Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


11. Chapter Ten

Albus Dumbledore's P.o.V.
It had been such a very long time since I had last thought about Selene Lovegood Prewett. She had been a fine student of mine, and over the years she shad spent here at Hogwarts, she had indeed become a legend. She was a very smart girl with a love for the Dark Arts, and for James Prewett, a love that, in the end, hadn't mattered very much. To think that James would hurt his own flesh in blood, much less a girl who began to look like Selene more everyday, is nearly impossible. But the look in Lucinda's eyes had been enough to know it was the absolute truth. I didn't need to use legilimency to know that James had indeed become a monster. Selene had loved James, and she had loved Lucinda very much. But not as much as she loved the Dark Arts. She had a spark inside of her that grew more each time she used her magic.
I remember the days when things had not been quite so awful for that girl. Selene, much to her parents dismay, had fallen in love with James Prewett at the age of 14. Many would say that she had been to young to know true love, but they would be wrong. Selene had really, truly loved James. By the time they both came of age, they were together all of the time. Soon after graduation, she had discovered she was pregnant. The baby, a little girl, they named Astral. The baby girl had her mother's dark hair and pale skin, but her father's eyes, a jade green. Selene was nearly 18 when she gave birth to Astral. Astral hadn't taken after her mother. She had a quick and nasty temper like her father. But she also could be nice and sweet. She wasn't as stunningly beautiful as her mother, but she was beautiful nonetheless. She did alright school, though she wasn't thrilled about most of the classes. She was in the Ravenclaw House.  Astral was 17 when she found out she was going to have a little sister or brother, and was thrilled when her little sister was born.  Astral had been 19 when she married a man named Jonathan Black, and her sister and her parents disappeared. I knew I had to tell her that her little sister is back, and I dread telling her the truth. The truth might sound as if I've gone bonkers.
I send her an owl, though, and await her return.
I get a response, and since Astral had moved with her husband just outside of Hogsmeade, she said she'd be here in a few hours.
Dippet and I wait in the headmasters office, and when she arrives, she looks as lovely as ever. Astral Black is a grown woman of 33 years old. Her husband, Jonathan is 35 years old. They brought their three children along with them. Belinda is 6 years old, Dimitri is 3 years old, and Celine is 5 months old. The children are all quiet and calm and serious.
Astral gives me a hug. "You're looking very well, Professor." She tells me, and I smile with a chuckle.
"As do you, Astral." I tell her.
"So, what was it you wanted to discuss?" She asks, glancing at Dippet, giving him a nod hello, but nothing more.
"I think you'd better sit down, Astral." I tell her. "It's quite some big news."
Astral sits, her husband does as well, and the children lay down in their parents laps, and fall asleep, all except Celine who just gazes at me with big, solemn brown eyes, eyes nearly as dark as Selene Lovegood's and Lucinda's.  "What is it?" She asks.
"Your sister. She's here." I tell her.
"She is!?" Astral demands, her eyes getting huge, and her nearly black hair shifts, revealing her pale neck, and the locket that had belonged to Astral and Lucinda's mother, that had been passed down to Astral many years ago.
"Yes. But her last name had been changed to Prewert when your parents disappeared. Now, this is going to sound... well your going to think I'm off my rocker, Astral, but your sister...she's different than the rest of us. Your parents didn't just disappear with your sister. Your sister is...gifted." I explain slowly.
"Gifted? Gifted how?" Astral asks, and her husband takes her hand, calming her down.
"She's able to time travel, Astral." I tell her. "I've seen the proof in her thoughts. She's also the strongest witch in the world. She... I can't even describe it other than the fact that she has two fears that are of equal quantities and the Boggart that was in her class was able to attack her. And she killed it. With her magic."
"Time travel? Boggart? She killed a Boggart? But their not even alive!" Astral exclaims in shock.
"Yes, we know. It's all very strange. But your parents and sister somehow ended up in the 90's, 50 years in the future, Astral. Your sister went to school at Hogwarts, in that time, up until two years ago, when my future self sent her back here to our time to stop some dark lord from becoming the dark lord, who goes by the name of Voldemort. Your sister has the top grade in the whole school, and in the whole wizard community, and is currently dating the student who has the second highest grade in the whole school and the whole wizard community. Your sister... she is able to heal wounds and preform magic without the focus of a wand, Astral." I explain.
"Your right, I think your off your rocker. It's highly impossible to do any of those things you just said, Professor. How do you know she's even my sister?"
"Lucinda's parents were named Selene and James Prewert, but originally went by Prewett. It's all in her file, Astral. She has pictures of herself with your parents. One of the fears that your sister was shown by the Boggart was of your mother dying, and her father abusing her." I tell her.
"My mother is dead?" Astral seems more distraught than I'd ever seen her.
"I'm afraid so, yes." I say. "I'm sorry. You probably don't want to know this but Lucinda had been around your parents enough while they practiced dark spells and curses that Lucinda tried to do them as well. She accidently used a torture curse on your mother, not knowing what she was doing. Your mother, as you know, had been weak since Lucinda had been born. Her heart stopped. She had also been pregnant."
"Oh my god." Astral's eyes cloud with tears, and baby Celine reaches up and touches her mothers cheek, already very aware for a baby so young. "And my father? He snapped and began to abuse her didn't he?"
"Yes." I say. "Your father had a wicked temper, as you well know. Lucinda's always blamed herself for your mother dying, and when the Boggart showed her that scene, replaying, and then the Boggart, as your father, hit her, Lucinda's been a bit traumatized since. Not to mention one of her best friends recently tried to commit suicide, and she found him before it was too late, well, things have been a bit hectic."
"I need to see her." Astral says. "She's my little sister, I have to get to know her. To tell her it wasn't her fault."
"I was hoping you would come around, and say that." I tell her. "I sent for her to come in a few minutes, and she should be here shortly. Don't be surprised if there's a guy with her. That is Tom Riddle, her boyfriend. Their very close."
"It's good that she's got people close to her. I can only imagine what it's like.... all of that that she's been through. She didn't know about our parents did she?"
"No, she just knew that they had no other family, that her father hated her for her mothers death, and that she had to stop a dark lord from rising since she's the only person in the world who can time travel."
"Alright." She nods.
"I just want to warn you, your sister, she looks and acts and sounds just like your mother. She's also very short and thin." I explain. "She is very quiet and shy, and she doesn't know about you. I didn't want to spring it on her that she also has a sister all in one day. Which is why I sent for you today, since I had talked to her yesterday."
"Okay. I can handle it." Astral says, and she hugs baby Celine, who coos in delight. Jonathan gives Astral an incouraging look, and smiles.
I hear a knock on the door, and get up to answer it.
Astral Black's P.o.V.
The moment when my little sister Lucinda walks through the door, I feel her life energy churning and twisting, and when I see her, at first I think I've seen a ghost. Professor Dumbledore had been correct when he said she looks just like my mother. She has the same quick, darting gaze that can also hold you in place while she peers into your heart and soul. She has the same stubborn set in her jaw. The same icy paleness to her skin. The same serious look that I had always seen in my mother, myself, and my children. The same, dare you, dark eyes. The same tilted up nose. The same small, but full lips. Freckles scattered along the bridge of her nose, though it's obvious that she, like my mother, had hated the sun and loved the snow and the night.
Though, my mother had been a tall, big boned woman, Lucinda is a miniscule girl, and her robes hang loosely on her thin frame. Her robes, are green with the snake patch marking her as a Slytherin. My mother was a Hufflepuff, my father Gryffindor. But they were both Pure-bloods, but neither was in Slytherin. I had been a Ravenclaw. She must truly be smart if she's in Slytherin. I notice, on her arm, a small green cast. Holding her hand that's not occupied by as cast, is a boy, not much older than she is, maybe already of age, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, pale skinned, and very tall. Taller than myself, and my husband. The way he holds her hand, though, it's clear that this is the boyfriend, Tom Riddle. He is also in Slytherin robes, and his eyes dart around the room before he steps inside. His eyes meet mine, and a moment of shock registers in his eyes. His eyes dart to the baby in my arms, my baby Celine, named for my mother, Selene. She looks up at him and begins to coo in delight. Dumbledore clears his throat, and closes the door.
"Lucinda, there is someone I'd like you to meet. This is Astral Black, her husband Jonathan, and their children, Belinda, Dimitri and Celine." Dumbledore says. "Astral is your...sister."
When Lucinda's eyes meet mine, they widen, and I see just how dark her eyes really are. They are so dark brown, their nearly a black bottomless pit.
"H-hello." Her voice stammers, and if she hadn't been stammering, I think she'd sound 100 % like my mother. My mother had always been confident. Lucinda doesn't seem very confident at all.
"Hello." I say. "This must be quite a shock... it is for me as well." I stand up, handing Celine to my husband, and I walk over to Lucinda. I'm about a half a foot or so taller than she is, and I've also had three pregnancies, making my body very much wider than hers.
"Yeah, it's a big shock." She says, her accent more pronounced than my own, but identical to my mother's. Her voice is very childlike, and it's obvious she doesn't talk a lot. But she's still my little sister.
I hug her, which seems to shock her, but she then returns the hug, letting go of her boyfriends' hand, and hugging me with the arm that's not in the cast. Her hug is warm and friendly. It's clear she doesn't remember me at all, but since I look similar to her, it's obvious we're sisters. When she lets go of me, she has tears in her eyes. She says "This is Tom, my b-boyfriend."
"Hi." Tom says, putting out his hand for a handshake. I give his hand one shake, before hugging him as well. As a child, mom had been a hugger, and I picked that up from her fairly easily.
It's clear Tom doesn't know about Lucinda's gift, she eases the conversation away from that, switching it to how she never knew she had a sister, and I introduce her to Celine, the only one of my children still awake. Lucinda holds Celine gently, sitting down since she only can use one arm. Celine touches Lucinda's face, then looks at my own, and laughs in delight. Lucinda is smiling, and though she must not have been around many children, my baby seems to already be attached to my little sister. Tom is watching Lucinda and Celine with interest. It's obvious that my sister has the same charisma that my mother had, that automatic drawn sensation, like a giant magnet, that draws everyone to her. When Dimitri and Belinda wake up, they take in the scene in front of them. I tell them that Lucinda is their aunt, and that we'll be seeing a lot of her for a while.
Dumbledore offers to let me stay here for a few days, and Jonathan nods. "I can run home to get everything we'll need, and be back in an hour."
"Great." Dumbledore smiles. "I'm sure Lucinda can show you to the rooms that are vacant."
"Yes, sir." Lucinda says, and she gives Celine a kiss on the cheek, making her laugh once again. I smile, knowing that everything is alright. The 6 of us go upstairs, and everyone is watching us with interest.
"Clear the corridor." Tom says. "Or it'll be 20 points away from each House per person."
Everyone rushes away, and I'm surprised. Tom is a Prefect. But when I went to school here, the students usually put up a good argument with the Prefects. I know I did. Lucinda opens the door, and tells Dimitri and Belinda to come on in.
My kids follow her inside, and I walk in after Tom, carrying baby Celine. Lucinda is glancing around the room. There are two beds, and even a crib in the corner of the room. My sister smiles. "Well, here we are."
"Hey, Luce. I'm going to go check in with Abraxas, Esmeralda, and the guys. Maybe we can have a party of sorts tonight." Tom tells Lucinda, and she nods, leans in to give him a quick kiss, then Tom exits the room, leaving Lucinda, myself, and my children alone to talk.
"Lucinda, Professor Dumbledore told me about you time traveling." I say calmly.
"He told you?" She asks, and I nod. "I kind of figured he would. You must have been heartbroken when mom and dad disappeared." She says.
"Yes, I was. But your here now."
"Yeah, but mom and dad aren't." Lucinda murmurs.
"Maybe it's for the best that they aren't. It's not your fault you know? What happened to mom was an accident. Accidents happen."
"Was it an accident that dad turned into an abusive man that I no longer recognized?" Lucinda asks.
"No. He's always been... a very angry person, Lucinda. He would sometimes hit me when I was a child, and mom wouldn't protect me. I learned to stand up for myself, learned some powerful spells, that kind of thing. It's best that he's not here, or I'd give him what for for hurting you." I tell her.
"Did you have strong magic when you were a little kid as well?" Lucinda asks, and I notice the frightened look on her face.
"No. I can't do what you can do. It's a complete mystery why you were able to preform spells and curses, and without a wand at that." I say.
"So I really am different." She says it as a statement.
"Yes, but that's not a bad thing. Why would you want to be the same as everyone else? Where is the fun in that?" I laugh. "It's good to be different. You get more out of life that way."
"Oh." She says.
"Yes. Now, I want to ask about that boyfriend of yours. Tom? How long have you been dating?" I ask her.
"Oh, um, it's been a few weeks." Lucinda says. "I've known him since I came back to this time, two years ago. I had tried to date a friend of mine, and it just didn't work out."
"Have you liked Tom for a long time?"
"I'm not sure. I sometimes felt things for him I didn't feel for anyone else. He's....different as well." Lucinda trails off.
"Do you love him?" I ask, smiling.
"Yes." Lucinda says, smiling as well. "He's amazing, Astral."
"Ohhh, that sound promising." I tease her, and she blushes but her smile doesn't fade. "Have you guys...?"
"Heavens, no!" Lucinda bursts out, and I notice Celine watching Lucinda closely.
"Do you want to?" I ask.
"Um, it would probably be nice..." Lucinda trails off. "If we weren't concerned about anything bad happening...maybe.... But we're going to wait."
"It's better to wait. Believe me, I'm glad I did." I tell her. "I've loved Jonathan since 6th year, and we married a year after graduation. It took a while, but we finally had Belinda, then Dimitri, and of course, my precious Celine."
"Your children are beautiful." Lucinda says, looking at Belinda and Dimitri who had fallen asleep on one of the beds. Celine is still in my arms, awake, watching Lucinda. "I hope I get as lucky as you."
"Believe me, you will. You look so much like mom, it's truly scary. And Tom isn't an unattractive boy. He'll make some adorable babies." I say, smiling.
"You think so?" Lucinda asks me, and I nod. "Abraxas...the friend who I tried dating for a while, kept pressuring me into having sex with him. I told him no, and he got mad. Tom wont even hear of us doing anything yet. It's nice not having a guy pressure you into something your not ready for."
"Believe me, I know." I tell her. "You have years and years before you have to be ready for anything like that. Tom is smart to want to wait."
"Yeah. We did make out though. My goodness... it was amazing." Lucinda blushes, thinking about when she and Tom had made out.
"I never thought I'd get to have you back in my life. I never thought that I'd get to have a conversation about boyfriends and making out with my little sister. I used to imagine how it would be, when you were still here, what it would be like to help you get ready for dances, parties, talking about boys you'd like, boys you didn't like. It's nice." I tell her.
"I never thought I'd have an older sister to talk to about these kinds of things. My friend Hermione, from the other time, she and I were very close, almost like sisters. And my friend here, Esmeralda, who is Abraxas' twin, she and I are almost like sisters. But it's not the same as having a sister." Lucinda smiles.
"It's very exciting."  I say.
Celine yawns, and I hold her more gently.
"If you and Celine are tired, I can talk to you tomorrow." Lucinda says.
"Yes, that would be nice. Being a mother is hard work." I say.
"I bet." Lucinda says, and watches as I put Celine in the crib and cover her up. When I turn around, she gives me a hug, and I'm surprised, though happy that she likes me enough to hug me out of her own free will. I'm again shocked at how little she is, much like a child of 9 or 10 years old. I hug her back, and when we both pull away, Lucinda smiles and says "Well, g'night, Astral."
"Good night, Lucinda." I tell her, and Lucinda scurries out the door, closing it behind her. I lay down, and close my eyes, drifting off to sleep.


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