After the Battle of Hogwarts

Hogwarts wasn't the same as it was before the had very little students and hogwarts was destroyed.but in the Weasleys and potters eyes it still held magic everywhere especially in Rose Weasley's eyes she sees it every where except when draco's daughter Serena comes around and bullies her.Friendship will start. Enemies will begin and secrets will be told that may cost lives


4. Free Day


I got a comment saying i had alot of words that were spelled wrong if you see one comment saying what chapter it is in and if it is Rose's Pov or 3rd Person Pov and on and on and lets get this chapter started and i didn't really have an idea for this one but i was really bord an i wanted to write a new chapter so yeah and sorry i did not publish for a long time

Rose's Pov

So for some reason school does not start till tomorrow so today i can hang with Demi and Jaida and Savanna and they are going to show me there pets yay and no one is in the common room exept me and my friends i was ready for bed yesterday that did not really get to learn any ones names

3rd Person Pov

Jaida started digging through her stuff when she pulled out an snowy owl"Her name is Nala it was all i could think of but i think its pretty"said jaida as the owl started to fly around the room"SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!"said Demi,Rose,and Savanna.Savanna started to look for pet when Demi Said"Sorry guys my pet is not here yet I left my pet at home my mom is going to send my pet so I can't show my pet today"that is ok"said every one"there is always another time"just then very hesrd a bark and looked over and Savanna was holding a tiny little dog"His name is Banjo"he was a gold hairy dog that had a an adorible little face"aww he is so cute i could just hug him all day"said Demi"Me too"said savanna"me times a thousand"said Jaida.An owl comes throught the window and drops 3 pieces of mail one in Jaida's lap and one in Demi's and one in Savanna's"what do they say"said Rose"i will go first"said Demi"it says it is from...HARRY POTTER"holding up the letter for everyone to see"HARRY POTTER"said Savanna,Jaida,and Rose"it says that there is some very important news that omg i am HARRYS DAUGHTER it says that a deatheater tried to take me away so they sent me to another family to keep me safe YAY MY DAD IS HARRY I AM RELATED TO YOU ROSE YAAAAAAAAAY i mean yo thats cool"she said trying to be cool"OMG YOU ARE HARRYS DAUGHTER"they said all together"oh its says that I am twins with Albus who is Albus"Rose's eyes went big"Albus is only Harrys son you should know him but anyways YAAAAAAAAAY"Said Rose"ok me end savanna next"said Jaida"ok can we can read them togethermine is from Luna Lovegood"said Savanna"she is my godmother"said Ros"and um i am her daughter to its the exat same reason as Demis YAAY I AM LUNA'S DAUGHTER"said Savanna"YAAAY"said everyone"mine is from Hermione your mom Rose"said Jaida"AND OMG I AM RELATED TO HER I AM HER DAUGHTER AND YOUR TWIN SISTER ROSE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY"said Jaida"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY"said everyone


thanks everyone for reading and yeah that is all i have to say by

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