My Life in Orange Overalls

This is totally made up! Based on the series by Jaybull Minecraft's role-play: Parkside Prison. Meet Billy, Hobo Hank, A.P.I, Jay, Beth, Billy, Katie, Gary and Jimmy in this awesome prison busting story. Co-authored by Immy007 and A.P.I. "Slimey" Cubed813. Edited by Alemomo-Mewtan.


1. A.P.I. - The day got worse.

My nickname is A.P.I. and this is my story.

One morning, I met up with Jay and Aver (Aver, who could never be separated from his cookies was, yet again, stuffing one into his ever-busy mouth). We Stroll down the street passing Colo Rolo and Blocky Mocas. Our aim is to find the new game console (X-Com 44), when Jay remembered he had to buy his mum a present for her birthday, which was tomorrow. We, as his ever-faithful friends, went into the Jeweler's with him and looked at a pedestal, where a diamond should have lay, but it was gone! 

I ran after Jay, but was tripped up. Darrel Daykin (Our local Policeman) gave out a great cry: 


I couldn't believe my ears. He thought I was the thief! Me! The quiet one in the corner who had never achieved anything above average. Even as he slapped the silver handcuffs onto my wrists and marched me away, I thought there must have been some mistake. This couldn't be happening! Meanwhile, back in the Jeweller's, a Policewoman called Kate was arresting Jay, shaking her head and looking disgusted at his supposed crime.

"You're another suspect, boy." She snarled aggressively.

Only Aver was left alone, as he had hidden in plain sight in the shop, pretending to be browsing the other jewels which were on display. I was fighting Darrel's grip and Jay was fighting Kate's grip, but it was no use. They threw us into the police car. During the ride to the station i blacked out or something. Some hours later, I woke up in court, surrounded by silent emptiness. My lawyer was inexplicably asleep, and I was so exhausted that, a few minutes later, I joined him. The next time I woke up, Judge Josh was hearing both sides of the argument, and it wasn't looking too good for me. A few more hours of sweaty anxiety, and I was feared by all who knew me as 'The Great Diamond Thief', not that it did me any good. Before I knew it, I had been sentenced to sixteen years at Parkside Prison, with no parole.

My day just had to keep getting worse and worse, didn't it?

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