Abyss of the Mind

"My mind is the battlefield, my mind is the prize. But no matter how much I train...he is always the victor." A collection of short stories and poems representing my deepest secrets, thoughts, and anecdotes, wrapped in poetic metaphor.


2. Feed Me Lies

Monday, April 25, 2016


Feed Me Lies

Don’t speak.

Don’t think.

I’ll pretend like I don’t already know.


Don’t look at me that way,

as if you could lose yourself

in the depths of my clouded soul.


You’re screaming in silence

for that unrequited affection.

I wish I could help,

but I can’t hear you

over the sound of my ruinous intention.


I get it,

it’s out of your control.

But stop sticking to me,


like a little boy with his anxious pleas.


You’re waiting in vain,

in pain,

for something that will never come.

How ‘bout I put you out of your misery?

Whatever it is that you deserve,

it isn’t me.


Just go,

get out.

You know I love you,

but not enough to give you

the benefit of the doubt.


I’m sorry.

I know it’s probably too much to ask,

but listen to me;

you always have.

Please, I selfishly ask,

don’t ever take off

that mask.


I don’t want

to hear it from your lips.

I’d like it if we

could stay like this.


You’ve burdened me with your

blatant transparency,

cheap sentimentality.


Do you hear yourself at all?

I’m asking because I care.

I know I’m being unfair,

but it’d be nice if you could be

a little more self-aware.


So don’t speak,

don’t think,

for my heart might sink.


Don’t even cry,

just hide your eyes,

and keep feeding me lies,

because the truth will surely

make me bid goodbye.


Sorry I’ve let you down,

sorry I’ve crushed your hope

while, all along, behind your back,

tying your pretty little heart

a special necklace of rope.

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