Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


23. A Locked Gate

Baby Miracle


"Off to bed, all of you," Remus called. The three shut their mouths and climbed into bed; Meadow snuggled up next to Shane, who put his arm about her, and the two fell asleep almost immediately.


Chapter Twenty-Three: A Locked Gate


All too soon, the summer was coming to an end. Remus gathered the children up for a trip to Diagon Alley, they books had come in for the four children. "Dumbledore must know you two are here with us," was all that Remus had said. "Did you let any friends when we're going?"


"I'm meeting up with Daph, Terry, and Theo at some point," Meadow spoke up.


"Hermione is meeting us at the bookshop with all of Lockhart's books we have to get," Shane said and rolled his eyes, "Who is this Lockhart anyways, sounds like a real fraud to me."


"He's so dreamy," Meadow said smiling to herself. "And he's done such great things. Those golden locks…" She trailed off hugging herself. "You wouldn't understand you're a boy."


"Alright! Let's go, we're going by Floo power. It's easier than broomsticks." Remus said as he rolled his eyes at his (close-enough) niece, and he took down a flowerpot from the fireplace. "You first Shane, the Potter's never traveled by Floo before, am I right?"


Harry nodded and Shane picked up a pinch of the power, "You'll want to say where you're going very clear. The ash hurts, but try and be clear when saying it otherwise you'll end up in the wrong gate."


Shane stepped under the mantle, threw the pinch of glittering power into the fire, yelled, "Diagon Alley!" and vanished from the fireplace.


"Okay Harry, you next, remember Diagon Alley," Remus said and beckoned Harry.


"Harry, you can trust us," Meadow spoke up. "Just make sure you say the gate right. Keep your elbows tucked in, don't fidget or you might fall out of the wrong fireplace, just wait until you see me and Shane."


"But you're not there!" Harry protested.


"Not yet, I'll give you another example of how to say it," Meadow said as she pinched the power between her fingers. She stepped into the fireplace and shouted, "Diagon Alley!" With her stomach left behind, the feeling of spinning faster and faster made her glad that she couldn't feel her stomach anymore. She fell out, face forward into Shane's arms.


"I thought Harry was going next?"


"He was a bit nervous, so I went ahead; he should be coming then Uncle Remmy," Meadow replied as she dusted her green stripped shirt off and her black pleated skirt.


Remus shot out of the fireplace and Remus used a soot-removing charm on all of them. "Dad, where's Harry?"


The older man gave them a weird look, "He didn't exactly speak clearly; I'm hoping he only went down one gate. Here's your keys-" He gave them three keys, "-I had the Potter's just to be safe. You three go to Gringotts then get your things. I'll go see if Harry ended up in Knockturn Alley. Don't forget to meet Adella at the front entrance!" With that Remus basically sprinted away.


"Come on," Meadow said grabbing Shane's hand. The gobins gave the children a bit of a rough time because they didn't have an adult with them. However, the gobin from the year before, Gornuk, had recognized Shane and Meadow, volunteered to take them to their vaults. He had also known of the girl, Adella Potter, was going be added to them, and went over to where she was standing by herself.


Just like last year, Shane and Meadow were on the ends, Shane being a bit queasy and Meadow enjoying the ride. In between the two, Adella Potter, dark red hair, and hazel eyes, was smiling at the ride. The first stop was Shane, at vault number 486. He quickly shoved some coins into the bag and sat back down, all too fast the cart took off again. To stop at vault number 493, the Snape's vault. Meadow got up as well and quickly grabbed some wizarding money. She sat back down and the cart was off. The last vault was the Potters, at vault 687, Meadow got out along with Adella. Meadow picked up mostly gallons, "You'll be able to get change back, sickles and knuts, which are less value than these gold ones. I'll explain later." As she had talked to Adella, Meadow tried not to stare at the girl's left eye, it was obvious she was blind, it was glazed over in a blue haze, and a scar ran from the top of her eye to the side of her jaw.


The two got back in the cart and Gornuk took them back to the surface. The three thanked the goblin for his service and bid him farewell.


"Meadow! Shane!" A familiar voice cheered, the two turned around only to get hugged by a bushy, brown-haired witch.


"Hermione!" The two said, Meadow in excitement and Shane in surprise.


"How was your holidays?" She asked, "Oh! These are my parents! Mum, Dad, this is Shane and you've meet Meadow before."


"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Granger," Meadow said with a smile and Shane gave the two a polite nod. "Oh! This is Harry's younger sister, Adella. She's a first year."


Adella peaked out from behind Meadow, she had taken to Meadow already since she hadn't ever met who she was with, not even her brother, "Hellu," she said quietly, and pulled on Meadow's shirt. Only then did Meadow notice that Hermione and her parents were staring at Adella's disfigured eye.


"Oh! Hm..? Do you mind separating and meeting at Flourish and Blotts in an hour? I'll take Dell to Ollivanders' quick to get her wand, we'll pick up Harry and mine things as well," Meadow said and took the younger girl's hand. The two marched off on a mission.


Meadow turned to Adella, "Getting your wand is one of the most exciting yet boring things to do! But I'll let Ollivander explain everything."


Adella nodded and the two went to the empty shop, somehow, no first year ever met well getting a wand, but anywhere else you'd run into someone. "Mr. Ollivander!" Meadow called and the older man slid out from under a shelf.


"Hello, Miss Snape! What do I owe the pleasure to?" The quirky wand-maker asked.


Meadow giggled and gestured to the redhead, "The youngest Potter needs a wand."


"Very good, very good," Ollivander said excitedly. "But first, let me examine your lovely wand," he held out his warn hands. Meadow curtsied and pulled out her beloved wand. As Ollivander felt the wand he muttered "Nine and one-fourth inches, birch with a Threstral tail hair, light and sentimental. It has grown much attached to you so it tells me. Very fond in deed. That sentimental connection helps," he looked up, "that means your wand will be sad when you are, or tender towards your heart. And how do you like your wand, if I don't remember correctly, you were quite frightened of it."


"It's a part of me, I'd feel so lost without it," Meadow smiled.


"Curious," Ollivander said and moved on to Adella, "Miss Potter, I never knew Mr. Potter had a sister."


"Not many people do," She said quietly.


The wand-maker got a good look at her, noticing her eye as well, "Such a beautiful young girl," he tut at her and beckoned for her hand. Adella obliged and Ollivander took his normal measurements. After a couple of bad wands, Adella finally found her match. "Ten inches, willow with a phoenix feather. Good for charms work, it's swishy. A lot like your mother's Miss Potter."


"You knew my mum?"


"Of course, child, I remember everyone who comes through that door to get a wand. Lily Evans, ten and one-fourth inch willow with unicorn hair. Good for charms work and is swishy, however, you do have your brother's core with a phoenix feather, but a different phoenix! That'll be nine gallons."


Adella pulled out the coins and handed them over to Ollivander, "Thank you sir."


"Come back any time!" The older man called and waved as the two walked out of the door.


"Now where?"


"To Madam Malkin's, to get your robes for school. You won't always have to wear them, but during class sessions you have too," Meadow said as they walked across the street.


"Hellu!" A young witch called, "What can I help you with?"


"She needs robes, Dell is a first year," Meadow said and the two followed the witch to the back. Madam Malkin was working on another girl's robes, she was pale with white blonde wavy hair, silvery-gray round eyes, and a small face. She had a distant dotty aura, and maybe it was because she kept her wand behind her ear, maybe it was how she kept looking up at the ceiling and smiling, or maybe it was the bottle cap necklace she wore.


"Hello," She said in a wispy voice. "First year at Hogwarts too?"


"Hers, I'm a second year," Meadow replied, "I'm Meadow and you are?"


"Luna," the girl responded as she looked through a pair of glasses of some point, "You have a lot of Wamspats above your head."




"Wamspats," She said dismissively, "What house are you in?"


"I was sorted into Slytherin, but believe it or not, I'm not evil," Meadow replied and urged one witch to hurry up on Adella's robes.


Luna looked away from Meadow and at Adella, "What's your name?"


The youngest Potter shifted uncomfortably, "Adella Potter."


"Are you Harry Potter's younger sister? I always thought that was a rumor," Luna said, her voice still wispy. "What happened to your eye?"


"That's quite rude," Meadow snapped at her.


Luna blinked at her, "I'm only curious, you see, when I was eight, my mum died in a spell accident. I was just wondering if it was something like that."


"I don't care how curious you are or not, that's extremely rude of you to ask," Meadow responded.


"No, it's okay Meadow," Adella said and turned to Luna, she found the other girl quite intriguing, no one had straight up asked her what happened. They all just gave her strange, sad looks, "I'm not actually quite sure, I have a dream often that some sort of spell did this to me, like you said."


Luna nodded and looked at Adella through her spectacles, "I think we'll be friends this year, I have a feeling."


With that Luna was done getting her robes fitted and left to pay for them. "She's odd," Meadow commented.


"I like her," Adella remarked and turned as the witch asked her to.


After that was done, the two went to go pick up Adella's potions ingredients and cauldron. They also went and picked up a few things for Harry and Meadow. By then, the hour had passed and it was time to catch up with Shane and Hermione. On their way to Flourish and Blotts, the two ran into Harry.


"Thank Merlin, you're alive!" Meadow said and hugged him quick, "Where'd you end up?"


"Knockturn Alley," Harry responded, "Thankfully Hagrid found me and then Lupin ran into us right at the entrance. You'll never guess who I saw in Borgin and Burks."


"We brought your stuff by the way, and let me take one guess. Malfoy," Meadow said.


"How did you know?" Harry replied caught off guard.


"Let's see, who's the one person who hates you, you hate him, there is always something to fight over, who's a prick, and who no Gryffindor will ever like? Come off it, it's not that difficult to guess." Meadow replied as she rolled her yellow speckled black eyes.


Adella giggled which got the attention of Harry, "Are you Adella?"


"Erm… Yes, I am, you're my brother right? Harry?" The redhead asked, but she needed not to worry, Harry had wrapped her in a hug.


"I wish I knew you longer, Adella," he said and the younger girl started crying as she wrapped her arms around Harry's waist. Once the moment was up, and Meadow made sure it looked like neither one was crying, the three made their way up towards Shane, Hermione, and her parents in the front of the bookstore. Remus showed up out of nowhere right after them, asking for their books and for them to wait at the back of the store, however, Harry was literally dragged up by a man who was signing books. Gilderoy Lockhart. He smiled with white teeth in his forget-me-not blue that matched his eyes. Meadow's heart melted a little and she cheered with the rest of the crowd as Harry was pulled up.


"Smile big, together, we will make the front page of the Daily Prophet!" Lockhart said to Harry, as the boy's face burned with embarrassment. "Ladies and gentlemen," Lockhart said loudly, waving for quiet. "What an extraordinary moment this is! The perfect moment for me to make a little announcement I've been sitting on for some time! When young Harry here stepped into Flourish and Blotts today, he not only wanted to buy my autobiography, which I will give to him, free of charge—" The crowd in the small shop clapped and whistled. "But he had no idea, that he and his schoolmates will be getting the real magical me this September—" Meadow felt butterflies in her stomach and Hermione squeezed her hand, equally as excited. "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have great pleasure and pride in announcing I will be taking up the post as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!"


The witches in the shop cheered, but the wizards slow clapped, not caring nor would actually be here if not for their wives. Meadow watched as Harry staggered under the weight of the entire book collection of Lockhart and make his way towards the back, he dumped it in someone's cauldron and muttered something to the girl. She had red hair and old clothes on, the young Snape assumed it was the youngest Weasley.


Meadow grabbed Adella, Hermione, and Shane, the four pushed over to Harry, who was still standing by a redhead, it was the youngest Weasley. The four heard: "Famous Potter. Can't even go into a bookshop without making the front page," said a voice everyone would recognize.


"Leave him alone, he didn't want that!" the redhead said, glaring at Malfoy.


"Oh look, you got yourself a girlfriend, Potter," he replied with a smirk, and the redhead went red in the face, defiantly something Meadow recognized from her year before.


As Meadow fought her way over, she yelled to the other Slytherin, "That's more than I could say for you, Malfoy!"


The pale blonde boy looked up with surprise, "Snape! It's good to see you, I'm surprised you're hanging out with this crowd still. I've seen Theodore, Terrance, and Daphne already."


"You'd be surprised on many things I do," She replied coolly, "Have you gotten all your things or are you just going to make your parents get them all for you? I always knew you were spoiled, but not this much."


"At least I can afford my own books," Malfoy replied looking at the redhead, "You must be the youngest Weasley, Ginny, I believe. Is that correct?"


The blushing girl nodded, and looked at the floor. Harry puffed his chest up, "I didn't believe you could get even worse since last year, but I guess you've proved me wrong."


"What did you say to me?" Malfoy yelled and Meadow pushed him back.


"Oh enough already, can't you torment someone else?"


"Ginny! Let's go outside, what are you still doing in here?" A man's voice asked, and Mr. Weasley pushed his way through the crowd. "Oh, it's you," he directed towards the young Malfoy.


Draco Malfoy slammed the book he was holding shut, "Yes it's me, and at least I don't disgrace the purebloods like you and your family does."


"Now, now Draco," an older version of Malfoy put a cane on his shoulder, "We don't need to be seen talking to these lesser folk." Mr. Malfoy pulled out one of the old and used books from Ginny Weasley's cauldron, "I'm surprised, Author, with all the raids that have been going on, why doesn't the Minstery pay you overtime? With these books you need, I'm surprised to even see you in this bookshop."


Mr. Weasley, just like his daughter, went red in the face, but Mr. Malfoy wasn't done quite yet, "My son was right, you are a disgrace to the wizarding world."


"We have a very different view on what disgrace means, Lucius," Mr. Weasley managed to choke out.


"Yes, I suppose we do," Mr. Malfoy slipped the book back into Ginny's cauldron. "Draco, come," he left Flourish and Blotts.


Draco paused to look at Meadow, before he slipped a note into her hand, nodded to open it, and followed his father out of the shop. She looked at the folded up note and crushed it in her hand. Meadow looked up to see a still very red Mr. Weasley. "I'm sorry about that, I've been trying to stop Draco from lashing out at your kin as well as some of the other Gryffindors. Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful."


Mr. Weasley looked at her, "And who might you be?"


"I'm Meadow Snape, I'm the Slytherin who your youngest son hates," she replied without breaking eye contact.


Slightly taken back with Meadow's bluntness, Mr. Weasley frowned, "I haven't heard one bad thing about you from any of my sons."


"Well, Fred, George, and I have had some conversations before, Percy has always been strict being a Perfect and all, but nice all the same. But Ronald, he hasn't been very nice to me because I'm not the stereotypic Slytherin," Meadow said, "But, I must meet with some other friends. Have a good day, sir."


With that Meadow walked away from the bookshop, with Shane, Hermione, and Adella following, Harry only remained to have a small exchange between him and Ginny. "I'm going to go meet up with my Slytherin friends, if you want to come with you can, but otherwise there's always something to do around here," she said and the group split off; however, Adella insisted on coming with.


Meadow hid a sigh, she was hoping to spend time with the three Slytherins by herself. Meadow clinched her hand and felt Malfoy's note again, she opened it curious, in small, neat handwriting it said:


"Sit with me on the train, I need to tell you something."


But it was crossed out, so she flipped the page over to see another note:


"Meet me at The Leaky Cauldron in an hour. Only you."


Meadow sighed again, and took Adella to meet her Slytherin friends, she found them at a table eating Florean Fortescue's non-melting ice cream from the small shop nearby. She bought ice cream for herself and Adella, and joined them at the table.


"Hey you three!" Meadow said happily, "This is Adella Potter, yes, she is in fact the sister of Harry Potter. She wanted to meet you since I'm in a different house of my other friends.


"Dell, this is Daphne Greengrass, Theodore Nott, and Terrance Higgs."


Adella smiled at them, but avoided eye contact. The four second years tried to include the youngest Potter, however, she seemed to daze-off as if she was trying to find someone. When she did, it was that Luna girl, and Adella bid the four farewell and went to go catch up with the blonde.


"So what's up with her eye?" Daph asked concerned.


Meadow shrugged, "Something about a spell she dreamed of not hitting her directly. So we have no idea."


"That's so sad," Daphne replied, "How has the rest of your summer break gone?"


"Great! Shane and I actually went and got Harry from his relatives. They were horrible! Barred the window shut and kept them locked in their bedroom-"


"-We really don't care too much about that," Daphne cut Meadow off from talking, "Have you not talked to Draco yet?"


"No, why?"


"He's got something to talk to you about, you'll be interested in it," Theo said.


"What does that mean?"


Terrance leaned forward, "Have you gone to the bookshop yet?"


"Yes, there was this whole big fight between the Malfoys and Weasley's about what disgrace means."


The three other Slytherins exchanged looks, "You need to go find Draco," Daphne said.


"Why? What's going on?" Meadow asked confused.


"It's been about an hour since the exchange, you should get going," Terry said.


Meadow groaned, "Why can't you guys just tell me yourselves?"


"It's not our secret to tell," Theo replied, "Its Draco's."


"You should go, we'll catch up on the train," Terrance added.


Daphne got up and hugged Meadow, "If Draco told you to meet him somewhere it's important."


Confused and dazed, Meadow got up and left for the Leaky Cauldron. What could possibly be so important that I have to go find Malfoy? As she got closer to the Leaky Cauldron she felt butterflies in her stomach. Nervousness spread throughout her body, expecting the worse from the pessimist Slytherin boy. Taking a deep breath, Meadow turned the doorknob and pushed; the door swung open easily.


"Meadow! Come with me," Malfoy grabbed Meadow's hand and pulled her though a door.




"Sh… Shshsh," he paused and pushed through a small hallway into a different door and in a room. "I'll explain, just wait." Malfoy paused to listen to outside the door, he turned the lock, and Meadow's eyes widened. "Okay, it's clear, so I have something to tell you…"


"So I've been told," Meadow responded coldly.


"But this is important!" Malfoy responded, "I know I'm an arse at school, I bully your friends! But I'm not here to talk about this: something bad is going to happen at school this year."


"Are you trying to scare me?" She asked hesitantly.


"No, I'm just trying to warn you; you don't have to go to school this year," the white blonde boy said.


"You mean, you don't want me at school," Meadow replied angrily. "Enough of this Malfoy, I'm so sick of you being so rude to my friends. But this, I didn't think you wouldn't want your own housemate at school with you."


She marched over to the door only to have Malfoy standing in front of her, "I'm not trying to do anything Meadow!" He paused and took a breath, "I just don't want to see you hurt."


"You're hurting me right now, let go of me!"


"Bad things are going to happen this year, remember that," the boy responded and opened the door. Meadow shook her head and practically ran out of the Leaky Cauldron.




"Everybody ready?" Remus asked as the four children pilled in the backseat of a taxi, after nodding of heads Remus stepped into the front seat. They were off to King's Cross, running behind schedule as usual.


After an hour and a half they made it, Remus paid the driver while the kids got their trunks from the trunk of the car. Shane had sent Solo and Hedwig to Hogwarts before and Meadow was carrying a very small, very blonde, grown lynx in a cage, she had gotten curious over the summer and started looking up different cat breeds in a book. Harry had grabbed a couple trolleys and the five were off with only a couple minutes to spare.


"Dell, you're with me, Shane, Meadow, and Harry, right after us," Remus said and pushed Adella's trolley in front. Remus, Adella, and Shane all slipped though Platform Nine and three-quarters but before Meadow or Harry got the chance Ron Weasley cut the two off.


"What are you playing at? Giving those books to my sister!" The redhead demanded.


"Now is not the time Ronald," Meadow replied and tried to push her cart around him, but he slammed his trolley into hers.


"Knock off the smart little attitude, Snake," he spat, "Leave my family alone."


"Oh come off it, Ron," Harry spoke up, "We just need to get on the train; it leaves in less than two minutes."


Since Harry spoke up, the redhead seemed to relax a bit and gestured for them to go first. Harry and Meadow exchanged a look before running towards the brick wall.


And the two literally ran into a brick wall, Ron slammed into the both of them causing even more of a reaction, trucks few off trolleys, Meadow's lynx was hissing, and Weasley's rat was squeaking. A Muggle man came up to them with a raised eyebrow, "You alright?"


"Yes, sorry, I lost control of the trolley," Harry replied without batting an eye. The Muggle moved on allowing the three to pick up their things without him watching, however a bunch of other Muggles were watching them.


"Now what do we do," Meadow said, "The gate's locked-wait, that doesn't seem right, why is the gate locked? It's not even eleven yet."


"Something must have locked it," Harry replied.


"What if my parents can't get back though?" Weasley spoke up panicked.


"Come off it, they will be able too, but why can't we get though," Meadow responded, touching the brick, it was solid, no evidence of anyone being able to get past it at all.


Harry checked the clock, "It's eleven, and we've missed the train."


"We can go wait by my parent's car, there's too many Muggles staring at us," Weasley said and walked away.


Meadow and Harry shrugged and followed the redhead boy. They heard him gasp, "That's it! The car!" Wealsey turned around, "My dad, he works for the Ministry in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, he loves Muggles. But he altered the car a bit, it can fly. We can fly to Hogwarts, we can still get there!"


Harry was smiling, "Ron! That's brilliant!"


"I'm not so sure, why wouldn't we just wait by the car, I'm sure they'd know what to do. Surely Weasley's parents have noticed he's not there and Remus, Shane, and Adella should have noticed we didn't make it either."


"Meadow there's no time to think, we need to get going if we're going to find the train," Harry replied and pushed her in the back seat with Bee and Weasley's rat, the boys had put all the trunks in the trunk of the car with a small amount of wand tapping from Weasley.


"Check if no one is watching," Weasley said to Harry, and tapped the wheel of the old Ford Anglia, it started and he pressed a small silver button on the dash that made them vanish. As well as Harry, Meadow, and Weasley. The car engine was vibrating beneath them and it was loud. Weasley did something else and they started floating upwards and soon London fell away.


There was a popping noise and the car and everything else reappeared.


"Uh-oh, the Invisibility Booster's jammed," Weasley said.


The car dropped, Meadow screamed, and they vanished and reappeared several times. Harry grabbed the dash board and a handle on the side of the car to brace himself.


"Hold on!" The redhead yelled and slammed his foot on the accelerator; the shot straight into the low clouds where everything turned dull and foggy.


"Now what?" Harry asked.


"You need to see where the Hogwarts Express is," squeaked Meadow.


Weasley dipped down and saw the tracks, but no train, so they hovered above the tracks as they tried to catch up with the train. Soon they heard the blaring of a train horn and got excited that they were catching up to the train. Meadow was stretched out in the back seat with Bee laying on top of her, the cat jumped up to the ledge behind the back seats and did a cat scream. Bee landed on Meadow, which caused her to sit up,




This caused him to look up and see the Hogwarts Express charging towards the car. The three screamed and Weasley turned the car off the tracks, it rolled in midair, tossing Harry out the car door.


Somehow he had managed to grab the door handle on the interior. Weasley leaned over to grab Harry's hand, "Grab my hand!"


Harry was trying to swing himself up to the other boy, the two had grasped hands but as soon as Weasley tried to pull Harry up, he slipped. "Hold on!"


"I'm trying, but your hand's all sweaty," Harry said.


Weasley glanced back at Meadow, who was frozen in fear, "You could help you know!"


Meadow, wide-eyed nodded and climbed in front, Weasley grabbed her left arm and Meadow leaned out the open door to grab Harry's hand, it connected and Wealsey pulled Meadow back and Harry pulled himself up to the car.


As soon as Harry was in the car, the door shut, Meadow wrapped her arms around him. He sighed and hugged her back, "I'm okay."


Weasley made a face and Meadow climbed into the back seat again. After flying to their almost death the three flue above the clouds and every so often would check the train and make sure they were still following the correct path. Soon the boys pulled off their sweaters, Harry's t-shirt was sticking to him and the seat and his glasses kept sliding down, Weasley was sighing every few minutes as he checked the time and compass. Meadow kicked off her shoes and tried to become one with the heat, however, after sweating for hours, she had given up trying to be cool.


The engine began to whine, Meadow sat up and glanced between the two boys. Weasley changed a nervous laugh, "It's probably just tired. It's never been this far before."


As the engine whining grew louder and louder, Meadow's eyes grew wider, but the two boys seemed to pretend not to notice. The sky grew darker and stars popped up everywhere, Weasley pat the dashboard, "It's not far, not far at all now."


A little while later, the boys squinted for a landmark they might know, Meadow was still laying in the back seat, she refused to help because she was forced into this plan.


"There!" Harry exclaimed, making Wealsey and Meadow jump, "Straight ahead, it's Hogwarts." Meadow sat up, grabbed her lace up boots, and shoved her feet into them. The car wobbled and tossed Meadow against the door.


Weasley lowed the car more, in case of the car falling, "Come on!" Another wobble and Meadow was rolled over to the other side of the car and went straight out, falling and falling.


A scream caught in her throat but then it burst though, a high pitched sound came out of her mouth until finally she hit the icy cold water of the Black Lake. Meadow felt heavy and tried to fight it, coughing and spitting up water as she tried to swim towards the shore. Her clothes getting soaked, they started to drag her under, water found its way up above Meadow's eyes, and she felt herself give up. Her arms outstretched and legs bent, Meadow slowly sunk. Blackness filled her vision, and the cold crept in even more.


Suddenly, something picked her up, pulling and pushing her though the water, as she was forced to break free from the water. Meadow gasped air in, and spit water up. The Giant Squid had wrapped a tentacle around her and pushed her onto the shore. It let go just as quick as it had picked her up, and disappeared in the lake.


"Meadow!" Harry yelled as he and Weasley raced down to her. "I was so worried about you, are you okay?"


Meadow nodded and shivered, "What happened to you?" Harry's cheek was cut and his hand was bleeding, and Weasley was slightly limping and had a fat lip.


"We hit a tree," Harry responded, "And it fought back, and pretty much won."


"Pretty much?" Weasley yelled, "It broke my wand!"


"Just be thankful it wasn't your neck," snapped Harry. He picked up Meadow and placed his arm around her waist, her arm was over his shoulders. Staggering back towards the castle, Harry filled in details of the tree attack and how the car was fed up with them, throwing them and their luggage out of the car and trunk.


"Are you okay to walk?" Harry asked Meadow and she nodded, Harry grabbed both his and her trunks, and Weasley grabbed his and his rat. Meadow gripped Bee's cage, and the three walked over to the castle.




And let book two actually begin!

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