. Meadow shook her head, "I still can't believe you want me to talk to one of the strictest professors about something that's top secret, how did you guys connect the two things anyways?"


"Hermionie," The two said together.


"Of course, she knows all." Meadow rolled her eyes.


Shane gave her a pointed look, "I thought you two were being civil."


She pursed her lips, "To a certain degree."


"Doe, you should be nice," Shane pushed.


"Don't you dare tell me what I can and can't do," Meadow crossed her arms, "You're one to talk, you tell me something's too dangerous to get involved in yet I am anyways doing your dirty work."


"She has a point there mate," Harry said and the two glared at him, he put his hands up in defeat, "I didn't mean anything by it."


Meadow sighed, "Let's not fight over this now, you're going away. I'll miss you so much, Shane." Her eyes started to tear up and Shane moved closer to her and put his arm around her protectively.


Meadow patted the spot next to her, Harry got up and sat by her, she grabbed his hand with her mitten, she could feel the heat against her cold hands. " What I did manage to find out is that the Sorcer's stone is mentioned in Hogwarts, A History. It's made by Nicolas Flamel, it produces the Elixir of Life, giving the drinker an immortal soul." She glanced at the two boys. "Do you trust me Harry?"


He looked up and the two made eye contact, "I do," he said honestly, he didn't realize until then he trusted the Slytherin. But he did. As much as he let Ron nag to him about how much of a lying snake she is, Harry realized that she kept coming around for Shane, she'd be friendly towards Harry, and civil to Ron and Hermionie. Meadow wasn't a bad snake, she was, in fact, the best snake in the group of Slytherins. Not only was she nice to the Gryffindors, who didn't like her, she was nice to other houses, Harry had seen Meadow talk to Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, Hannah Abbott and her Hufflepuff friends, Terry Boot, a first year Ravenclaw boy who was quiet shy, even the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan (Ron had a fit about that and yelled at the three, whom retorted that ickle-Ronnikins was not their mother).


"Good," Meadow paused, "So trust me when I say this: it is not my father who wants that stone." She squeezed his hand and he returned the gesture.


By this time the cart stopped just short of the train platform where the rest of the students returning to their families were boarding. Shane grabbed his trunk and the three stepped off the 'horseless' cart. The three rushed over to the train and Shane tossed his trunk in the storage compartment that the two missed last time, he turned to the two, bear hugged Meadow, "I'll tell Dad you miss him," he whispered, and threw an arm around Harry, "Well mate, I'll see you when we come back. Make sure you keep checking the library for anything else."


"Don't worry, I have Ron for help," Harry snorted, the other two did as well, and looked at each other alarmed.


"Why'd you two just do that?" Meadow asked, frowning.


The two boys looked at each other, "Ron's been..." Shane started but looked at Harry before clearing his throat and looking down.


"Ron's just been really mean lately," Harry said, "Especially to Hermionie and Shane."


Anger rose in Meadow and her cheeks flushed, "That prat," She spat, "Next time I see-"


The train whistled and everyone who wasn't on yet, pilled in, Shane gave Meadow a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, "Relax, I'll see you soon." And off he went, he grabbed on the rail and waved as the Hogwart's Express started rolling towards London.




She jerked her head away from Shane and saw Daphne and Theo waving at her, Malfoy elbowed another Slytherin first year out of the way and he smiled slightly and waved as well. Meadow rolled her eyes, which she didn't notice she was crying until then, and waved back smiling with tears running down her cheeks. She knew she was being over-emotional, it was only a week after all, but they had become her family now. The train picked up speed and she could no longer see anyone, the train soon disappeared into the distance.


Harry shifted on his feet, he had never been around Meadow without Shane, yet somehow she seemed familiar to him. More familiar than Shane, whom also didn't feel like a total stranger. Harry was so engrossed with his own thoughts he didn't even notice Meadow was waving a hand in front of his eyes, "Hello? Anyone awake?" He blinked, "Oh, good, you are still here."


"Yeah, still here," Harry muttered and bushed his messy hair out of his face.


Meadow smiled softly, "As I was saying, I have something to show you, but let's wait to see if Terrance shows up." When Terrance didn't, and most of the other students had left; Meadow reached for Harry's hand but then pulled it back and the two walked to one of the carts. Meadow walked around, staring at the black, boney horse, and Harry just gave her a strange look, "I swear there is something there!"


"So go touch it," Harry said doubtfully and Meadow her head, she was much too frightened to touch the animal with skin clinging to its bones.


The cart came to a stop as it neared the castle, the two hopped out and raced to the court yard. Meadow ended up trailing behind Harry and she pouted as she finally made it to the court yard. Harry grinned at her, "I won, and you owe me an explanation on what you're going to show me."


The younger girl shook her head, "It's a… surprise." She brushed her pale blonde hair out of her eyes, the curls were wild and tangled in each other. Meadow brushed past Harry and marched downstairs towards the Slytherin common room, Harry trailed behind protesting and asking questions. As they rounded a corner that led to the entrance, Meadow turned around, "Stay here. I'll be back before you know it!"


She raced off to the wall, said the password, and took two stairs at a time up to her dormitory. Meadow walked in her room and it felt odd to not have Daphne's clothes everywhere, Lunar, the black kitten, had gone home with Daphne and Bee mewed sadly at Meadow. She picked her up and snuggled her close as she crossed her room to her things. Meadow set Bee down and opened the draw of her nightstand, she got out her journal and opened it to the page that Sirius had put the ring in, she coached it out of the page as she had done many times, and held it. She wanted to give it to Harry many times before this, and now she thought better of it as well. Meadow put the ring back into the page of her journal and returned it into its spot in the nightstand, she sat on her bed, thinking about what she could show Harry instead of his godfather's ring, she had a better plan for that now.


Meadow spotted the photo album she put together late at night when she couldn't sleep, and she didn't want to wake Daphne up to talk to her. She picked that up and turned though the pages, most from when she was a baby, a toddler, and then where she remembers home, as a child. The pictures were mostly of her, but some had two other babies with her, Shane and Harry, or a woman and a man she didn't recognize but knew to be Harry's parents, or of Harry and his parents.


There were many other pictures as well, Meadow raced back downstairs, and to Harry.




So chapter 16 of book one. Complete with minor details changed. I have decided that Harry knows nothing of his sister, in case no one has noticed, she's been left out of the plot.

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