Why me...

She doesn't know where they're taking her..
She doesn't know why their doing it...
She doesn't know if she can love him...


4. Chp 3

Ashton's POV:

"Why did we even take her?!" I yell at Luke

"Because... We need her." He replies.

I can't tell he doesn't really know. But one thing I know for sure is that the only thing he really wants her for is sex. Sex sex and guess what.... more sex.

I hear a loud thump. I run to the guest room where she is being kept. 

Luke runs after me. Michael and Calum and still sleeping. 

"Stay out here!" I whisper yell to him.

"Fine." He mumbles

As I open the door I hear sobbing

Her mascara is staining her face as it drips down her beautiful cheeks and her ey-.

"Ashton! Stop! This girl is being kept hostage!" My Brain tells me. 

She just looks so beautiful. Her skin is a light tan but not a fake sorta tan that you see other girls here wearing. 

Her eyes sparkle with tears. 

When she looks at me the are a light brown color. 

She just looked like an angel from the first moment I saw her.

That's when I knew.

I want her to be mine

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