Twilight: Crimson Sunset

Completely unaware, Bella has been lied to by Edward. James, the sadistic vampire who supposedly died after attempting to take Bella 's life, still lives. Now married and taking care of their daughter, Reneesme, however, Ewdard and Bella are unaware of James' plot to enter their lives a second time. This time though, James has his eyes set on a different prize: Reneesme. And he will stop at nothing to get it.


2. Chapter One



   "Edward, we need to talk."

   Those five words, muttered from the side of Alice's mouth in a pointless attempt to keep me from hearing, began it all. Why she had bothered even trying to talk to Edward secretly was actually beyond me. Nothing could escape my ears now that I was just like them. Perhaps it was out of old habit.

   "About what?" Edward asked. His response was loud and obviously showed that he wasn't going to keep what Alice was about to tell him a secret. Part of me was proud of him for that. Not long ago he would have gone out of his way to do the opposite.

   "...James." Alice replied, pausing uncomfortably at first. Her gaze was on me as she said it and stayed there for several moments afterwords. It took nearly a full minute for the name she spoke to register with me. When it did, my body naturally  tensed up. I saw that Edward's already had.

  "Maybe we ​should talk in private," Edward said, his attitude changing completely. I gave him a stern look, but he brushed it away. Even being a vampire I still couldn't help but slightly falter under his gaze.

  "In the kitchen." Alice said, turning away.

   As Edward then began to follow her out of the room, he looked back at me to assure me everything was okay. But I knew it couldn't be. When it came to James, there was only one thing that could be worthy of a private discussion.

  He was still alive.

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