Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


10. A Letter From Hogwarts

Baby Miracle


Meadow shook her head, clearing her thoughts as she focused on the task at hand, it would be capture the 'snitch' which was just Shane on a faster broom then she had. She was laughing, something Shane always saw as a good sign as she chased him around. Meadow was able to spot the shorter route to Shane rather than just tailing him, hoping to catch up. After a good game of ten minutes, Meadow finally caught the boy, and the two just fell of their brooms in a laughing fit. Meadow Snape, was able to see the sunset for the first time in two years, and Shane was able to find the changing of the sky a miracle.


Chapter Ten: The Letter from Hogwarts


It was now a year later, an early morning of middle August, a stretch of months there would be nothing to do but to write, read, make up new games, play old games, ask Remus for food or what could help themselves get ready for Hogwarts, sleep, and prepare for the next full moon to arrive.


As the three had gotten older, the closer they got as a family and as friends. They all knew everything about each other, like how Meadow would chew on her thumb nail if she was nervous or thinking, how Shane would twitch his ears if he heard something out of the normal or how Remus would make checks on the two kids every hour, even at night.


Meadow had grown to be four feet and eleven inches tall at almost eleven years old, her hair had gotten longer and more curly, it was still platinum blonde from her mother, her black eyes still had a few flecks of yellow in them, her skin became tanner and more freckles showed up on her chubby cheeks and small nose, and her full, pink lips had gotten chapped and were pealing. Meadow's personality shined, she was polite and respectful, bright, curious, very loyal, clumsy, and trusting, she would pick up after Shane in their bedroom (not ever complaining to Remus or telling him; the two had given up trying to sleep separately since Meadow would wander in almost every night anyways), she was sociable but quiet. Meadow was also very stubborn and easy to anger (if she explained something and someone didn't get it), and was very tense.


Shane had grown to be five feet and one inch tall at eleven years old, kept his light brown hair a bit shaggy, hating having to sit down and cut it, his milky brown eyes danced with light and happiness, they were always smiling, his skin had managed to stay a dark tan, allowing freckles to be scattered across his nose and cheek bones, his face was rounder than Meadow's due to his chubby cheeks, his lips had thinned out, no scars were to be found on this werewolf child. His personality was a bit difficult, he was silly, goofy, adventurous, bold, giving, brave, happy, careless, benevolent, and mischievous. Shane was almost too bold and confident with himself.


Remus had aged well, his light brown hair was also long but not in a shaggy kid's way, his brown eyes had slight purple bags under them from not sleeping well, his skin was slightly lighter than his son's, but no freckles were on his face, instead there were three long scars that had been there since before either child had been born, his lips were thin and cracked, and he had grown some facial hair, a mustache and goatee. Remus, over his years, had grown into a new personality, he was kind, nice, wise, unselfish, brilliant, understanding, and nurturing.


Both children were naive, their life wasn't normal and it was difficult at times, but they were cut off from the world, and it was changing every day.


Remus was up in his room thinking about what do to for Meadow's eleventh birthday, for Shane it was simple, books on quidditch, some quidditch gloves, a new chess set, a promise to go shopping for school suplies, and, of course, the only thing any witch or wizard could ever want on their eleventh birthday: their Hogwarts acceptence letter. With Meadow it was difficult, her birthday was a couple days before school started and she had a lot she would use, Sirus gave her an ever-lasting notebook she could write in a few years ago, delivered and bought (with Sirus's money) by the Lupins, she has books, puzzles, a necklace, she wasn't as into quidditch as Shane was. Potions, but she had been getting potions books and little potion mixes since she was little. He'd have to drop off the kids off with Severus at his house and go out to muggle stores then Diagon Alley to see if he could find anything for the little girl.


August 21 came sooner than Meadow had hoped, she was so excited she could barely contain herself all day, and the girl could barely sleep the night before. She got so excited a bit of her magic spilt from her hands leaving a trail of silver and green sparkles all over.


"Shane!" she squealed, "Shaneeee! Remember when you got your Hogwarts letter? I do! I do! You got your letter from Mino! I hope I get my letter from Mino. Mino, Mino."


All day that's all she talked about, receiving her Hogwarts letter.


"Shane! Remember when you had your first bit of magic? You got so excited and scared!"


"Oi! Shut it!" Shane replied with a glare, however both children were thinking of the same memory.


Shane and Meadow were playing Dragon Tamer, Shane was the dragon and Meadow was trying to tame the "beast". Meadow threw a ball at Shane to distract him well she hid and snuck behind him. She jumped and tackled her friend to the ground.


"Got ya!" Meadow giggled.


Shane shook her off, she laughed and held on to his shirt tighter, bringing the collar of his shirt against his neck.


"Meadow!" He gasped, "You're choking me."


She didn't hear him and continued to hold onto his shirt. Shane kept trying to shake her off until he panicked and then Meadow and his shirt were on the floor next to him after a slight thud. Shane fell to his stomach and laid there catching his breath, and Meadow had landed on her back, the wind knocked out of her, she stayed there stunned. Finally, she rolled over to her side and faced Shane.


"How'd you do that?"


He looked at her confused, "How'd I do what?"


"You like... trans-port-ed? me into the air."


"Where's my shirt?"


Meadow looked down at her hand, "It's right here," she paused, "Shane, I think you just used magic! Did you feel a strong emotion?"


"Yes. Fear," he grabbed his shirt from her clutches, "Wait, did you just say I used magic?" Shane exclaimed excitedly.


Shane shuddered, "I remember, but yours was much funnier." Which earned him a glare from the youngest Snape.


Meadow was writing in her journal and once again, Shane had come in their room to bug her into playing a game with him.


"Doe! Come play a game Dragon, Fairy, Troll, or Wizard!"


She grunted in response.


"I take that as a yes," He grabbed her ankles and dragged her to the edge of her bed before he threw her over his shoulder.


Meadow screamed and giggled, she dropped her journal on her bed and black ink spilt everywhere. It was on her clothes, bed, floor, and in her hair as well.


"Shane!" She yelled furious, pounding on his back, "Look at this mess you made! I swear on Merlin's beard if you do something like this again I'm going to chop you up and put you into a potion!" Meadow screeched into her groan, making a very weird noise making Shane laugh. "Stop laughing at this! This isn't funny!"


"I wasn't laughing at you!"


"Yes you were! Now put me down so I can clean up this mess! You're so full of yourself!" Meadow continued to hit Shane's back in hope to be put down.


But Shane was having none of it, "I will put you down if you apologize for saying I'm full of myself."


Meadow wiggled and kicked but Shane tightened his grip on the younger girl. "SHANE!" Meadow cried frustrated, angry tears running down her face. He loosed his grip up and she wiggled free as he stood looking at the bed. "Shane, what are you? Stupid? You could have dropped me!" Meadow scolded him angrily.


"Doe, shh," Shane shushed her.


"Don't shh me!" He reached over and grabbed her head to spin her around, "No! Don't touch me either! Shane I'm so mad at you!" Meadow wiped the tears from her checks.


"No, Doe really, look," Shane insisted.


The black ink was gone from her bed, floor, clothes, and hair, and the ink bottle was filled up and set on her bedside table.


Meadow's eyes became huge, "Was that me?"


"Yes, I think so."


She gasped, slightly distracting her before she turned on Shane again "That doesn't make anything different you dragonbutt!"


"It was not that funny!" Meadow whined as Shane laughed about the memory.


"You got so mad at me! All for nothing."


"If I didn't get mad at you that mess wouldn't have gotten cleaned up, you jerk!"


Shane chuckled, "Oh relax Doe, come on, let's go see if you can open your presents up. Maybe then you're Hogwarts letter will arrive." Meadow agreed to this, and the two went to go find Severus and Remus.


The two men were in the kitchen having a drink of butterbeer and talking in hushed voices.


"Daddy?" Meadow's little voice asked hesitantly.


Severus looked down, "Yes?"


The girl bit her lip, "Can we open presents?"


Severus glanced at Remus, "I don't know, Lupin, what do you say? Should we let her open her presents?"


Remus looked down at the two kids, "I don't know, have you two been staying out of trouble?"


"Yes!" Both children chimed together.


"Oh alright, present time."


The two eleven year olds cheered with excitement and pulled their fathers into the living room. Meadow sat down by the small amount of presents, pleased that she got to open her last set of birthday gifts before school. There was two gifts wrapped in silver paper; one was a long, thin box with a letter attached to it and the other was the shape of a book. The other three gifts were wrapped in green paper; the first was a small cube, the second was a rectangular box, and the last was a big box with a letter on it. Meadow grabbed the letter from Remus, he had wrapped her two presents in silver. The card read:


Happy Eleventh Birthday Meadow!


I hope your wishes come true, you are a smart girl, don't let anyone else tell you that you aren't.


With love and kisses,


Remus and Shane


She smiled up at the two before ripping into the book shaped one. Sure enough it was a book, but it was a healing book, The Healer's Helpmate by H. Pollingtonious, Meadow looked up grinning ear to ear, she hoped that there would be some potions in it, but learning helpful healing spells wouldn't be all that bad either, especially since the history of healing had caught her attention for two years. The girl picked up her next present, the long, thin box that was right under the last. Meadow tore open the paper to revile a wood suitcase, she unlatched the locks to show charcoal, chalk, pencils, sharpeners, and a few erasers. Under that was a sketch pad, with a note stuck to the bottom,


I hope you enjoy this, next time you see something worth words, draw it.




"I love these things, thank you Uncle Remus!" She gave him a great big hug before running to Shane and mumbling "Thanks," in his ear. She wondered who Padfoot was, but decided to not intrude, it was a sketch book after all, what could it do? Slowly kill her by poisoning the chalk she'd use.


Meadow went and sat down again and grabbed her father's card, inside was a note and a picture of her mother, smiling and waving to the camera in front of a restaurant called The Three Broomsticks. Her blonde hair was waving in the wind, sticking to her forehead and earmuffs, her pale eyes smiling at the person holding the camera, a silver and green scarf wrapped around her neck loosely hung around her winter cloak, and her hands in silver mittens. The note said:




As you get older, the more like you're mother you become. But as you also get older the more truth you will know and it will be painful. Please don't hate me, I'm not the bad guy you will think I am.


I love you always.


Inside the first box was a short, fat book of inspiring quotes by all women. The second present was an empty scrap book, which earned a questioned look from Meadow to her father. And the last present, the big box, was a cardboard box, but within that box was a cauldron. Meadow was a bit sad with the last present she received from her father.


"Meadow, hunny," Severus called to her, seeing the look on her face, "Look in the cauldron."


His adopted daughter perked up and looked in the cauldron, it was filled halfway with a bunch of pictures, ones from the Potter house, of her mother and adopted father from when they were younger, ones in the Lupin house and then the ones from today. Meadow stared at them in awe, moving pictures aside to look at the ones underneath. "All these are for me?"


Severus smiled slightly, "Yes, all for you. I thought you would want something to do in your free time at Hogwarts."


"Thank you!" Meadow squealed as she raced at her father for a hug.


Severus chuckled at his adopted daughter's excitement, "Keep looking through those pictures, you'll find a surprise."


After pushing, taking out, and shifting the pictures, Meadow found a muggle camera. On the front it had the words: Polaroid: Spectra Pro. The girl looked up shocked, her mouth open in a small 'o' shape, her eyes wide, "Really? You're serious right?"


Remus and Severus chuckled, "Yes."


"Oh my Merlin's beard, it's brilliant!" She hugged the camera, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


Meadow started working on sorting all the pictures, from her mother, Severus, Remus, and other man with long shaggy black hair, and two other men in school, pictures of a big family together, pictures of Meadow, Shane, and a boy and girl that Meadow dreams of, and a blonde hair boy and Meadow together, that was Draco Malfoy, if Meadow remembered correctly. Shane started reading one of his Quidditch books for the sixth time. The two adults chatted, occasionally answering a question from Meadow about who someone was. As the hours went by and the sky grew dark, an owl still didn't show up.


"Daddy?" Meadow's small voice broke through the quiet chit-chat.


Severus looked up, "Yes sweetheart?"


"How come Mino hasn't come home yet?" Her voice quivered, her bottom lip dropped into a small pout.


The two men looked questioningly at each other. "I don't know," Severus paused, "Maybe he got tired and is resting."


"I hope he's okay," Meadow whined, tears building up in her eyes.


Her father beckoned her over and she walked over gloomily. When the child got there she threw herself into his arms, "Daddy, what if I'm not a witch? What if everything I've been taught was for nothing?"


"Oh hunny, you are a witch, I promise you." Severus said as he picked her up. Meadow started bawling silently apart from a couple hiccups here and there. Shane looked up from his book and saw Meadow curled up in her father's arms.




Remus sent him a look, shushing his son.


Severus picked up Meadow and walked towards her room. He set her down on her bed, "Meadow Lily Snape, you are one of the brightest witches of your age, there is no doubt that you will get your Hogwarts letter. Lets turn in for tonight."


Meadow nodded, tears still streaming down her face; Severus felt bad for leaving her like that, "Meadow, sweetheart, I hate seeing you sad." 'This feels so awkward, and I don't know what I'm doing.' Snape's thoughts were.


"It's okay Daddy," Meadow slurred, "I'm sure Mino is just tired and had to rest." She rolled over to face the wall, sniffling.


Severus rubbed his adopted daughter's back for about five minutes before he got up and walked back into the living room.


"How is she?" Shane asked quietly, looking up from his book again. The older man grimmest and shook his head.




The next few days were the same. No Hogwarts letter. And a somber eleven-year-old girl who's eyes were bloodshot and tearful.


On August 29, 1991, first thing in the morning Mino was tapping on Meadow and Shane's bedroom door with a letter tied on his foot.


"Shane, get that," Meadow mumbled. They boy groaned and threw his covers off and walked over to the door and opened it. He smiled. Mino flew in and landed on Meadow's bed, stuck out a foot, and hooted.


"Mino not now." She brushed him off but the golden owl continued to hoot. "MINO!" Meadow shot up straight in her bed causing her owl to hop around on her in discomfort. She untied the letter from Mino's talons. The front said in green ink:


Miss M. Snape


The Shared Bedroom


Round Coppice Farm, Iver, Buckinghamshire.


And the back had the Hogwart's crests' wax seal bearing its coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding a large letter H. She carefully peeled off the wax and opened the envelope.




Headmaster: ALBUS DUMBLEDOR (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)


Dear Miss Snape,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find the enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.


Yours sincerely,


Minerva McGonagall,


Deputy Headmistress


Minerva McGonagall had also signed the letter, and another note fell out:


Happy Birthday Meadow, you just made it to this year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wiazardry. You are the youngest in your year. May you have a wonderful year at Hogwarts.


Albus Dumbledore




Meadow's mouth broke out into a wide grin, "Shane! I'm going to Hogwarts!" She jumped up and tackled him, "We'll be going to the same school!" She glanced at the back of the letter seeing all of her school supplies she needed.


Shane laughed and pushed her off of the bed and she landed with a thud on the floor. Mino was hooting, almost as if he was laughing. And the two eleven year olds giggled. "We'll be together for the next seven years!"


"Promise?" Meadow looked up at Shane with big, sad, speckled eyes.


"I promise."


The two smiled at each other as the bedroom door thudded open. "What is this noise all about?"


Remus was greeted with two grins.


"I got my Hogwarts's letter, Uncle Remus!"


"Let me see it," He smiled. Meadow held up the letter and Remus glanced over it, "Yep! You're officially a witch at Hogwarts's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Congratulations my dear! Give me a hug."


The girl jumped up and gave the man a hug, "I'm a witch!" She said excitedly.


"Yes you are."


As Meadow's excitement subsided, she put two and two together. "How come Mino didn't come earlier, he couldn't have needed eight days to rest. And the Headmaster sent me a note saying I was the youngest in my year and I barely made it to be going to Hogwarts this year."


Remus pondered this before he replied, "We'll have to pay a trip to Albus." He paused, "Can I see you're note?"


Meadow handed the note and letter over, and Shane got off his bed, pinned Meadow, tickled her.


"Shane!" Meadow giggled, "Stop! I don't want to be tickled!" He kept tickling her well Remus slipped out of the room.


Quickly he folded the note and attracted: 'Something interesting you might want to see. Remus.' The werewolf called for Mino, tied it to his leg, and set him out of the house before the two kids came and found him after wrestling.


"So Dad, can we go to Diagon Alley today and pick up our school things? We do only have two days left," Shane pointed out.


"Oh," Remus looked out the broken window. "Yeah, we can go to Diagon Alley to get you're school stuff. Lets go by the floo."


Meadow squeaked and the other two looked at her, "I'm not dressed yet!" She exclaimed, looking down at her stripped pajama top and bottoms. Meadow points at Shane, "Neither are you! You can't go out looking like that."


He looked down at his Quidditch pajamas, "What's wrong with this?"


Meadow's hand came up and hit her in the face as she shook her head, "Can we just get ready without you being sassy?"


"Okay, okay."


The two went and changed; Shane changed into a maroon t-shirt with khakis, brown shoes, and a robe, and Meadow was in a black, knee-length skirt with a silver blouse, green flats, and a robe. Remus had already been dressed in jeans and a gray shirt, he pulled on a robe and grabbed his wand from the table.


"Everybody ready?" The three exchange looks, "Alright then."


Remus took the flew powder and let Shane take a handful of the green powder. "Are you ready?"




"Speak very clearly, and say "Diagon Alley."


Shane stepped into the fireplace, as he dropped the powder he shouted "Diagon Alley!"


A bright flash of light spread throughout the room forcing both Meadow and Remus to shield their eyes. When the two look up, Shane is gone. Remus indicated the floo powder to Meadow, she took a handful, stepped into the fireplace where green flames licked her legs. Surprising, the flames didn't burn her, in fact, they felt cold. She pealed her fingers away from green powder, she let it drop and yelled, "Diagon Alley!" The bright light filled her vision forcing her to shut her eyes as her stomach dropped. Meadow felt as though she was spinning. She pealed her eyes open before quickly shutting them again. Fireplaces swirled around her and ash got into her eyes.


Finally Meadow tumbled out of the fireplace and shammed into Shane, both of them fell to the floor in a crash. Remus shot out of the fireplace but managed to land on his feet. Soot covered them all from head to toe. Remus got out his wand and cast a silent cleaning spell.


Wizards and witches pushed around the three and hurried for their last minute shopping. The two kids stood in awe as they tried to take everything in, shops swarmed their visions, an ice cream trolley parked out in the street, and a group of kids stood outside of a window fawning over something, it looked like the newest broom model. "I'm in love already…" Shane trailed off and Meadow nodded.




So we are in the go-zone for Hogwarts now! Just one more chapter before the sorting and I am so excited!


As for the summary, well, I hope you know where to look:


At first it's just a lot of descriptions of the three who are living together, such as Meadow chews her thumb nail when she's nervous or thinking, Shane's ears would twitch if he heard something out of the ordinary, and Remus would still check on the two throughout the night. Then it was appearances because it was a year later.


Next Remus was thinking about what to get for Meadow, she was a bit touch because she had always had a thirst of knowledge for potions as well as any other type of magic, so he wanted to mix it up a bit. He dropped the kids of with Severus before he headed out to Diagon Alley to look for presents. As her birthday rolled around the corner, Meadow got everything she wanted, except for a Hogwarts letter. It didn't come until days later where it was August 29, eight days after her 'told' birthday. In between those days, Shane tried to distract her with memories of their accidental magic they had together.


Shane promised Meadow that no matter what he would be there for her during the next seven years at school because she finally received the letter. It was two days until term started so Remus took the kids to Diagon Alley to pick up their school things.

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