Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


6. House Elf Horror

Baby Miracle


Immediately the potion turned to a lava red color. "Yay!" Meadow clapped happily, at the potion, she was too involved in the moment to see Severus' eyes have watered up in joy and pride. The blonde jumped from her chair and started to do a victory dance, which included running in-place while clapping her hands together. She was giggling, her huge smile was not only showing from her mouth but also her eyes.


Six: House Elf Horror


It was a hot day in July, probably one of the hottest Little Whinging had in years. Meadow felt like she was going to drown in her own sweat, she way laying out on a towel in the front yard of Miss Figg's house. She had on a one piece swim suit, and every so often a sprinkler would rain on her before watering the rest of the grace. Miss Figg found it funny how Meadow rushed through her choirs to lay around instead of go find some friends to play with. Meadow had fallen asleep, only to wake up with water dropping on her, she groaned and rolled over to her stomach. She would be burnt by the next morning.


After what seemed like half an hour, Meadow opened her eyes to see a boy with messy, black hair duck out of the house from across the street and race away. The six-year-old jumped up, throwing on jean shorts and a tank top she had next to her, they were damp but it felt nice. Meadow ran after the boy. Harry Potter.


Harry heard someone's footsteps behind him, how did Dudley catch up to him? Or in fact, even see Harry slip out of the house? He turned his head to see who was following him, it sounded like only one set of footsteps instead of multiple, like normal. It was a girl with blonde hair. Someone from his class, and he stopped short. "What do you want?"


"I wanted- to talk- to you," Meadow said as she was caught her breath.


"Why," Harry responded.


"Because everyone else hates you because of your cousin, but no one hates you because you're you," Meadow stated. "And whenever Miss Figg has to babysit you, I get sent away."


"So you're the girl who lives with Miss Figg?" Harry asked in awe.


"Yeah, that's me. Haven't you ever seen my room, it's all white and green."


"No, Miss Figg never let me go into that room," the boy responded with a shrug. "Aren't you scared Dudley will catch you talking to me and try to beat you or me up?"


Meadow shook her head, "No, I'm not a big fan of bullies, I've been meaning to speak to him lately actually about making your life horrible."


"You're willing to risk getting beat up to talk to me?" Harry asked in disbelief.


Meadow frowned, "Well… I don't know if Dudley would ever actually hit a girl, but I guess otherwise, yes. Why should he bully me into who I can and can't talk to?"


Harry just shook his head, "I don't understand, no one ever wanted anything to do with me."


"They're horrible to you?"




"Your aunt and uncle," Meadow said with a sad frown, before Harry could try to deny it his face said it, "That's not okay."


"Well… When you're parents blow up in a car crash, apparently it is okay because they're my only relatives left," Harry responded, suddenly his eye twitched and he grabbed her hand. "Run!" He whispered.


The two took off towards the park, but Harry ran even further, Meadow sped up again to catch him. He stopped shortly and ducked into the surrounding bushes before the forest started to separate two communities from each other. Harry had dug a small hole in the ground to make the space a big bigger, he told Meadow he stole some scissors for a day and cut off branches in the shrub to make bubble-like. He'd sit there for hours, hiding from Dudley and his gang of friends as they played Harry Hunting until they got bored of trying to find him.


"What was that about?" Meadow hissed.


Harry's eyes got huge, "I heard Dudley, didn't you?" Meadow shook her head, "Maybe I imagined it…" He trailed off, but as soon as the quiet surrounded the two, loud, multiple footsteps were heard.


"OI, DUDLEY! I THINK I FOUND THEM OVER HERE!" a boy's voice yelled, and the footsteps raced by them again.


Meadow's eyes widened, "I think you heard something." Harry shushed her and the two sat in the silence for a while before Harry looked at her expectantly.


"I understand if you don't want to stay here with me…" He said, disappointment filled his voice.


"Are you off your rocker?" Meadow scowled at him, and the boy looked taken back, "Whenever they're Harry Hunting, you are coming straight to Miss Figg's house. No ifs and buts about it."




"I just said no buts! I don't care how many times that is, but you are not going to beat up by a bunch of bullies. That's not fair!" Meadow whisper-yelled at him. "Besides, I have a hunch about you."


"And what's that?" Harry asked.


"I have to be sure before I say," Meadow responded sticking her nose in the air. "I have a short cut back to Miss Figg's." Instead of crawling back to the park, Meadow crawled out of the hedge towards the row of trees all the children call the forest.


"What are you doing?" Harry grabbed her ankle.


"Hey!" Meadow said startled, "Just follow me or stay to die!"


Harry followed his fierce classmate into the forest, within seconds, the two were in the back of Miss Figg's yard. "How'd you do that?" Harry asked.


"Do what? All we did was walk into the backyard," Meadow responded, confused.


"Oh forget it, you wouldn't believe me anyways," Harry said, his voice was guarded and Meadow glared at him. "Alright, alright, do you believe in magic?"


"Depends on the type?"


"Not like card magic or the types where you can pay to see 'magicians' perform tricks, I'm talking about real magic," those green eyes bore into Meadow's with so much want (or need) to not be put down, Meadow had a hard time saying no.


"I'm not sure…" She said finally, "I guess I never really thought about it. Do you believe there's a second type of magic?"


"I'm not sure, I wish there was, I wish I possessed it, I could get away from my aunt and uncle…" Harry said mournfully. "One time my aunt sent me to go get a haircut, and the lady cut it too short, and the next day it was like this again."


Meadow looked at him, startled at the sudden secret telling of magic, she needed to bring this boy up to her father, "Really? That's so cool!"


"You think so?" Harry asked nervously.


"Yes! I went to get my hair cut last year, and it was on the shorter side of what I wanted… I wish mine would have grown back overnight," Meadow frowned, "That would be a lot faster than waiting a whole year."


Harry glanced at her hair, it had messy curls down to her hipbones, which stuck out slightly due to how skinny she was. "Do you eat enough?" He asked, noticing how thin Meadow actually was.


"You should see me eat, it's all the time. Non-stop," she replied, eyes wide with mock truth. "But really though, I eat perfectly fine, it's just from all the stuff I do around Miss Figg's house."


"Do you cook too?"


Meadow shifted on her feet, "No, it's just a lot of sweeping, mopping, cleaning kitty litters, dusting… things like that. Do you cook?"


"Yeah… That's why I have some splatter scars on my arms," Harry showed her, "It's from when I have to make bacon or sausage in the morning."




"It's not fun, I feel like such a servant. It's like I have no value to them apart from the fact I'm a cook and whatnot…" Harry trailed off.


"You're like a house elf then!" Meadow exclaimed, "My friend has a few at his house. It's pretty much the same things they do for them."


"House elf?"


"Oh, er…" Meadow trailed off, "Oh! I have a book about magical creatures, I'll show you." Meadow grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him into the house. She dragged him into her room and dropped his hand to look for one of her many books, her father had given a lot to her, so she'd be prepared for Hogwarts with a little help. Hogwarts: A History, no, not it. Magical Plants: Uses and Properties, nope. Youngster's Potions for Witches and Wizards': To become a Potions Master, not that one either, although she pulled it out to read again. A few more titles later Meadow found the book. Magical Creatures: Properties, Uses, and Handling. "Here we go," Meadow sat down on her bed and stuck her nose in it to find House Elves.


"Found it!" She said excitedly, she gestured for Harry to sit on the bed as well, "House Elves are a helping creature, and they are handed down from generation to generation of families. They work and do their Master's bidding until they die. This is when most families who have house elves allow for their heads to become bone and set them on display for their guests (or other house elves) to see. House Elves contain a particular type of magic where it is unique to its own kind and does not need to possess a wand or staff to use their magic, simply a snap of the fingers will allow for the elf to use their magic when it is needed. To set a house elf free, one must dismiss them using some sort of clothing (most house elves are not in favor of being set free, they live to please their masters)."


"What's that supposed to mean, I have to live with the Dursley's forever until they can display my head on a platter to show people I was overworked?" Harry said hotly and stood up.


"That's not what I meant at all actually," Meadow replied, slamming the book shut, "I meant because they treat you like a servant, which is what House elves are, servants."


"That's not a very nice thing to say. What kind of the last name is Snape anyways," Harry stated and walked out of the room, his anger rolled off of him and shattered a vase Meadow had holding her mum's favorite flowers. Harry flinched at the sound, but too stubborn to turn back, continued out the front door.


Miss Figg bustled in, "What happened dear?"


"Harry Potter is a wizard," Meadow huffed and cleaned up the glass pieces and the flowers. She was still burning with anger about how far south that conversation went fast. It wasn't like she was calling him a house elf, surely he should have realized that when one would see the stinken drawing of a house elf in the book. Instead of cleaning up the glass pieces, Meadow, whenever she'd touch one, it would shred itself into small particles. She grunted in frustration and Miss Figg left to owl her father.




So Meadow and Harry are experiencing accidental magic! Was the small interaction with Harry okay? I know the two didn't seem to hit it off that well, however, Meadow is used to the wizarding world and Harry knows nothing about it. Obviously he seemed taken back when she called him 'like a servant.'


As for the summary! It's very short.


It was a hot day in July, one of the hottest, and Meadow finally had the chance to talk to the black haired, green eyed boy. It was Harry Potter from her Muggle class at school. As Meadow caught up to Harry, the two six-year-olds ended up having to hide from Dudley and his gang of baboons. Meadow and Harry end up talking about Harry Hunting and how the Dursley's treat him like a servant. Which Meadow associates with house elves, she compares Harry to a house elf, and he gets offended and angry. A glass ends up breaking and the two no longer speak to each other because Harry felt like Meadow was not only insulting him for believing in magic but also because of how he feels like a servant to his mother's side of the family.

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