Who Am I?

Emma is a 15-year-old teenager who writes online blogs but always gets bullied at school. She tries to fit in and meets a handsome boy. They love each other but can things go to far?


5. Blogs

Hey guys, it's me again and I have some good news. Although my first blog was quite "depressing" I am just about to tell you the opposite. My life is not a mess anymore because I can rely on someone and be happy at school. So I've had a crush on Sam and I told him, turns out he liked me too so we went for some donuts at the bakery and after that he kissed me. CRAZY RIGHT!

Well, anyway I feel much better and maybe could you comment below some ideas of what I should do about those school bullies. Because I'm becoming happier and I should get them out of the way.

xx Em_Online xx

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