Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


7. Catch Up or Fall Behind

Baby Miracle


"Harry Potter is a wizard," Meadow huffed and cleaned up the glass pieces and the flowers. She was still burning with anger about how far south that conversation went fast. It wasn't like she was calling him a house elf, surely he should have realized that when one would see the stinken drawing of a house elf in the book. Instead of cleaning up the glass pieces, Meadow, whenever she'd touch one, it would shred itself into small particles. She grunted in frustration and Miss Figg left to owl her father.


Chapter Seven: Catch Up or Fall Behind


Meadow had her nose in a book about the boy-who-lived, Harry Potter, he was in her Muggle class in Little Whinging when she lived with Miss Figg. Meadow's emotions had become too much for poor Miss Figg to handle with all the accidental magic spurts getting stronger and stronger. Somehow during her stay, she had convinced Madam Pince to allow her to check out a few books for two days before she had to return the book, due to students actually needing the book. She sighed and got up, she reread the book three times already. Flustered, Meadow threw on her shoes, fully dressed in her normal black skirt and green shirt with tights and black shoes, she went through the not-so-secret passageway to avoid walking into the classroom to get to the hallway. She crawled through the hatch, stood up along the way, and walked out of the portrait of an old potions master.


After the portrait tried to protest the girl leaving, Meadow laughed and skipped away, carrying The Potter's: Family, Friends, Foes, and History. Although it was helpful, the youngest Snape wondered of much of it was actually true about Harry, no one had seen him or his sister since they were born. That is, except for Meadow and Miss Figg, who had to been sworn into secrecy by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to tell no one about where Harry was located. Meadow had a few choice words about where Harry was living, other than that, she had no problem not telling where Harry lived.


Dumbledore had briefly touched on why Harry was with his Aunt and Uncle and his sister was with another witch under different care. However, Meadow was unaccepting of his excuses and stopped listening. Rude or disrespectful, call it what you what, but Meadow was a stubborn seven-year-old, who could already see that Harry was living in an abusive home and thought, even with their fight, that Harry needed to be removed. However, the Professor refused to remove Harry Potter from his aunt and uncles house.


Meadow had rolled her eyes and stomped out of Professor Dumbledore's office, only to have her father apologize for her. Albus had waved it off, knowing that Meadow was getting used to all of her emotions and magic spikes. He was the one who suggested for Severus to get Meadow involved with the library to keep her preoccupied with learning about the history of Hogwarts and Magic, along with very easy reading on spells, charms, plants, among other things. Surprisingly, Severus had caught his daughter looking at Quidditch books as well, when he asked her about it, she said she just wanted to know about everything that happened in the Wizarding World.


Meadow snapped out of her daydream to hear a girl's voice, "Jon, you know this match is going to be extremely difficult for me, right?"


"Of course I know that, Hayley Evergreen," a boy's voice responded, it was rough, but full of some sort of emotion or feeling, but Meadow was unsure of what.


"Okay, okay…" the girl, Hayley, responded.


'Why did those names sound so familiar?' Meadow asked herself before she returned to her snooping.


"Hey Evergreen," Jon said, his voice had a light ton to it.


"What Jonathon Jorganson?" Her voice was light as well, like a smile playing on her lips.


"I love you."


Meadow heard a slight gasp, "I love you too." Meadow smiled, she giggled, thinking about when her time where a boy would say that to her.


"Did you hear something?" Jon's voice asked.


"Yes," Hayley responded.


Meadow's eyes widened, she ran for it. "Hey! Hey you!" Hayley yelled after Meadow, but she didn't slow down.


She heard the footsteps catching up to her, and she gave up. Allowing for the two to catch her, "Hayley! Jon!" Meadow exclaimed as she remember, they were the two who took her to Dumbledore's after something happened in the North Tower.


"Meadow?" The older girl asked as she slid to a halt, Hayley looked at Meadow, she looked a lot older. In a way, just a bigger version than the little Snape, Hayley once took care of. Meadow's eyes had stopped darkening for some time now, and her hair was at a consist length elbow length, but still very blonde. Meadow was very skinny, looking like she could break at any given point; Meadow had grown at least five inches since Hayley had seen her last.


Meadow was also eyeing the two students, they had grown as well. Hayley's dark brown hair had been cut, it was just above her shoulders, and her eyes were still an unusual blue. Jon looked more different than Hayley, his black hair was cut short, and his bangs were spiked up. His jaw was more defined than in third year when Meadow last saw him, he was taller than Hayley by about a foot, making Meadow only come up to his waist.


"Hi," she simply restated.


"Meadow!" Hayley yelled and hugged the girl and Meadow giggled.


"Hi Hayley!"


"Thank you so much," Hayley whispered.


"For what?"


"For Jon," the older girl simply stated and blushed. Meadow simply laughed and hugged Hayley even tighter.


"You're welcome," Meadow replied and winked as Hayley put her down. "Jon!"


"Hi Miss Snape," He picked her up as well and the two hugged, but not as long, he whispered a simple thank you as well and Meadow just giggled. Apparently her four-year-old self had some game at matching people up together.


"So…" Meadow started, "Quidditch Match?"


Hayley blushed, and Jon replied, "Yes, Gryffindor vs Slytherin, Hayley was able to snag the chaser position from Charley Weasley-" ("He graduated last year!" Hayley interrupted) "-And now we play against each other for the Quidditch Cup."


Meadow nodded and smirked, "I see, well good luck! I'm off to the library, maybe I'll make an appearance at the match!"


"Hope to see you there!" Hayley said excitedly and hugged her again.


Meadow rolled her eyes and watched the two sixth years walk away, holding hands, she wondered how long they had been dating. However, she didn't dwell on that long as she continued to the library after picking up her books. Meadow returned the book to Madame Pince, who was grateful the seven-year-old didn't do any damage to the book when it was in her possession. Meadow had a feeling by the time she was eleven the librarian would have grown to her. The blonde returned to the shelves, the library was almost empty, due to it being a Friday, a quidditch match, as well as nice weather, most students had opted to soak up some sun.


Meadow went to the back, seeing a part of the library which was closed off and locked from the rest. She longed to back there to read about all the different magics and harder potions and charms, yet, she thought better of it, and walked back towards the potions section once again. She had been able to read up the third year of potions, but had yet to actually try any of the instructions of first and second year. Her dad had been excited to know that his daughter wanted to try to brew potions, but refused since she was too young to be in school.


Meadow had rolled her eyes at that, it was the one thing she could excel at if he would just allow her a cauldron and the ingredients. Since she wasn't allowed a wand yet either she couldn't work on spells or charms, however, that didn't stop her from reading all about them. Especially the simple and easy ones, just as Wingardium Levisoa or Occulas Repairo, both of which Meadow would learn as soon as possible. Even if that included learning it on the train, her and her father had already discussed the possibility of Meadow staying at Hogwarts for the next four years instead of her going back to Miss Figg's. Meadow had managed to talk him into allowing her to go to King's Cross Station, just to go back to her home, which would take about six or seven hours, no one really paid that close of attention to know for sure. From what she heard from some of the students she ran into and asked, they all said it was the best part, they had friends from other houses because of sitting with random people on the way up before being sorted.


When she asked her father what house he and her mother had been in he just shrugged, which she later annoyed him every day whenever she saw him to break him down and tell her. Which he did. Her dad had been in Slytherin, according to Hogwarts, A History Slytherins were cunning and sneaky. She saw that within herself. She always did things behind her father's back, or even when she was 'banned' from doing something, her curiosity had always gotten the better of her, and Meadow would end up doing the thing anyways. He said her mother was a Hufflepuff, and according to the book, the house was known for a hard-working ethic and loyalty. Meadow wanted to consider herself this as well, she was very hard-working for her own opinion, she would always be reading up about one thing or another, and Meadow wanted to think of herself as loyal, but was never put into a situation where she had needed to show who she was loyal to.


She sighed, not knowing where she would be put, she also considered a part of herself where she was very outspoken, she thought about Gryffindor as being brave for standing up for what she believed in. And she also thought about Ravenclaw, where they were known for their thirst for knowledge, Meadow had considered this house as well, for her needing to know about everything in the Wizarding World, how things work, why they work, and everything in between.


The blonde walked up to the desk with a third year potions book, a second year charms book, and a beginner's healing book. Madame Pince gave her a pointed look and Meadow protested knowing full well the librarian only wanted the younger girl to only take two books at a time, "I'm just doing a bit of light reading! You forget I don't have any classes like the rest of the students!"


"Two books, maximum, Miss Snape, or did you forget?" The library wouldn't budge. Grumbling, Meadow separated the charms book from the other two, Madame Pince raised a thin eyebrow, but wrote in Meadow's name and the checkout date, April 10, 1987. "Bring them back by Monday, at the latest," Madame Pince said, emphasizing the last part.


"Yeah, yeah," Meadow rolled her eyes, walked towards the door, and called "I'll see you tomorrow!"


She skipped down the halls to the dungeons, the last class of the day had already been let out and students wandered the halls looking for friends to hang out with before the match started. Meadow longed to be outside, but knowing her father, he would like to know where she was and why she snuck out again. She rolled her eyes, he really couldn't stop her when he was teaching, or when he was out visiting her mum at St. Mungos, apparently she had started to move her whole hand now instead of just her fingers. Meadow couldn't wait to see her, they would be visiting after exams were over and her dad no longer had to stay for questions about worrying students. In case you're wondering, Meadow's dad went to visit after hours, usually around eleven o'clock at night, Violet would let him pass pretending she didn't see a grown man walk by. Meadow once asked her about her dad's almost midnight visits and she responded she didn't have any idea what the girl was talking about, yet winking at Severus when he pulled his daughter away.


Meadow shook her head, she was amused by the friendship Violet and her dad had sprouted by the visits he would make to her mum in the hospital. She walked into the dungeons and almost ran into her father. "Hi Daddy!" She smiled up at him, clearly knowing she was somewhat in trouble.


"Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape. What did I tell you about sneaking out during class periods," he said it more as a statement rather than a question, it was rhetorical. Both knew clear well what he had said about sneaking out during class periods.


"Well… You see…" Meadow started as she tried to ameliorate the situation.


"No, don't you try to weasel your way out of this. How many times have I told you not to leave?" Rhetorical, once again, it had been about million and a half already.


"Daddy, when I run out of books to read, there's this thing called the library… If I'm going to have anything to do in my spare time rather than kill myself of boredom, it would be to pick up more books," Meadow responded avoiding the question all together to try and explain herself.


"Meadow," Dad lowered his voice, it was cool, as if daring her to talk even more.


"Dad," She raised an eyebrow, "You know I'm right, I'd stay in your personal rooms if there were things to do! Maybe like brew a potion or two…" She muttered.


"Excuse me?"


"Nothing! I said nothing!" Meadow yelled and stomped into the back rooms. She went straight to her room and slammed the door.


The blonde threw herself on her bed, she laid on her stomach with her face in her pillow; she always hated getting into disagreements with her dad. He was just too stubborn for his own good sometimes. Maybe by the start of the next year she would be able to work on small potions, like the one her and her dad made together when she was really little. Meadow racked her brain for the name of it, Pepperup Potion? It sounded right. She opened the book titled Beginner's Knowledge for Healing by David Perkinpop. She read he was some famous healer working at St. Mungos, his specialty was in the Spell Damage Unit. Little did she know, he was caring for her mum.




Right, so chapter 7 eh? I do actually like how Hayley and Jon have become very, very, VERY minor characters. And I am planning of having them pop up in a few chapters here and there… But you probably won't see them for a while!


Anddd for the summary. Also very short.


Meadow was back at Hogwarts, she was living there because her accidental magic bursts have increased to the point where Miss Figg had a hard time replacing her glass and dishes before Meadow would destroy them yet again. Meadow had a hard time listening to her father when he told her not to sneak out through the secret passageway that lead from his private rooms to the hallways.


Along the way to the library, since Meadow had gotten tired of rereading all about the Potters' lives and why they were murdered or had been attempted to be murdered, she overheard Hayley Evergreen and Jon Jorganson talking about the upcoming quidditch match. The two had obviously become a couple since their third year where Meadow made the two escort her up to the Headmaster's room. Hayley had been ever-so-excited to see the little Snape again and Jon had been pleased as well, both telling her thanks before they headed off to get ready for the last quidditch match of the season.


Meadow had finally made it to the Library and Madame Pince checked over the two books Meadow had checked out two days before. The blonde thought the librarian would warm up to her by the time she was eleven (if she was able to live at Hogwarts for the next four years). Meadow then checked out a potions book as well as a healer's beginner guild which was written by the healer who was in charge of all the treatments her mother was receiving.

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