Why me...

She doesn't know where they're taking her..
She doesn't know why their doing it...
She doesn't know if she can love him...


6. Chp 5

Bailys POV:

"I will be right back." He says  

Then he walks out the door. 

Where's he going?

Is he going to hurt me?! 

Will he hurt me!

Thoughts race through my head. I have prohably the worst head ache of my entire life. 

My head throbs. I can hear my heartbeat in my head.

My jeans are so uncomfortable. I'm covered in mud from the previous nights events.

My hair is tangled and my skin is dirty.

Ashton's POV:

I walk into my room and grab one of my shirts and a pair of boxers.

When I return to the room she is still curled up in the same place I left her. 

She looks up at me.

"Here love. Have these." I say calmly 

"T-h-h-hank you." She shivers

I turn around as she changes.

The shirt covers her down to her knees.

She looks so cute. She looks very cold. I walk over to her trying not to scare her. She 

try's to back up but ends up hitting her back against the bed post. I left her into my arms and set her down gently on the bed . She looks at me with fearful eyes.

"I won't ever hurt you I promise." I say

"Ok." She says 

"What's your name?"

"Baily." She says 

"I'm Ashton." I say as I hold her.

I look into her gorgeous brown eyes.

I cover her with blankets.

She falls asleep quickly I can tell she's exhausted

"Goodnight Beautiful."

I kiss her head and walk out of the room. 






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