Who Am I?

Emma is a 15-year-old teenager who writes online blogs but always gets bullied at school. She tries to fit in and meets a handsome boy. They love each other but can things go to far?


1. Basically, My Life......

Hi guys, I'm Emma. This is my first blog I'm writing and I am basically going to tell you how my life is going. I live in an apartment with my brother Tom and my parents. My mum just lost her job so, yeah we're kinda poor and my dad works in mechanics. Everyday, when I go to school I get bullied because I'm either not up to the latest fashion or don't know any gossip. I go to school, get good grades, get bullied then have long, sad days. My life sucks! I don't  know how i'll fix it or get a new one. I have no friends but I do have a crush!!!!



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