After the Battle of Hogwarts

Hogwarts wasn't the same as it was before the had very little students and hogwarts was destroyed.but in the Weasleys and potters eyes it still held magic everywhere especially in Rose Weasley's eyes she sees it every where except when draco's daughter Serena comes around and bullies her.Friendship will start. Enemies will begin and secrets will be told that may cost lives


1. The begining

Rose's Pov                                          


  hello my name is Rose Weasley and look up its me! If you were wondering what i look like sorry i am not smiling but i mean wasn't to happy then which is very rare now i am super happy and i am 11 years old and i know in that picture i look older but i was 11 anyways i just got mt HOGWARTS LETTER!!!!!!! I am so happy your probably wondering what Hogwarts is well its a school of WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. I am so exited even though the school was destroyed i can feel its going to be awesome.

James's Pov 

Its about to be Rose's first year but as soon as she gets there its not going to be like it is in her head.She will want to leave as soon as we get there i feel bad that she can't go to the past and go to the great school it used to be.I just hope she is so happy that Hogwarts will be great for her,By the way i am James Potter.I am the oldest child out of three i am going to be a third year next year my brother Albus is starting school next year too him and rose get along pretty well and my little sister Lily ls 2 years younger than Albus and Rose he is about Rose's little brothers age.

Rose's Pov

OK SO I AM GETTING MY SCHOOL STUFF AND OMG THE BOOKS ARE HEAVY!!!!!!!!!Calm down Rose its just school stuff but Hogwarts is only a week away but IT SEEMS LIKE TOMORROW calm down Rose.I CANT CALM DOWN RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE CALM CALM ok i am calmed down anyways I wonder what house i will be in Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw i hope i am in Gryffinndor my mom and dad and aunt and uncle were in Gryffindor and my dad and mom say that Draco was there worst enemey and he was in Slytherin and James says that Slytherins are bad i disagree would if my brother is put in slytherin his name is Hugo and he is 2 years younger than me and he is so sweet even when he was a baby he would never be bad so if he was put in slytherin he would be swet he would never be mean would he?Nah.Would he?no he could never be bad he is so nice.he gave me his ice cream cone when he was little when i dropped mine and even though it was his favorite flavor he still gave it to yeah if he was in Slytherin he would never be bad and that would mean Slytherins weren't bad i prove my point.I like every house even Slytherin but i would love to be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.ANYWAYS GOT TO GO PET SHOPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE

what pet should Rose get and what house should Rose be in and i will make new chapters almost every day but it may be a week before a new chapter sorry guys. oh and you can tell me what house Albus should be in and what pet he should he have and what Rose's and Albus's pets should be named.








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