Who Am I?

Emma is a 15-year-old teenager who writes online blogs but always gets bullied at school. She tries to fit in and meets a handsome boy. They love each other but can things go to far?


8. That's It

What did I do, I thought! 

I wasn't like this it wasn't me, something took over me and this had to stop. 

Later, when I went to school I walked up to Sam and told him; 

"My whole life, I have had no friends, I been sad and lonely and no-one cared about me except for my family. I finally meet someone like you who is nice and this is what you do to me. Who do you think you are? Touching and holding me like that. What makes you think you can just touch people like that?" 

He said nothing.

"Guess what I'm sick of you, you act all sweet then decide to take over me. No this isn't happening, I am breaking up with you. You can't take me back. I'm gone."

I felt amazing and honestly a complete new person. 

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