Abyss of the Mind

"My mind is the battlefield, my mind is the prize. But no matter how much I train...he is always the victor." A collection of short stories and poems representing my deepest secrets, thoughts, and anecdotes, wrapped in poetic metaphor.


1. Shape-Shifting Heart

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shape-Shifting Heart 


what to do?
what to do?
I think I love you,
but I love him, too.

these stupid emotions
right from the start
hidden in shadow
they're sacred, hallowed
but I'd rather not follow
my shape-shifting heart

it's illogical, crazy
how I understand myself much less
than the world understands me

so tell me,
is it a fleeting delusion?
a jump to conclusions?
just pure confusion?

see, here's the thing:
you may have captured my heart,
but if this is a game,
then count me in
although I'm warning you, hun,
I just might win.

one down, one to go
I'm pretty good at this game
but tsk tsk, what a shame
the one I've captured this time,
has a secret
that I never wanted to know.

desperate to win this battle,
he waves his arms before me,
hopelessly needy
so pitiful, I agree
what to do?
too bad he's not you.

he's patiently waiting for me
but why is it
that I simply cannot see?
he's as invisible
as the air,
still need him
but he's just...not there

the only one I see is you,
but I still haven't got a clue
as to whether you see me too

funny how I hold on
to such frustrating uncertainty
when the comfort of certainty
is standing right in front of me

but that's how I am
the way I've always been from the start
and it seems like I'll never decipher
this shape-shifting heart

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