My Life in Orange Overalls



3. A.P.I. - The Boat.

I woke up. To my left was Jay, Inmate Number 90, and even further on the left was was a female prisoner, Inmate Number 93, and they all seemed to be in shock. On my right was a guy who introduced himself to me as Billy, and he then explained that it was his third time inside the prison, and that he was going to a different cell block later on: a tougher cell block... He told me that it was a hard prison with a strict regime, but I would get used to it. 

I soon fell into a light doze. I know that I must have done because I woke later. A guard was shouting at the inmates.

"Everyone up! Get your butts moving!"

I was taken on, then off, a boat, onto a path, through a door, and finally told the regime. A guard led me upstairs to the cells, and I was given a cell with someone I didn't know, but I immediately heard Jay. I wasn't sure how I should react, should I have been sad that he got thrown in jail, or happy that I wasn't completely alone and friendless in this jail? In any case, my cell mate turned out to be Inmate Number 81, a guy called Gary, who was a nice sort of person. I told Gary that I shouldn't have been in there, since it clearly wasn't me who had stole the diamond, and shouldn't have the police noticed that? He only responded with a weary sigh. It was so tiring that, after what felt like five minutes, I drifted off into a world of my own.

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