Who Am I?

Emma is a 15-year-old teenager who writes online blogs but always gets bullied at school. She tries to fit in and meets a handsome boy. They love each other but can things go to far?


2. My Crush

As you already know my life is a mess and I have no friends, but there is this one boy called Sam, who isn't exactly on the popular side nor the loner side. So, I guess if he knew me, we could become friends. 

Today, I do have the courage to go up to Sam and tell him how I feel. So here it goes...

"Hey" I said.

"Hi" he replied awkwardly.

"So....um...I just....wanted to say...that...um....(long awkward pause)".

"I LIKE YOU!!!!" I said so loudly that basically everyone heard me".


Did I say something wrong I though. Did I just embarrass myself? Did he find it strange?

These "ok" words kept haunting me until Sam came up to me and said.... "It's okay I've been meaning to say this to you to" 




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