Why me...

She doesn't know where they're taking her..
She doesn't know why their doing it...
She doesn't know if she can love him...


2. Chp 1

Bailys POV:

I run and run and run.

They can't find me. They just can't! I think to myself. 

I hear the branches their stepping on break.

I feel them trying to grab my shirt.

I'm starting to slow down. I can't stop. I can't. I will my gone if I stop. 

I trip on a root. 

My face hits the ground, trees surround me.

I look up.

4 faces look down on me.

One holds a burlap bag another holds rope.

"W-w-what are u going to do to me." I stutter 

They don't reply.

"Aye lets go we're wasting time."

The sack goes over my head.

I can't breath.




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