Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


14. Dreams and Nightmares

Baby Miracle


Last Chapter: She gave him a funny look, "Well one of them, Shane Lupin, he's my best friend," Terrance's face relaxed, "I told him about my night with Parkinson and then we compared time tables. We have Transfiguration, Potions, Flying, and Astronomy together. Charms and Herbology are up for grabs from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw." She shrugged.


The three went to the dungeons to get their things for class and Meadow was extremely excited for Potions.


Chapter Fourteen: Nightmares and Trolls


As the days went by, Meadow and Parkinson were not getting along any better, the girls would constantly fight about anything and everything. Daphne tried to get Meadow to come with her and ask to switch roommates, but the blonde girl refused to go and complain to her father about her classmates. Meadow got closer to Daphne, Terrance, and Theodore. Shane and Harry had smiled but never talking to Meadow, however, Ron made rude comments whenever she tried to talk to her Gryffindor friends. The four Slytherins could be found in the library or in the common room together doing the mounds of homework they got each night. And Draco Malfoy was still his irritating self as he tried to be friends with Meadow, yet would try show her up in academics. The classes and information were a breeze for Meadow, it was just doing all of the assignments. In the classes that Slytherin and Gryffindor had with each other Meadow and Granger would have little arguments about one way or another for the most effective, and who could get the most points in that class period.


The leaves on the trees started turning orange, yellow, red, and even a few brown from the crisp fall weather. Hagrid had pulled in a few giant pumpkins for Professor Dumbledore to light up and have floating over the head table, the floating candles had turned into small orange and white pumpkins that lit up the Great Hall. Professor Dumbledore had opted into purple, orange, and lime green robes for the Halloween week.


Meadow tossed and turned that night before Halloween, she felt stuck in her two-year old body as she dreamt about the nightmare of a Halloween, the last Halloween she and Shane had celebrated.


Meadow was still dressed up as a candy witch, she found herself looking up into the red eyes of a faceless man late at night. She had been on her bed toying with a fringe of a blanket that was wrapped around Adella; while Shane and Harry fought over a toy broom when both boys went silent the toddler looked up. Straight into those red eyes.


"Hello little girl, I believe you escaped death once, it's your time after his," the man said, then he turned away with a flick of his wrist a green light flashed right at Harry's face.


That dream ended and a new one formed.


Baby Meadow had been sleeping in a crib in the living room for her nap. Her mum was making something that smelt great, and Meadow rolled over enjoying the dream of having a perfect family. Her mom, herself, and a baby brother, but now Meadow smelt fire, burning flesh. She sat up, heard a man's voice, and grabbed onto the crib bars, forcing herself to stand. A loud POP echoed in the house, and Meadow blinked until she could see, her eyes adjusting to the bright light. She saw a woman who was bruised and broken, blood was everywhere. The woman had pale blonde hair that had some red substance in it, a great deal of sadness rushed to her head and heart, and finally she saw another man, black hair and black eyes watching her. She blamed him for her parent's death, but she recognized him now, it was her father. Severus Snape.


Meadow's body jerked up into a sitting position, which caused her to become dizzy, the small girl leaned over her bed and threw up, her body convulsing and a wave shook her body. Her face was pale and red, sweat laced her small frame, her hair was matted, and her eyes were red from crying in her sleep. Meadow's white kitten was mewed and ran at the door, passing right though it without either child noticing as Pansy Parkinson glared towards Meadow.


"Gross Snape," she sneered, "Why didn't you go to the hospital wing last night if you were feeling ill?"


"Oh shut it Parkinson," Daphne snapped as she rushed in the room to her friend, she tied Meadow's long curly hair back into a pony tail as she put a bucket into her hands. "Here, if you feel like you'll throw up again, do it in this."


Pansy's face turned to disgust as Meadow started to heave again, "I'm getting Professor Snape, I can't room with that anymore." Daphne smiled slightly as Parkinson put on a robe to cover up her nightgown and ran to the door, opened it and showed Severus Snape in all black and a white kitten by his feet.


"It seems someone knew to come get me before you decided it was urgent enough to Miss Parkinson," He said coldly and walked over to his daughter and her friend. Pansy's face paled and she ran from the room. Severus' hand reached for Meadow's forehead, she was burning up, and quickly he pulled a potion out of his pocket. "Drink this," he said to his adopted daughter.


"What happened Miss Greengrass?"


"I'm not sure," she frowned, "Bee came and got me, meowing until I followed her here, where I found Meadow throwing up. I got her a bucket, and tried to ignore Parkinson for being so rude when Doe clearly needed help. I tied up her hair so it wouldn't get covered... Then you showed up."


"I'm going to look into Meadow's mind, this is for her own good, it'll help me understand why she's sick," He explained as he tipped Meadows head back to gain eye contact. Severus felt himself rush into his daughter's head, shifting through the scared emotions she was feeling, he passed by the mixed feelings of Ron, Shane, and Harry, he felt like he was looking through nothing important and back tracked. He saw her dreams were in lockdown, her brain unable to excess them when she was awake, but there was one that was slowly floating towards the chains and lock, Severus threw himself into that dream. And saw, as it horrified him, she had a dream about Voldemort on Halloween, he had thrown the killing curse at Harry and disappeared. Even though Voldemort hadn't gone with his plan of killing Harry on Halloween, he had to wait until July, Meadow still had a dream about his first plan. Another image rushed into the professor's mind without him searching, one from a baby's perspective, looking at him and Sadie's lifeless body on the ground. Severus withdrew himself from her mind to be sickly sweaty and see Meadow retching again into the bucket. Daphne looked at him, wide-eyed and jaw slacked. "This isn't good, we're going to the hospital wing."


The professor picked up the small girl, whom was fast asleep due to the sleeping potion Snape had given her, and raced off down the stairs and through doorways; Daphne and Bee following not far behind. Terrance saw Snape carrying the little Snape and Daphne and Meadow's kitten following, he froze for a second, mid-talking with Theodore, the two boys looked at each other before sprinting after them.


"Poppy!" Professor Snape called, "I have an ill child in need of assistance."


A small witch came in the room, "What happened?"


Daphne raced in, "She... started to throw up... this morning," she said between breaths. Madame Pomfrey gave her a stern look, but when the two boys ran in she seemed startled, "Out! Out! The three of you, I don't need you three being in here."


"But Madame Pomfrey!" Terrance started.


"No buts! Out!" She said as she whipped out her wand and went to work. The three first years walked out of the hospital wing grumbling about how unfair it was. "Severus you can leave as well, she's in good hands," Madame Pomfrey said as she examined the girl's lungs and heart.


"Poppy, this is Meadow."


The matron stopped what she was doing and glanced up at the man, "Your Meadow?" He nodded, "I thought she still had another year before she came to Hogwarts! Severus, this is the babe we cared for well her mother was being revived from the healers?" He nodded again, "She's grown so much from the last I saw her. She looks so much like Sadie though."


"Poppy, she had a dream about Harry's scar. The original plan of You-Know-Who was to come today, eleven years ago, and murder the Potters, but that plan fell through," The potions master explained, leaving out the last part about him and her first parents, "I just need her to feel better and not feel exhausted."


"Well, there are no signs of her ill apart from that bucket," Pomfrey pointed to it, "Everything else is fine, she has a slight headache from the retching." She walked over to the potions cabinet and found a pepper-up potion and calming draught, "How much does she weigh?" Severus shrugged and Poppy rolled her eyes as she waved her wand and found out Meadow's weight. "She's a bit small," the woman commented out loud as she poured the exact amount of the potions into cups. She then went back to the cabinet and put the corks on the tops of the potions' glass holders and got out a small dropper and another potion. Pomfrey put the dropper in the vial and extracted a tiny potation of the clear, gooey liquid. She put that vial away, went over to the sleeping child, and squeezed two drops of the gooey potion into Meadow's mouth.


Meadow started coughing and sat up, "Where... Where am I?" She asked as she looked around the room.


"The hospital wing! You gave us quite a fright," A woman in a red matron dress with a white apron and small hat was pinned on, and a broach on her apron, had said. Meadow nodded and waited for the woman to go on, "You'll have to take a couple of potions, and I'd like you to rest here until lunch. I'm sure your friends will catch you up on work you missed," She waved her hand and the hospital doors opened up to only have the three Slytherins tumble into the room. "Professor, you may leave," she directed towards the Slytherin Head of House, he nodded and strode off, Pomfrey turned to the other three who were walking slowly over to Meadow. "You three may have breakfast with young Meadow and make sure she drinks these potions." She waved her wand and four trays appeared with different breakfast food on them.


"Doe what happened?" Daphne asked right away.


The other girl frowned, "I can't remember, I just know I woke up here."


"You were throwing up in the room..." Daphne explained the morning to her but all Meadow did was frown and shake her head.


"I can't remember any of that. I don't feel the best but it could just from whatever happened this morning."


Terrance and Theodore exchanged a look, something wasn't right, "Daphne," Terrance said. "You said Snape went into Meadow's mind?"


"Yeah," She nodded, "After he returned into his own mind, he looked really pale and sweaty, he also said he didn't find anything good. Do you think there's something Meadow doesn't know she knows?"


"That's exactly what we're thinking," Theodore said sadly. The two boys ended up sharing a room, while Malfoy and Zabini shared and Crabb and Goyle shared as well. Somehow the boys got the perfect roommates for each other and the girls got the worst luck.


"But how wouldn't I know something inside my own head?" Meadow pointed out.


"Some things are so painful to remember your brain locks them away, and your unable to reach the memories anymore," Terrance said, "When I was around five years old, my great-gran had picked me up but her back gave out and she fell on top of me and I hit my head so hard it started bleeding." He paused, "But I don't remember that happening at all. You could have heard something when you were little and now you can only access that during the night."


Meadow frowned again and Madame Pomfrey came out to see if she drank anything, Meadow quickly grabbed a glass and forced herself not to spit out the slimy liquid as it worked its way down her throat. The nurse nodded in approval and headed back into her office. "That was disgusting," Meadow said to no one in particular, she turned to Terrance, "Maybe your right, maybe I just can't remember because I can't wrap my head around it without it hurting me. I just can't think of anything that could be it."


"Tonight just try and remember your dreams," Theodore shrugged, "Or any night, and write them down, my mum had a dream diary she kept next to her at night." He looked down and sniffled before looking into Meadow's almost black eyes, his own blue orbs slightly red, "We'll come visit you after Flying Lessons."


"I'm missing the first day!" Meadow squeaked, her jaw dropped.


Daphne gave her a sympatric look, "Yeah. But we'll tell you about it later, we should go before we're late and heaven forbid that we are or we'll have both Draco and Professor Snape at us. And I have to change still," she gestured to her silver nightgown and black school robe, her chestnut brown hair was also a mess, something Meadow never thought possible.


Meadow frowned, tears slightly climbed into her eyes knowing her friends got to go learn how to fly. Something Meadow had been wishing to do since the boys told her about Quidditch. "I'll see you guys later, if you could, can you ask one of the other Slytherins to bring up my bag? I could start the potions essay and research for charms."


"We'll do that," Daphne promised and got up from her chair, Theodore followed, but Terrance stayed put.


The other two gave him a look and he said "I'll catch up in a bit, I just want to talk to Meadow quick." The other two shrugged and bit farewell to them as they walked out the door. "Are you sure you're okay Doe?"


Meadow looked at him surprised, "Yes. I just wish I could remember what caused this reaction. I don't feel sick at all, just tired."


Terrance frowned, "Take a drink of the red potion." She followed his advice, feeling more awake as soon as her lips touched the red liquid. It tasted like peppermint and she didn't have a problem drinking the rest.


"What do you think might have caused my brain blockage?" Meadow asked, as she took a sip from the other potion and made a face.


"Only you know that Meadow," Terrance shook his head, "Professor Snape looked really worried today, you must have really scared him."


"I guess, but he's never seen me with the stomach flu before."


"What's that?"


"Hm... When your stomach feels really sickly and you want to throw up it hurts so bad. And when you do throw up you will either continue to blow chunks or feel better after you do." Meadow explained, "For me, I get sick from hearing someone wretch and seeing the puke. So it's an ongoing war with myself when I throw up. Uncle Remus had to give me a calming draught and sleeping potion to finally stop me."


"Sounds gross," Terrance commented. "Dig though, try and find the reason, I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out, you're a smart girl. Even better that Draco and the Granger girl." He smiled and stood up, "Get better little Snape."


Meadow reached for his hand and squeezed it, right when the hospital doors opened, the two let go, letting their arms drop besides them. Sage carried Meadow's bag and some big books floated behind her. "Higgs you'll want to get down to the pitch, class starts soon," she said, and he ran out of the hospital wing looking back once to catch Meadow's eye, he winked and left. "I heard you had quite the night," the older Slytherin commented as she set Meadow's bag down at the foot of the bed, and grabbed the floating books out of the air. "Charms and potions books, I was told you'd like to work on homework as your stuck here by orders of Madame Pomfrey," Sage smiled.


"Thank you," Meadow said softly, "So does everyone know then?"


"About this morning? Pansy told the entire Slytherin table that you were throwing up this morning, Draco defended you saying you didn't do it on purpose, no one does," she smirked, "For an eleven year old, you're friends with a lot of boys."


Meadow's face burned as she blushed, "I grew up with two," She smiled, thinking about Shane and Remus back in the dimly lit shack. It wasn't perfect but it was home. She then thought about what Sage said about Parkinson, "So she told everyone I threw up on purpose?"


"No, but she hinted at that," Sage looked at her face, searching for something, "You look a lot better then what she described you, she said you were so pale and covered in sweat."


Meadow sighed, "I can't even remember this morning, Professor Snape did something to my head."


The Prefect grimly smiled, "He does that when he doesn't think someone should remember something, it's happened to me before. My class was in potions and Marcus Flint blew up the potion we were working on, my hand and neck got burnt and I remember faintly of being in pain, but I didn't know why. Snape went in my mind and clicked something off and gave me a sleeping potion. I woke up here not knowing why Madame Pomfrey was fretting over me."


Meadow looked into Sage's eyes sadly, the two had shared the same feeling of not knowing what happened, and Meadow felt a little closer to Sage as she shared that story. The older girl patted Meadow's leg and got up from the bed, "I have to go now, but if you need anything..." She trailed off and gave her a small coin, "Just press this between your thumb and forefinger for three seconds, Adrain or I will find you shortly after that no matter where you are in the castle."


"Thank you," she said, touched that Sage went to the trouble of making the small, copper coin. After Sage left Madame Pomfrey came out to see how Meadow was doing with the potions she gave her.


She was happy to see one gone and the other almost gone, "Finish up the rest of that one and I'll give you some pumpkin juice to wash it down."


"I've been trying, it's just disgustingly slimy," Meadow complained and took another sip with her nose scrunched up.


"Poppy-tosh," Pomfrey said and walked away. A few hours later Neville Longbottom and Madame Hooch raced in both holding Longbottom's wrist. Madame Pomfrey waved her wand, examining the damage and muttered "Broken," she muttered a spell and waved her wand, a snap was echoed in the hospital wing, causing Longbottom to faint, and Meadow to feel slightly lightheaded herself. Pomfrey woke him up with a dropper and gave him a glass half-filled with calming draught, Meadow recognized the gooey, slimy liquid as Longbottom was told to drink it. Madame Hooch had nodded at Meadow and left the hospital wing, and Pomfrey gave the chubby boy something else to drink, which made him fall asleep, she pulled the curtain around him.


Madame Pomfrey came out with a glass of pumpkin juice and a pitcher, "You're almost done, and I'd say two small drinks or one big drink." Meadow thought about both options before taking one big gulp of the slimy mixture, feeling relaxed and awake. Madame Pomfrey gave the girl the glass of pumpkin juice and set the pitcher on the bedside table. "Let's get you cleaned up." She picked up the girl with ease and walked into a back room with a small tube that was filled with water. Pomfrey stripped her pajamas away without letting Meadow protest and ushered her into the water. "You wash yourself well, I'll be back to check on you."


Meadow got started, she dunked her head under the warm water and opened her eyes cautiously, the tub had a huge drop off into deep water. Meadow resurfaced and scrubbed her hair, yanking out the pony tail and placing it on her wrist. She dunked her head under water and swam around until she was forced to come above and breathe. When she did resurface she turned a tap that was now marked 'soap' it smelt of spring and Meadow sat under the tap letting the soap run down her back, over her shoulders, and onto her chest and stomach. The girl dived back under water and surprisingly the soap didn't hurt her eyes, when Meadow came up to the top she climbed out and picked up a towel and dried herself off.


Madame Pomfrey bustled back in with white pants and a shirt, both too big for them to fit Meadow correctly, but Meadow was put into the clothes anyway and was hurried out to the bed she was staying in for the next few hours.


"I'd like it if you slept, but I do know that you have Astronomy tonight so I expect you sleep this afternoon and relax this morning," Pomfrey said strictly. "This does mean you can do homework, but as long as you don't get too stressed out, I wouldn't want you to spend the afternoon with me since it is Halloween."


Meadow nodded and climbed under the covers of her bed, she got out her charms book, scroll, ink, feather, and notebook with her assignment. Next she sorted through the charms books she thought she would need and found that Sage gave her all the right books for the importance of wand waving and saying the incantation correctly. Meadow got to work.


Not long after that, Daphne, Terrance, and Theodore ran into the hospital wing, getting a sever scolding from Madame Pomfrey for running into a resting spot, the three apologized and walked briskly over to Meadow's bed, where she was now working on potions having finished the foot and a half long essay for charms.


"You'll never believe what happened," Theodore said excitedly, "Weasley got hit in the face with his broom as he tried to call it to him in his hand."


"But that's not even the best part!" Terrance added, "Longbottom's broom went funky and-"


"Shh," Meadow said quietly, "He's over there, his wrist was broken."


"-We know, but anyways after that, Draco picked up Longbottom's remembrall."


"And Potter tried to get it back from him! But Draco went on his broom into the air, he flies quite nicely," Daphne commented.


Theodore continued, "Then Potter went in the air and Draco said-"


"'Scared Potter?' but he wasn't!" Terrance cut off Theodore, "Draco then threw the remembrall and Potter chased after it!"


Meadow covered her mouth, "No," she whispered, and cursed her Gryffindor friend for being so stupid, forgetting the fight they had earlier.


"I guess it was heading straight towards McGonagall because after he caught it, and didn't run into the window, she came out and took him away." Theodore finished the story.


Daphne added softly, "Draco says that Potter's getting expelled because he got caught by a teacher and Madame Hooch said to say on the ground."


"I doubt that will happen, isn't that a little extreme?" Meadow asked.


Terrance gave her a sad look, "Madame Hooch said anyone who doesn't listen will be on their way back home before they can say Quidditch."


"Oh no..." Meadow buried her head into her hands. If only she could have been there, she might have been able to stop both boys from acting stupid.


Madame Pomfrey came out and checked over Meadow, "You may go dear, there's no reason why I'm keeping you any longer." The three helped Meadow pack up her stuff and headed down to the Great Hall for lunch. As the four headed over to where the first years sat Sage nodded at Meadow and she smiled back, but kept walking with her friends.


Parkinson snorted, "Feeling better Snape?"


Meadow smiled at her, "Yeah, I am, thanks for asking, I never knew you were concerned about me. I would have asked someone to tell you I was fine." Pansy gave her a look of revolt as the four sat down slightly further away from Pansy's girl gang and Draco's gang. Meadow and Daphne sat next to each other and the two boys went over to the other side.


Theodore and Terrance sat down, they looked so much alike, both had blue eyes, although Theodore had dark blue eyes and Terrance had ice blue orbs, both had darker skin, but with Terrance's black hair he looked darker than Theodore's dark brown hair.


Meadow picked up a turkey sandwich and an apple, although she hated to admit it, Malfoy had been right about how sweet they were. Terrance pored pumpkin juice for everyone and Daphne filled Meadow in on any gossip/lessons she had missed in the morning.


Terrance glanced over at the Gryffindor table, to see the youngest Weasley glare at him, and sneered the famous Slytherin sneer. Meadow had never seen the ugly face on Terrance before and her eyes widened.


"Potter is still at school," He commented, which caused Theodore to look up and sneer as well. Daphne and Meadow turned around, Daphne glared and Meadow frowned and the two girls faced the two Slytherins again.


Meadow rolled her eyes, "I guess Madame Hooch wasn't able to keep that promise." She got up from the table and walked out into the hall.


"Meadow!" Shane said and tackled her into a hug, "Are you okay?"


The small girl hugged her friend back "I'm okay, I don't really remember what happened. I guess Parkinson told the whole school?"


"Something like that, she was screeching about having the worst roommate ever because you woke her up by throwing up in-between the two beds," Shane replied.


"Great," Meadow muttered.


"I'm glad to see you're okay," Meadow barely caught Harry's voice.


"Thank you Harry," she said surprised. "I know I haven't exactly talked to you guys lately, but I'm glad you two still care about me..." Meadow trailed off.


"I always will Doe," Shane said, "It's just sometimes we never realized that we can have other friends other than each other." Meadow's heart sank, Shane wasn't coming over to ask for forgiveness for not talking to her, he was asking for a break in their friendship. He continued, "I know you and Ron don't get along anymore-"


"That's because he thinks I'm some snobby Slytherin!" Meadow hissed, "I've tried just about every day to talk to you two but all Weasley does is insult me! I haven't done anything to him, not one snide remark back to defined myself, I've been waiting for you to defined me Shane Blake Lupin!-"


"You're friends with the git Malfoy!" Shane retored.


"-But you never do. You just let your so-called friend insult me because of where the Sorting Hat put me. If you can't accept that fact then leave." Meadow turned, facing the other way, she heard Shane about to say something but Harry cut him off.


"Shane, you heard her. Let's go, she can't accept that Ron isn't our so-called friend. She even called him Weasley not Ron."


Meadow got angry, "Ronald calls me Snape, what else do you expect from me?" She spat, "And for your information Lupin, I'm not friends with Draco Malfoy. I try to avoid him." Shane just shook his head and allowed for Harry to pull him away from the bench. Meadow tried to hold onto the anger and it wasn't enough, she started crying. As she let her tears shake her body she finally slowed her breathing down, composed herself, and wiped the tears away. The Weasley twins had watched the exchange, and battling if they should talk to her or not. George went over and sat by her, and Fred followed suit and sat on the other side of Meadow.


"Well… That was rotten luck," the one on her left said.


Meadow flinched and nearly fell out of her seat, "Merlin's beard!"


"Now, as much as we wish we could grow a beard like Merlin's-"


"We sadly cannot assist you in that way," the other finished.


Meadow looked at the two of them, one was closer to her, she assumed it was George, on the train he had taken a great deal of liking towards her. "What's on your mind, sweet Snape?" the redhead asked as the other slightly chuckled.


Meadow blushed at George's words, "It-it's nothing, I guess…"


The two laughed and Fred replied, "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing, that's why you're sitting all by yourself crying about nothing."


Flustered, Meadow spluttered some lame excuse, blaming it on her morning, but her cheeks were lit up like Christmas lights, and George found it amusing, "Oh I'm sure it's just because you up-chucked in your room this morning. It had nothing to do with the fact that our little brother is feeding lies to your friend Shane."


"It doesn't!" Meadow finally forced out, but blinked, "Wait, what."


"Oh but it was nothing, little Snape," George smirked.


"In fact, why are we here Gred?" Fred asked his twin. "I do believe we might miss our prank!"


"Prank? On who? What did you mean Weasley's been feeding lies to Shane?" Meadow asked, thoroughly confused, something the twins took pride on.


"Oh, little ickle Ronniekinz has decided to come up with some lie about you and Malfoy, not snogging are you?" Fred asked and Meadow's face heated up again.


"NO! Of course not! What in the bloody hell does that mean!"


"Just a little rumor that Malfoy will get you in a broom cupboard by your fifth year, apparently he needs time to prepare," George replied wiggling his eyebrows.


"That is not true, I am no more of a fan of Malfoy than I am of your brother!" Meadow replied, her blush had continued down to her neck.


"Then why are you blushing?" George asked with a grin.


"Because- I- you!" Meadow got up and clearly flustered stomped off muttering about how they were insufferable.


Daphne ran into Meadow, she had checked in with their no professor to see if it had been canceled or not since the professor was thinking about waiting until Friday. He had, so the two went to the library to get head of classes in potions, transfiguration, and herbology. Easily Meadow finished her potions essay in a matter of ten minutes as the rest struggled, Meadow helped the three in getting their work done but careful not to copy herself again, telling them the big idea and having them write it down in their own way. Daphne had finished her charms paper as well and read though Meadow's pointing out a few things Daphne, herself, forgot to write in the paper. As Meadow worked on reading the next chapter in transfiguration she wrote notes on what Professor McGonagall would teach in the lession, the Theo and Terry walked into the library to start their charms paper, it having to be at least a foot long, and Daphne rewrote her charms paper for it to be easily read as well as adding the few things she forgot.


Meadow moved on to herbology and Daphne moved onto transfiguration after her charms was done, she looked over the notes Meadow wrote down. Meadow had a keen eye for spotting things teachers would use in quizzes and tests. When Meadow finished herbology, the boys were still struggling with their charms paper, the young Snape sighed and helped the two boys finish. They went to the common room and saw that no one was in one of the couches, the four pilled on, Terrance on one end and Daphne on the other end with Meadow and Theodore in the middle. They tried to hold a conversation but eventually all fell asleep.


Meadow was a baby, she was in her crib, awoken by a loud voice and a huge thud following. She sat up and grabbed on the crib's bars, stood up, and blinked sleep out of her eyes. She saw Sadie's figure on the ground, a wave of sadness rushed over her. She looked around, the red substance was everywhere in the kitchen and was both going up and down the stairs in the house. She then looked and found something else out of place, a man with black hair and eyes.


Meadow woke up with a start, Daddy. Then her thoughts were lost when she woke up and wasn't in her bed, instead she was curled up on top of Terrance with her head on the armrest of the couch. Meadow jumped at the sudden closeness of her friend and slid off onto the floor. She then realized why she was on Terrance instead of the couch, Theodore had stretched out across Daphne, his spot, and Meadow's old spot. Terrance stirred slightly and mumbled something, "What Terrance?" Meadow asked.


"Don't be mad Doe," he whined.


"I'm not mad," she frowned, "Why would I be mad?"


"I was only nice to you because," Terrance flinched.


"Because why?"


"Because you're Snape's daughter," he replied sadly, "I only wanted to be your friend to get on his good side."


Meadow's heart sunk for the second time that day, she got up, and ran from the common room, racing herself to the closest lavatory, and she locked herself in a stall and cried. Terrance didn't want to be her friend, he only wanted to be on her father's good side, even though the professor barely talked to her to begin with, the first day of potions he paired her up with Malfoy after mortifying Potter because he was writing everything down on parchment. Meadow calmed down and heard someone else crying, "Hello?"


"Hi," the voice responded, one she knew all too well. Granger.


Curiously, she didn't believe Granger knew it was Meadow, "How come you're crying?"


"Someone who I thought was my friend called me a know-it-all nightmare," Granger replied, sniffling.


"I'm sorry," and Meadow was, when you believe someone's your friend and they're not it hurts.


"How come you're crying?"


"I have a similar situation... Only my friend was only my friend to be on the good side of my-" Meadow stopped, "Of someone else I'm close too." Which wasn't exactly a lie, she was closer to Professor Snape then most, apart from Draco, her father acknowledged him. A pang of jealously crept up into her throat.


"I wish I had friends," Granger sniffled and burst into sobs again. Meadow felt a pang of sadness go out to the girl, she would have thought that she would have befriended someone by now.


"I'm sure they're just intimidated by how smart you are," Meadow tried.


"But there's even a Slytherin girl who's just as smart as I am and she's still well-liked," Granger retorted.


Meadow cursed Granger for bring up herself, "I'm sure she has her problems as well." She replied trying to hide the uncomfortable tone in her voice.


"Maybe, it sure doesn't seem like it," Granger sighed, "It's like she has it all, the brains, the beauty, and the friends."


"Maybe she doesn't think like that," Meadow responded, clearly thrown off by the fact that Granger said she had it all.


"Or she could be too blind to see it herself."


"You know don't you?"




"Why are you being nice?" Meadow asked confused.


There was a pause before Granger responded, "You asked me what was wrong without knowing. Even when you heard it was me, you kept talking anyways." Another pause and Meadow waited, "You're not that bad, you know. And your life may not be as bad as it seems."


"You don't know that," Meadow retorted a bit more harshly then she intended, "I'm not the perfect girl in the first years. The professor doesn't even talk to me, he talks to his precious godson instead. And Terrance was only my friend to get on Snape's good side, what if that was Daphne's plan or Theodore's plan? I don't have a mother, the only brother and father figures in my life aren't anymore. All because of Weasley, Shane no longer wants to be friends with me. We shared a room until this year, and I've known him all my life. I get that he wants new friends, I do too, but why drop me along the way?" She ranted to Granger who sat in the other stall and listened.


"I'm just pointing out that you are the girl everyone looks up to in the first years, even some second years. You're a nice Slytherin, you tried to talk to Shane and Harry even with the feud between your two houses. You're cute, pale blonde hair that doesn't frizz or look bad up, I've heard just about every house comment on how smart you are too," Granger bossed. "However, maybe that was Higg's first intention of befriending you was to get on Snape's good side. It doesn't seem like that anymore the way he smiles around you. Believe me I'm not stalking you or your Slytherin friends, but the way you, Higgs, Greengrass, and Nott are inseparable is hard not to notice."


Meadow coughed as she hid the disbelieve silence, "Thanks..." She said awkwardly, "I'm surprised you haven't got any friends. You get the house points for them."


"Yes," Granger sighed, "But I also get the most taken away from Snape. He just doesn't like me, and I even raise my hand and wait to get called on. But he doesn't notice me or ignores me, and I can't help it, I blurt the answers out."


"He doesn't really like any Gryffindor's. His whole mood has changed towards Shane now," Meadow commented, but felt bad and added, "Next time I don't know something and you do, I'll point that out to him. He won't take points away from me."


"How do I know you're not lying?"


There was a pause as Meadow tried to figure out an answer that wouldn't offend the girl, as much as she wanted to during classes, she felt bad for the muggleborn, clearly her parents taught her brains is everything. Meadow took a dare, "You'll just have to trust me."


Granger seemed to be thinking though what the Slytherin had said and agreed, "I'll be looking forward to it."


"Granger?" Meadow asked.




"Who told you, you were a nightmare?"


"Ronald Weasley," the bushy hair girl sniffled. And Meadow snorted. "What's so funny about that?"


"Nothing's funny," Meadow replied, "He's just a bit of a tosser himself. A bit selfish and he don't know how to act about nice Slytherins, he's stuck on stereotypes." She shook her head, "I can't believe he had the guts to say that to you."


Meadow heard Granger shift positions, "He didn't actually say that to me..." She trailed off, "He said that to Harry, Shane, Dean, Neville, and Seamus. And I was trying to catch up to them," She sniffled and blew her nose, "None of the boys said differently, they all agreed."


"What time was this?"


"This afternoon, after our one-on-one charms class with Flitwik," Granger sniffled.


"You've been in here since?" Meadow asked, alarmed.


There was a pause and Meadow assumed she nodded but couldn't tell, "Yeah," the Gryffindor replied.


"Do you know what time it is now?"


"Judging by the position of the sun..." Granger paused, examining the window, "I'd assume around five at night."


The girl's lavatory door opened and a nasty smell intoxicated both girl's noses. "Gross," Meadow said, "What is that smell." At the same time Granger whispered, "Oh no."


The Gryffindor crawled under the stalls until she found Meadow, who took a step back, "What are you doing Granger," she hissed.


"Be quiet," the other girl whispered, wide-eyes, "That's a troll, I don't know enough about them to stop them."


Meadow frowned, seeing Granger's panic, "Trolls are extremely stupid, is there a way we could trick it?" The two peered out of the stall door and opened it softly, but the small click of the lock echoed loudly. The troll, about fifteen feet tall, his head whipped over to the two girls, it raised its' club and smashed into six of the stalls, wood went flying everywhere. Granger screamed, covered her head, grabbed Meadow and dragged her to the ground. The blonde's ankle gave out from both of their weighs together and fell just in time for the troll to smash the last six stalls. Both girls screamed as wood pieces covered them.


"Hermione?" A boys voice called, "Are you in there?"


"Harry?" Granger called back uncertain but screamed as the troll raised its club and smashed the toilet behind them. Meadow screamed, adrenaline kicked in as she tried to run to the door, the troll caught her in the back, pain spiked from her neck to her legs, and everything went black.


"That was brilliant!" Harry voice said, it was the first thing Meadow heard.


"What happened?" Meadow asked, her voice was soft, causing the four to flinch.


Granger explained tearfully, "A troll came in here, he-he hit you on the back. Yo-you just went flying into the mirror." The three looked up at the mirror, it was cracked and pieces of it were missing.


"I thought you were dead," Shane whispered to her and put his head on hers.


She winced at the pain, "But I'm not."


Shane looked into Meadow's yellow speckled eyes, "I know, but I was so afraid that you were and you died hating me."


"Why are you here, you should be with Moony," Meadow looked at him, her eyes were playing tricks on her.


Professors McGonagall, Quirrell, and Snape raced into the lavatory, "Explain yourselves!" McGonagall shrieked, seeing the five of them.


Granger stood up and took the blame, "It was my fault Professor, I read about trolls and thought I'd be able to handle it. I followed it here and found Miss Snape unconscious, if the boys hadn't had come in, we'd probably both be dead."


"Miss Snape," McGonagall looked pale, "Why were you in here?"


Meadow sat up, holding her head, and winced as she tried to move her arm, "I was, um, using the lavatory ma'am," she blushed, "I smelt something really bad when the door opened, and peeked out of my stall, but it saw me and smashed all the stalls, I tried to run to get help but it hit me in the back and I don't remember what happened then. I remember running through the rubble of the stalls and now I'm over here." She pointed to the spot she was, and looked shamefully down at the ground.


"My dear child, you need to go to the hospital wing," McGonagall conjured up a stretcher and motioned for Meadow to lay down, as soon as Meadow tried to stand up, she fell, passed out from the pain in her arms, shoulders, and back. Severus' eyes widened as Minivera rushed over to Meadow and Shane. Ron, Harry, and Hermione all watched as their head of house took care of the Slytherin, whom was again limp. Shane held his friend's limp hand as Professor McGonagall levitated the girl onto the stretcher. Harry glanced at Professor Snape, and noticed blood on his leg, and Snape covered it up, slightly limping after his daughter as she was rushed to the hospital wing for the second time that day.




So… Meadow seems to be a bit… wild? I suppose, she just is confused on why Ron hates her, why Pansy isn't fond of her, why Draco is a prat, and why Harry and Shane took Ron's side. I added the twins in hoping to relieve some tension within this chapter.



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