Two guys totally different who will she choose.


1. Cameron

​"Oh my gosh Hailey" Issy says "What?" I asked her and she nods behind me. "Cam's looking at you" Issy says and i roll my eyes at her. "No way" Issy nods at me and i look behind me to see Cameron and his friends looking at us. I waved at them and they all look at Cameron. Cameron nods and they wave back."Thats weird" Issy says and i smile then look at Issy. "I can't believe you like John" Issy says i shrug. "I like John and Cam." I tell issy and she shakes her head. "You are silly" Issy says to me and i smirk at her. "We are twins" i tell her as i sit on the bench as the guys set up for the 2k16 basketball street turnament. "I hope the teams are good." I tell Issy as i look at the teams coming in then Cam and his friends take off their shirts. They all have on jerseys but Cam and his body can make a girl melt. His friends jerseys says Street Hoopers with numbers on them. Cameron throws on a jersey as John and his friends pull up.

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