Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


11. Diagon Alley

Baby Miracle


Wizards and witches pushed around the three and hurried for their last minute shopping. The two kids stood in awe as they tried to take everything in, shops swarmed their visions, an ice cream trolley parked out in the street, and a group of kids stood outside of a window fawning over something, it looked like the newest broom model. "I'm in love already…" Shane trailed off and Meadow nodded.


Chapter Eleven: Diagon Alley


"This is amazing," Meadow marveled, but it didn't last long, she unfroze from her awe, "Lets go shopping!"


"Hold your hippogriffs, we have to get money from Gringotts," Remus said, "Follow close to me." He started to walk down the path to Gringotts the wizard bank, it was magnificent; it was made up of white marble, pillars framed the huge, arched doorway, and the white stairs leading up to it made the place magical.


"Be polite, and if anything do not say a word unless they ask you a question," the man looked at the two little ones, they both nodded, and off they went into the bank. The white marble spread throughout the bank, both kids' eyes were big with excitement and awe.


Remus walked up to a man that sat behind the largest desk, the man with pointed ears, teeth, nose, and long fingers, his desk had the nametag that said Head Goblin, "We would like to withdraw money from the vaults of Lupin and Snape."


"Does Miss Snape have her key?" The little man spoke harshly.


Meadow looked up at him with big eyes, about to say no when Remus jumped in, "Yes, I have it." He took out two keys, both old-looking, but one was pure gold with silver entwined around the gold frame, the other copper colored with a big circle at the end of the handle.


The goblin waved for another to come over, he also had long, pointed ears, teeth, nose, and fingers, on his front pocket of his suit he had a nametag that said Gornuk. "Follow me."


Gornuk led the three through a door, he held it open for them, both kids had expected more marble and where both surprised to see a dark tunnel lit by torches. In the middle of the narrow tunnel set tracks for something. Gornuk whistled and a car came from the tracks beyond. The goblin climbed in the front and waited for the three to get in the back. Shane slid in first, Remus next, and lastly Meadow, who barely had time to sit down before Gornuk whistled again and the cart took off, hurdled down through a maze of passages.


Meadow watched the corners and the forks wiz by, she was smiling and her eyes stung with the cold air. Shane looked somewhat pale but also seemed to enjoy the cart ride. And Remus was holding on the the two kids, his face grim. They stopped at the Lupin's vault first; Remus handed the key to Gornuk, who then touched a finger to the door, turned a bubble that popped up and unlocked the door. Remus had saved up his money and there were gold, silver, and copper coins on a table. More silver than gold, and more copper than silver. Remus pulled out two leather money bags, he filled one with the gold coins and the other with the silver and copper coins. The three got back in the cart and it zipped back up the tunnel, and stopped at a vault whose number was 493.


"Key please," Gornuk said. Remus handed over the key and the vault door swung open to revile more coins then the Lupin's. Remus told Shane to stay in the cart as Remus pulled out another money bag. He beckoned for Meadow to follow.


Remus grabbed a handful of gold coins, some silver and copper, "This should last the next couple years. Don't spend it all on sweets and books. Hogwarts will have tons of books for you in the library." Meadow nodded and took the money bag from him.


The two and Gornuk got back in the cart, which took off, racing back towards the surface. Once they got back to ground level they bid Gornuk farewell and came up with a plan. Remus would go buy the books and Shane and Meadow would go get their robes.


The two entered Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions a bit nervous. "Hogwarts you two?" A squat woman asked, they nodded, "Right then, hurry in the back, I'll take your measurements and get your robes ready for you."


Shane led into the smaller room in the back of the store. A second witch looked at the two and smiled, "Come along dear, just step on the footstool, and we'll get you out of here." Shane followed her, he stepped onto one of the two footstools; Madam Malkin gestured towards Meadow for her to stand on the other.


"Are you two first years?" One of the witches asked politely, trying to make small talk with the two children.


"Yep!" Shane replied, "How did you two ladies like Hogwarts?"


The second witch giggled, "I loved it, o'course there was always that feud between Slytherin and Gryffindor."


Madam Malkin barked, "There was always that feud between those two houses."


"Why is that?" Meadow asked quietly.


"No one really knows, I suppose it's the fact that most Slytherins become You-Know-Who's followers. But he's not around anymore thanks to Harry Potter." The younger witch said.


"That Harry Potter was in the other day, don't you remember?" Madam Malkin replied.


The second witch looked up at her boss, "Oh yes I do remember, he was so polite compared to that other little boy. You two should be excited, you'll be in the same year as Harry Potter."


Meadow looked puzzled before she said, "Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived." She remembered the name from a book she read before.


"Oh yes, and he don't even know he's famous. Poor soul," the witch said as she pinned Shame's robes lower than before. And Meadow remembered, she read his history of the Potters', why the Dark Lord was after them, how Lily and James Potter escaped death three times before he had killed them (they were wandless), and Harry Potter was the one he went for after he killed Lily. Adella Potter had been spell damaged for the rest of her life due to the backfire of the killing curse. Meadow was brought back to reality when the witch said, "You'll want these a bit long, you'll grow into them pretty quick."


"Oh, thank you," Shane replied, surprised.


"Okay! All done, I'll get these ready for you. I'll meet you up front," the witch that was working on Shane's robes whisked away the material and disappeared through a door.


"So who are your parents?" Madam Malkin asked. The boy looked just like Remus Lupin, and the girl had something familiar about her, but she couldn't place her wand on it.


"My mom died giving birth to me, but my father is Remus Lupin," Shane piped up.


Madam Malkin smiled, "You look just like him when he was your age, just without his scars." She frowned sadly, "He was such a cute little boy. What about your parents dear?"


Now it was Meadow's turn to frown, "Sadie Beckard, she's in St. Mungo's. But my last name is Snape, but sometimes it seems like my daddy isn't my father."


"Oh, Severus Snape. He was very much in love with Harry's mother, but I believe he found someone else, Sadie must have been it. They were together for a while. He had such dark eyes and hair. You're eyes are the same as his, just have some yellow in them" Madam observed.


Meadow smiled, "My mom had yellow eyes."


"Sadie Beckard," the witch mused. "She was muggleborn, a cute little thing, very bright. I never would have thought she'd marry Severus."


There was a pause before Madam Malkin then added, "Well dear you're measurements are done, I'll go get these ready for you, if you'll meet me up front."


Meadow nodded and joined Shane, the two walked together towards the front of the store, pausing to look at a few things here and there. Meadow wandered off towards the hats, leaving Shane back in the front. A few minutes later Madam Malkin walked in the front with two boxes, "Oh dear, I have a hat for you in here."


"Oh, okay," Meadow smiled.


The two met a waiting Remus, whom had arms empty of books. "Uh, Dad," Shane said, "I think you're missing something."


"Huh?" Remus looked around for something.


Meadow giggled, "Our books Uncle Remus!"


"Oh, those things, I have them in my pocket," he tapped his jeans with his hand. "I'll take those," Remus took the two boxes of robes from the two and shrunk them before putting them in his pocket. "Go get your wands, I know you're dying to get them, I'll get the rest."


The two grinned at each other before hugging Remus quickly, and running off towards Ollivander's Wand Shop. The store was made up of old wood and the doorbell jingled when opened. Meadow glanced around nervously as she followed Shane to the counter.


"Hello?" He asked.


Rumbling of boxes sounded close to the two and Meadow grabbed for Shane's hand; a small, pale man with white frizzy hair popped up from under the counter. "Hello!"


"Hi," Shane stumbled to find words, "I'm- I'm here to- to buy a wand?"


"Ah! The wand chooses the wizard my dear Mister...?"




"Mister Lupin. Remus Lupin's son?"


"Yes, I'm Shane," He extended his right hand which Mister Ollivander grabbed and measured with a tape measure that was moving itself, a pencil recorded the length and Ollivander let go and looked at the paper.


The man muttered to himself before he walked back into the many shelves that lined the store in the back. "Let's try this for starters. Eleven inches, elm wood, with unicorn hair for a core."


Shane picked up the wand and gave it a small wave, close by a decorating shelf that held a flower vase broke, causing the glass to shatter. "No, no," Ollivander said, taking back the wand and putting it back in its spot, he picked up another long box. "Thirteen inches, vine wood, with dragon heartstring."


The result wasn't much better, although Mr. Ollivander seemed to think so, even though books got knocked off the bookcase that was by the front door. "Close! Close, maybe..." He muttered to himself as he went back to the shelves of wands. "Twelve and one-eighth inches, willow, with dragon heartstring."


Shane looked at the medium brown wood, it was spiraled with a dark brown handle, notches on the top of the handle, and he picked the wand up and waved it. Gold sparks shot out of the tip and a warm sensation spread in the room.


"Eh, the wand chooses the wizard Mr. Lupin," Ollivander said, before taking the wand back and wrapping it up in the box, "That will be seven gallons."


He seemed to not notice Meadow before she quietly said, "Mr. Ollivander."


The wand marker paused in mid-bow-tying, "And who do we have here." His pale eyes looked up to meet dark eyes.


"Meadow, sir. Meadow Snape."


"Snape. Is that a Severus Snape's relation?" He asked curious.


Meadow stuttered, "I.. Ah.. I believe so. Yes."


"Curious," Mr. Ollivander muttered, "Now, I need your wand arm. That would be your dominate arm, dear." She placed her right arm in his hand, the tape came out and marked something down. He came back with a few boxes, "Ten inches, ash wood, unicorn hair." Meadow picked it up and it set off hissing sparks that raced toward a pitcher of water, breaking it and the water steamed. "No, not that one. Let's try..." He picked up a different box, "Nine and a half inches, ivy vine, with phoenix feather." She picked it up and the lit candle on the desk burst open, causing Shane to flinch and Meadow to scream. Ollivander waved his hand and the wax returned to the candle holder. "No, defiantly not." This went on for a while, Remus even came in and sat down, done with other shopping for them.


"I wonder..." The wand maker went to the back and picked up a black box. He brought it back to the front, opened the box, and pushed the tissue aside. A pale brown wand laid in the box, it had little etches of flowers on the wand, the handle was slightly bigger than the wand and had notches in one side. "Nine and one-fourth inches, birch with a single Threstral tail hair."


Meadow picked up the wand and a glow came from the tip of the wand, warming the room.


"Curious... Very curious," Ollivander said, "This wand is very powerful Miss Snape, but only as powerful as you allow it to be."


Meadow looked down the wand before she looked into the pale eyes that studied her, "What's curious sir?"


"The core of the wand is the hair of a Threstrals, who's a magical creature that can only be seen if a witch or wizard has seen death. It is curious because you are so young, have you seen a death Miss Snape?" The wand maker asked.


Meadow backed up after throwing the wand on the front desk, "No... I don't think so. This wand's wrong." She backed into Remus and looked up, startled to hit something. Who had she seen die? Her mother was still alive, and from her digging, Meadow found out her and her father were out on a shopping trip/visiting Sadie when the Potter's were murdered.


Mr. Ollivander smiled sadly, "Maybe you don't remember, but the wand does choose the wizard dear. There is no doubt about that. Come here," he beckoned her back over to the desk. Meadow hesitated, "Come here my dear, the wand doesn't bite," he examined the wand, holding it with one hand, and with the other moving it slightly over top. "Meadow, this wand has already taken a great liking to you. Are you sure you don't want it?"


Meadow's face was torn between smiling and frowning, her feelings between excitement and frightened. She walked up slowly, "There, that wasn't so difficult." He held out the wand for her to take it. Slowly she extended her hand and took the base of the wand in her palm, a warm feeling spread through her arm and up to her chest, then like blood, to the rest of her body. Mr. Ollivander smiled again, "A very great liking towards you."


"Okay..." The girl was still a little cautious and asked, "Can anything bad happen to me?"


A smiled appeared, "The wand is only as strong as you are, embrace the core of your magic and nothing bad will happen."


"Thank you Mr. Ollivander," a smile showed through worried on Meadow's face. Meadow paid for the wand, and the three walked out of the shop.


Remus treated the kids to ice cream from Florean Fortuescue's Ice Cream Palour before checking in with Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, the inn that they'd be staying at overnight before heading out the next day to King's Cross Train Station.




So a bit of a shorter chapter compared to the last, but there really wasn't much for me to write, I didn't want to start book one until after she turned 11… Of course that happened last chapter, but then I would have had an extremely long chapter unless I just skipped all the little important information stuff.


ALSO MAKE NOTE, Meadow did see her mother die, Sadie was just revived due to her internally bleeding. However, since she did see death, I will still be writing the Meadow will be able to see the Threstrals but not as clearly as one would see and remember death.




Meadow and the Lupins went to Gringotts to pick up money. Then they split off so Remus got most of their school supplies, such as books and potions ingredients, and Meadow and Shane went off to the robe shop. Where they made small talk with the two witches who worked there, and Harry Potter was brought up, Meadow remembers the name from the book she read at her stay at Hogwarts, and then also remembers that he's the boy who she went to Muggle school with in Surrey.


Remus caught up to them before they left the robe shop had a brief conversation before running out again to pick up other school supplies and the two eleven-year-olds went to get their wands.


Shane's was twelve and one-eighth inches, willow, with dragon heartstring. And Meadow's was different, not a very common wand (not in the sense like Harry's where she was connected to someone, just different), hers was nine and one-fourth inches, birch with a single Threstral tail hair.

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