What Happens on Exchange

Bri is just your average 16 year old girl. She goes on exchange to Scotland and when she finds out who her host family is she is amazed. The truth about her will come out, will the host family approve?


2. Meeting the Family

Anne introduces me to Gemma and Harry, that is when I realise I am staying with the Styles.

I act normal but feel nervous because I bought a lot of 1D things to remind me of home. I shake Gemma and Harry's hand. Anne gets Gemma to show me to my room so I can get to know her better. I get to my room and it is huge! It has a double bed, walk in wardrobe, and a bathroom.

Harry comes in my room just as I'm putting up a few pictures of 1D. Now I feel embarrassed. He walks up to me and says "so I see your a fan of my band" and I say "yeah I am, sorry if I knew you guys were my host family I wouldn't have brought all this".

"It's okay love, I think it's cute" Harry says. I blush slightly. "We'll I think I'm going to bed I'm tired. Night Harry"

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