Crushes and Celebs

Zahra's life was just average.Well used to be. Zahra's crush is taking her to L.A for a week, and even better, for zahra anyway, he is taking her to a VIP concert of her favourite artist. Who knows whats gonna happen?


1. Exciting News

Chapter 1: Exciting News

The clock could not have possibly moved any slower. it was 3:08pm during the 6th period on a Thursday afternoon during science, aka the worst subject ever. I never understand science and i probably never will, so whats the point of  attending it? School finishes at 3:12pm. I've been sitting at the back of the class distracted by the ticking clock for the past 10 minutes, while my teacher talks about rocks. Lame right? My life is just too boring for anything exciting to happen. The bell rang. I stacked my books in one pile, waiting for my teacher to dismiss the class.

When we were basically shoved out of the classroom i heard a voice call my name, "Hey Zahra, can i talk to you for a sec" my crush, Luke, had just asked to talk to me. I don't know why he asked me to talk, he never talked to me in class so why out of it?. My cheeks went red when I walked over to him. Then his lips started moving and actual words came out. "I was wondering.." he started. Was Luke going to ask me out? "If you wanna go with me to L.A?" he looked really cute when he said that. WAIT, WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?! DID HE JUST ASK ME TO GO WITH HIM TO L.A?! My words couldn't leave my mouth. I was in shock. "Sure!" i blurted out sounding as desperate as the nerds that study at the library every lunch did. "Here's  the catch though, I also got tickets to Ariana's concert in L.A and you have to go with me" He pulled two shiny VIP tickets out of his pocket.

Okay now this is a dream. In my head i kept repeating PINCH ME! PINCH ME!, I felt a pinch on my shoulder, It was Betty, one of the nerds that studies at the library every lunch. Right then i felt as if i was cursed. Then i realized that this was actually real. But I only realized because Betty pinched me really hard and it still hurt. "ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS?" my face must have looked so squished and confused. He nodded slowly. I think i just died, right on that spot where I was standing, I couldn't breathe. I started screaming and jumping up and down in excitement. Everybody in the hall stared at me like i was this crazy chic. He smiled. Then i remembered that i wasn't psychotic, and calmed down. "Wait, but how? Ariana's tickets aren't on sale until next month. "My dad works for a big company and pulled a few strings. Except my dad can't make it so he said i should take someone and i thought of you" he sounded so sweet.

"That's really nice of you, I STILL CAN'T FREAKIN' BELIEVE THIS!" I squealed. I felt like i was a robot in a completely different mode."I knew you liked Ariana Grande so...." his voice trailed off so i cut in. "Duh! she is only the best female singer on this entire planet!, i mean damn she got dem vocal skills" right then i sounded like the biggest stalker/obsessed freak. "So please elaborate" I felt like a little too much attention was being drawn to me. "We leave on Monday, the concert is on Friday, and then we leave L.A the Monday night so we will miss about 6 days of school" he explained it all so clearly but i still couldn't believe it. Me, of all Arianators gets to meet AG, THE AG! i felt so lucky and it was all because of my crush, Luke. (sha-boo-yah) aka SCORE in Zahra Language.

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