Abyss of the Mind

"My mind is the battlefield, my mind is the prize. But no matter how much I train...he is always the victor." A collection of short stories and poems representing my deepest secrets, thoughts, and anecdotes, wrapped in poetic metaphor.


4. Behind the Curtains

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Behind the Curtains 

It’s all wrong

the way they pray

to something they don’t believe in

‘cause all along,

their heads fill with songs

of the one conspiring against Him


Black robes,

modest smiles,

but oh,

don’t be fooled,

it’s just a ruse

Look behind the curtains,

if you don’t know what to do

because at night

there’re demons in their eyes

and they’re looking at you, too


At times I wonder

what it’d be like

to find perfection in my pride,

to see nothing but a lie

But I prefer


over superficiality,

bitter reality

over sweet unreality


We’re heading straight for a cliff,

but only in the free fall

will we realize

we’re merely humans,

with just one chance to live.

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