Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


20. Chapter Nineteen

Astral's P.o.V.
Albus Dumbledore had let me know that he'd found something out about Lucinda's father, told me to find him after it was obvious Lucinda was in bed, so there'd be no distractions or her walking in on the conversation. So, I make my way to his chamber, bringing Celine with me so that Jonathan won't have her waking him up while he sleeps. Celine tends not to cry during the night, but there is a first time for everything. She'd never been away from me her whole life, so it's possible she might. She sleeps in my arms as I made my way to the chamber, and I knock softly at the door. Dumbledore opens the door, and I walk inside, taking a seat on his couch.
Dumbledore sits in his chair. "Astral." He says, his face pale. "I found out some stuff, and I can't believe it."
"What?" I ask, my voice quiet.
"Alright, so you know your father was placed in foster care as a baby, don't you?"
"Yes." I nod. The Prewett's hadn't been able to take care of him at that time, and he was placed in an orphanage for a while before he was placed in foster care. As he grew up, he met his parents and everyone else. He decided that he wanted them in his life. He understood that they couldn't take care of them.
"Your father wasn't an only child. A few years before, they had another son, a child they named Dimitri. They gave him up as well." Dumbledore says. I give him a funny look, and he nods. "I know. They shouldn't have had another kid if they couldn't even raise their first one. But they had him, gave him up, and your father never even knew about him. Somehow, your mother did though. Perhaps they went to muggle school together or something. I'm still looking into it. But I'm certain that Lucinda is Dimitri's daughter. He ended up going to Hogwarts, and he was two years above Selene and James. Selene had, in fact, been seeing Dimitri in the last year before she found out she was pregnant with your sister. James hadn't known Dimitri was his brother, ever, but he knew that Dimitri was a Prewett. He especially didn't want your mother around him, though I'm sure you can guess why."
"Dimitri never wanted anything to do with his brother. He didn't want anything to do with his parents. He wasn't normal, was he?" I ask, kissing Celine's head.
"No. He, too, was into the dark arts. But he was even darker than your father was. He had went through so much, he'd never been placed in a foster home like your father. He had lived in the orphanage, and he just became darker and darker. He made a Horcrux." Dumbledore says.
"Is that what I think it is?" I ask him. "Splitting the soul and putting the soul fragment in an object?"
"Yes." Dumbledore nods, "And that means he's immortal, never ages, and he passed something along to Lucinda."
"It's why Lucinda is so tiny?" I ask, and I recieve another nod. "She doesn't age the way the rest of us do?"
"Precisely. And it could be why she's gifted with Time Travel. She doesn't experience time the way everyone else does. In fact, there's never been someone like her before." Dumbledore gets a far away look in his eyes. "Herpo The Foul was the first to make a Horcrux, then it was Salazar Slytherin, Dimitri Prewett and this unknown Dark Wizard, named Voldemort. Supposedly, as your sister had told me, he had created multiple ones. There aren't many wizards or witches dark enough that they'd try it. Or they'd be strong enough to make one."
"Oh my god." I say, getting the picture. Lucinda is even stronger than any recorded wizard or witch of all time. She's a result of a Horcrux. If she were to make one, she would be even stronger of a witch, but it could also change everything. "Do you think she's going to make one?" I demand.
"I don't know. I can't read her mind anymore. I fear perhaps you may have been right to worry about her. But there is only one person who could have made her want to make one."
"Tom Riddle." I whisper.
"Yes, and I don't blame her for falling for him. She probably saw herself in him. He has strong magic as well, and they both had a tough childhood."
"Is Tom...?"
"The Dark Lord, Voldemort?" Dumbledore asks. "Yes, I believe so. Or he might have been on that road, before he met Lucinda. If she won't make a Horcrux, he won't do anything to anyone else. He won't make more because he won't want to lose her. He'd probably rather die than lose her."
"But if he's a Dark Wizard, we have a problem. Has he already made a Horcrux?" I ask.
"I don't know, Astral. The only one who would know for sure would be Lucinda. But, we don't exactly have proof that Lucinda wants to make a Horcrux, or that Tom is actually Voldemort, or that he's killed someone to make a Horcrux. We just don't know for sure. and until we do, we have to tread lightly." Dumbledore says.
"Albus... Are you sure that Dimitri Prewett is actually Lucinda's father?" I ask.
"Yes, there's no doubt about it." Dumbledore tells me. "She actually looks more like him than you look like your father."
"So.. My sister Lucinda's father is my Uncle?" I ask and recieve a nod. "Oh boy. Mom sure made her way around the Prewetts, didn't she?"
"Let's not be quite so hasty, Astral. Your mother was a good woman. Even if she was attracted to the dark arts and two men who were attracted as well to the dark arts." Dumbledore says. "She wasn't a whore, Astral. Things just weren't great with your father. I'm sure you know that."
"Yes." I admit. "I'm just so sorry Lucinda had to be raised by him, and the fact that everything that had happened to her when mom died."
"Would you like to see a photo of your uncle?" Dumbledore asks me, and I nod. He pulls it out from his robes, and hands it to me. The man in the picture doesn't look too much like my father. The only things that they have in common is the sad expression on their faces, and shape of their faces, a shape I had inheritted, but my sister had not. I have more of a round face, and Lucinda took after mom's heart-shaped face. But, I can see quite a bit of the man's face that reminds me of my sister. A hollow expression. What was this man's story? Does he even know he has a kid? I look at Dumbledore, and he reads my thoughts.
"He didn't. I contacted him though. I wanted you to know before he arrived."
"Is he going to take Lucinda away and not let me around her anymore?" I ask, though I know that Dumbledore wouldn't allow it.
"No, of course not. I wouldn't allow it, my dear. Your sister will soon be of age, and she'll be able to choose who she stays with on breaks and such. It's just that.. he doesn't really know yet. I told him I needed to talk to him about some things. Your mother in particular. He agreed to come. I was wondering if you wanted to tell Lucinda, or if you wanted me to tell her?"
"Oh, um, I'd like it if you were there to tell her. I want to do it though. I think she should be told as soon as possible."
"Tomorrow morning, dear." Dumbledore tells me.
"Right." I nod. "Do you think she'll take it badly?"
"Finding out the father she'd been raised by, the man who beat her, and hated her, isn't her father? No, I think she'll probably be relieved, but I'm not so sure how she'll react when she finds out that he's the brother of the man who hurt her all of those years. In fact, I'm sure she'll be upset. But, at least he might love her. Like we know you and Jonathan, and the children do." Dumbledore explains, and I nod again. It's growing late, but I don't think I could sleep without some sleeping potion in a glass of hot tea.
"In a way.. I'm also relieved, Albus. I hate what my father did to her. It really wasn't her fault that mom died. I don't blame her. It was really just my father and mother's fault for teaching her stuff she wasn't ready to learn, and doing dark magic around a child." I tell him.
"I agree." Dumbledore says. "Don't judge your mother too harshly, Astral. She was a wonderful woman, and I wish she were still here. At least then, Lucinda never would have had to felt quite so alone."
"Is it bad that I wish it were my father dead instead of my mother?" I ask.
"No." He pats my knee. "Your mother was truly special, and your father just used that. I just wonder if he always knew Lucinda wasn't his daughter or if he only found out that year before your mother had died."
"I don't know. I didn't even know. So I can't be sure, Albus." I cuddle Celine closer, and she sighs in her sleep.
"Your daughters and son are very lucky to have you as a mother, and that they have such a wonderful, attentive, loving father." Dumbledore says, and I give him a smile. "I hope you know that it's a good thing that I found out who her father is."
"I know. She deserves to have a real father figure." I tell him. "I just can't believe my mother had an affair with him."
"I know. It's wrong. But I feel like he was probably a lot better for her than your father. Other than killing someone to make a Horcrux, he was never a violent man like your father. He just felt like he wanted to live forever. The crazy thing is, he didn't murder a muggle, or witch or wizard. It was a mouse." Dumbledore chuckles.
"He killed a mouse to make a Horcrux? That's like...easy, and not even all that bad. I kill mice all of the time. Especially at my house. In the winter it's over-run by mice." I tell him.
"Yes, it's here as well." Dumbledore laughs loudly. "But, see, it doesn't have to be all that evil. Why people want to kill each other, it makes no sense."
"I agree." I say. "But, another thing that is crazy, Lucinda accidentily killed our mother. She is traumatized, but from what I know, she dealt with it better than she could have. Sure, she was very depressed, and she even cut herself for a while, but she eventually quit, and now, she's laughing and being happy, and has a boyfriend whom she obviously loves. You can see it in her eyes when she talks about him or looks at him. She loves me, sure, but not as much as she loves him. He's opened so many doors for her, I'm just surprised that he makes her stronger instead of weaker."
"Why? Love doesn't equate weakness." Dumbledore says, giving me a smile. "You should know that. You love your children, and your husband. I have a feeling by the time their 6th year is up, Tom will have proposed to her, Astral. It's just a matter of time, and you need to prepare yourself for that. Have you given her the talk yet? I doubt your mother had time to tell her."
"I guess I'll have to do that. Sooner rather than later."
"Do you still think that they've already had sex?" Dumbledore smirks.
"I don't know. Either way, she and I will have to talk." I tell him. "I don't think I'm ready for them to get married though."
"Oh, that's a while off. You have plenty of time to worry about that, my dear." Dumbledore says. "Now, I know you're tired, so you should get some sleep, dear."
"Thank you, Albus." I say, and he inclines his head. I kiss his cheek. "You get some sleep. You've been looking quite pale. Perhaps you should have a physical."
"Maybe soon." He agrees about the physical. "Good night, Astral. I'll send an owl to you in the morning to let you know when he arrives. You should meet him first." He gives me a look.
"I agree. Lucinda will have to wait, I need to talk to him first." I say.
"As long as you're nice, I have no problem with that." Dumbledore says. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Night, Albus." I show myself out, and go back to my room, placing Celine in her crib, wrapping her up in the blankets.
I get into bed beside Jonathan, and I feel his arms wrap protectively around my waist. I snuggle closer, and drift off into a deep sleep.
Lucinda's P.o.V.
I wake up feeling sick to my stomach, and I have pains in my lower abdomen. I moan, and cover my head with my pillow, actually in my bed for a change.
"Lucinda, are you okay?" Esmeralda asks me, her eyes wide as she bends down close to me. I blush, realizing I must have also been moaning in my sleep and had woken her.
I shrug, wrapping my arms around my belly. It's tender to the touch, and Esmeralda gives me a look. "What?" I mumble.
"Did you and Tom... You know." Her eyes dart to my belly as I place my hands over it.
"Yes." I mumble, and she gives me a look, a mix of surprise and wonder.
"Do you think you might be pregnant?" She asks, and I shake my head quickly. My cheeks are hot, and I scoot out of the bed and into a standing position. On my bed is blood, and I glance down at my pajama bottoms. They too are soaked with blood.
"Oh my god." I say loudly, my heart racing. "What happened? Why am I bleeding?" I feel a warm, wet stickyness between my legs, and I feel even sicker.
"Um, Lucinda. It's just your menstral cycle. Geesh. Not that big of a deal. That's completely normal." Esmeralda says. "I'll get this stuff cleaned up, and you get a shower. Just a weird question, but is this your first period?"
I blush brighter, looking down at my feet. "It is." I mumble.
"Pads or tampons?" She asks me, reaching into her closet. "I mean, I doubt a tampon would bother you if you've already had sex. I get the ultra thin ones."
I blush again, this time four shades brighter. "I, um, I don't know."
"Try tampons and let me know how they work for you. I feel like their better than pads because pads make it look and feel funny when you're wearing pants or anything." She tosses me a box, and I catch it.
"How do I...? I ask, and she giggles.
"You just take the top off, and stick it in." Esmeralda tells me. I nod, and grab clean clothes, and shampoo and conditioner, and make my way to the bathroom to shower.
When I'm finished, I do as Esmeralda had said to do, and I wash my hands, then exit the bathroom. I take my clothes back to my room, and I see that Esmeralda had already gotten all of the blood out of the bed. She smiles and takes my clothes for me, and I thank her quietly. She nods, and then opens her mouth, then closes it again. "Something wrong?" I ask her, and she shakes her head quickly.
"I just.. there's something we need to talk about Lucinda." Esmeralda says, and I nod, and sit down beside her on the bed. "You should know that you probably shouldn't have sex with Tom again until you're married. If you don't listen to me, and go have sex with him, you will get pregnant, Lucinda."
"I don't understand." I tell her.
"To get pregnant, you have to have a menstral cycle. If you have sex with Tom now, you will end up getting pregnant. There's no if, ands, or buts." Esmeralda whispers. "And I know you don't need to have a baby right now. Not with how tiny you are, and the fact that you're still in school."
"Have you had sex?" I ask, looking into her eyes.
"No. I'm planning on waiting until I get married, Lucinda." Esmeralda says. "Now, I'm not saying that I hate you because you didn't wait. I'm just saying that I think it'd be a good idea for you to wait before you have sex with him again. After-all, the chance of you getting pregnant is a very good chance. But, if you do get pregnant, it might not be healthy for the baby while you're so tiny yourself."
I nod, my cheeks turning scarlett. "I think I understand."
"Your mom didn't have the chance to tell you did she?" Esmeralda asks me, and I shake my head. "Well, I thought it might be good to tell you what could happen. In a way, I'm sort of glad that you didn't have your period until now. If anything had happened with Abraxas, at least I know that you wouldn't have gotten pregnant."
My cheeks redden more, and I look away. "Can we not talk about Abraxas?" I whisper.
"We need to talk about him sometime. He kissed you, Lucinda, and you kissed him back. Tom thinks it was just stress. I think it was probably your hormones going crazy, since you were getting close to having your first period." Esmeralda says.
"Esme!" I exclaim. "I don't want to talk about that." I cross my arms over my belly, looking away. Although what she says sounds reasonable, I don't think that was really what had happened. I think it was mostly the fact that I might possibly like Abraxas still. I love Tom, but sometimes, you can't completely get rid of the feelings you have for someone else.
"Lucinda, I think it'd be good for you to talk about it." Esmeralda says, examining me closely. "Wait, you don't really think it's hormones, do you?"
"Esme..." I whisper. "I'm not going to talk about Abraxas." I get up, grabbing my books and I use a shrinking spell so that I can put them into my pockets of my robes. "I'm hungry, so if you want to join me, you're welcome to."
"Sure." She says. "I'll be down in a few minutes." She glances at my bloody clothes.
"Thanks, Esme." I tell her, and leave the room.
I bump into Tom on the way down the stairs and I give him a smile. "Morning, Tom."
"Good morning beautiful." Tom gives me a gentle kiss, and I return it with one full of passion. "Hmm. Something is different about you today."
"Um, yeah." I whisper. "I guess so."
"And what is that something different?" He asks, and I glance into his eyes, my own sparkling.
"Um, just girl stuff." I tell him, taking his hand. We had been walking, and he stops.
"What do you mean by that?" Tom has panic in his eyes.
"It's nothing really, Tom." I tell him, giving his hand a squeeze. "Esmeralda said it's normal."
"Normal? What's normal?" Tom asks, not budging at all.
"It's just my period, okay?" I ask him, and his eyes widen.
"Not your first one though...right?" He asks.
"This is my first." I let go of his hand and start walking and he rushes to keep up.
"Lucinda. This is serious." Tom stops me, wrapping his arms around me. "We're not going to be able to.. you know." He looks around, and all of the other students that are around aren't even paying us any attention.
"Tom, it hadn't made a difference when you thought I'd already had one, so it definitely won't be any different now that I've finally had one. Okay?" I ask.
"No, not okay. It's a good thing that you hadn't had one before, because that made sure you didn't get.." He whispers the next part. "Pregnant. We're going to have to wait, Lucinda."
"Tom, come on. It's unlikely that it will happen." I tell him. "Don't worry about a thing." I kiss him longingly and he pulls back.
"Lucinda." His voice is a flashing red warning sign.
"Tom!" I exclaim. "Fine, we won't have sex again. Ever." I push past him, and I hear him call my name.
"Baby, please don't act like this." Tom says, "We just can't."
"Can't what?" Astral had walked him, holding baby Celine.
"Nothing" I say, angrily. "Don't wanna be rude, but I'm hungry." I start to walk away.
"Lucinda, there's something Dumbledore and I need to talk to you about." Astral says, and I shoot Tom a glare. It had better not be about Tom and me, is all I'm thinking. "Um, it has something to do with mom." Astral tells me.
"When?" I ask, suddenly wishing it were right now.
"After lunch, Lucinda. You'll be excused from the rest of your classes, and you won't have to make up the assignments. Professor Dumbledore and Headmaster Dippet already talked to each of your professors to let them know." Astral says. "Just, don't worry too much, alright?"
"Yeah, sure." I give her a hug, and tickle Celine under the chin, making her crow with laughter and reach for me. I hug Celine, kiss her pudgy little cheek, and tell Astral "I'm going to eat. See you after lunch."
Tom rushes after me. "We're not done talking about this, Lucinda." Tom tells me, grabbing my wrist. He presses my back against a wall, and I notice how there are no students watching, or even around us. They'd all gone on to breakfast".
"Tom, even if I were to get pregnant, I wouldn't care. That baby... it'd be ours." I tell him. His eyes widen, realizing I'm serious. "I want to have children with you Tom."
"Luce, I want to have children with you too." He pulls me close to him. "But there's a time for that."
"Not if we're going to stay away from each other, Tom. Not if we continue on this path that we're on." I say.
"Not this again." He lets go of me, looking cross. "You better not be suggesting what I think you are."
"This, Tom, this has got to stop." I yank up my sleeve, and my Dark Mark glows brightly. "Can I ask you something?"
"Anything but to stop my plan."
"I know that you hate yourself because you're half muggle." I state. "But if we have kids, they'll be half bloods too. Would you kill your own children?"
"Of course not!" Tom raises his voice. "Lucinda... I'm not going to kill half bloods. Just muggle borns."
"But you wouldn't kill yourself. I wouldn't even allow it."
"I don't want to die. I just wish I wasn't a half blood. Wish I was a Pure Blood, like you."
"But you're not. And that's not something you can change. I just want to know for certain that you won't hate our children just because they'd be part muggle. That you wouldn't kill them."
"I promise, I'd never hurt any children we had. I promise, Lucinda." He pulls me as close as possible. "Anyone that is a part of you, I'd never hurt. Especially since I hurt you once. I don't want to do it again, Lucinda. I owe you my life for hurting you."
"Stop." I whisper, taking his face into my hands. "Stop, Tom. I know. But you do not owe me anything. I promise you that. You'll never owe me anything." I kiss him lightly, and a noise across the hall catches our attention. It's Professor Dumbledore, and he is watching us closely. We'd been talking quietly enough for him to not hear our conversation. Thank heavens.
"Sorry, Professor." Tom grabs my hand, and pulls me into the Great Hall, and we get our breakfast.
|-Time skips to just before the end of lunch-|
|Astral's P.o.V.|
I adjust my position on the couch, taking a deep breath, waiting for Dumbledore to open the door for the man that is my little sister's father. As soon as the door opens, the atmosphere changes. In person, he actually looks quite a bit like my own father. His eyes are a grey color though, unlike the matching green eyes my father and I share. His hair isn't the same redish brown as my father's, with gray peeking in through to show his age. No, this man is identical to the picture, and he looks like he hasn't aged a day since the picture was taken. His dark brown hair has no grey in it whatsoever. He is quite a bit taller than my father who had been about 5 ft 8 inches. If I had to guess, I'd say this man is at least 6 ft, if not up to 6 ft 3 inches. His eyes glance around the room, spotting me. He seems taken aback, and I don't know whether it's because I look similar to my mother or if he'd met me before.
Dumbledore steps back to let him in. "Dimitri, this is Selene Lovegood Prewett's daughter, Astral." Dimitri and Dumbledore stride over and I give him a smile. He's much taller than I am, but he doesn't have an imposing air to him. But you can feel the power that radiates off of him.
"It's great to see you again." Dimitri says, and puts his hand out for a hand shake.
I shake his hand. "You know me?" I ask.
"Oh yes. I met you when you were old enough to toddle. If I remember correctly, you ate two jars of chocolate cauldrons." Dimitri chuckles.
"Oh." I blush. "I seem to remember that." In fact, I really remember that. My father hadn't liked me to have sweets at all as a young child. When he found out that I ate two jars of chocolate cauldrons at a friend of my mother's house, he blew a casket.
"Your mother had a hard time getting the chocolate cleaned off of you. It had melted all over your hands, arms, face, neck and even in your hair." Dimitri says, laughing. I laugh as well, and motion for him to sit. Dumbledore takes a seat in his chair, and clears his throat.
"Alright, the reason I asked you to come is because we know that you and Selene were seeing each other behind James' back." Dumbledore says, blunt and honest.
"I figured someone would figure it out someday." Dimitri says. "I honestly never thought she would take a second look at me when it was obvious she loved James."
"Can you tell us what happened, exactly?" I ask, knowing I shouldn't be asking, that it should be Dumbledore.
"It was at a Prewett family reunion that we ran into each other. It was when James and Selene had first started dating, and he brought her to the reunion to meet his parents. Our parents. He never knew that I wasn't his cousin. At least, not until many years later. Selene had seen me, and she knew from the first moment that James was my brother. We got to talking, and we became friends. Years later, I had been out of school for two years, and James and Selene had just graduated, when we started hanging out quite a bit. I never planned on falling in love with Selene. I don't think she planned on falling for me. It was after she had you, Astral, that your mother began drifting away from your father. He was a very violent man, and though he never hit your mother, he would yell at her, and there were days where she didn't eat at all. I made her stand up to him. She had to do it, or she would have ended up dying. He got mad at her, and he pushed her. She didn't get hurt, but she was scared. She used one of the Unforgivable curses on him, to get his attention, to show she was stronger than he thought she was. After that, they got along quite a bit better, and I knew they were doing dark magic. I knew, because I could feel it radiate off of her, I could smell it on her. I knew what it was because, back in the day, when I was going to school here, I practiced those spells. I had even made a Horcrux, which, as you can probably tell, and already knew, worked, and I haven't aged since I was 29 years old. Selene, she was a special woman. She wasn't like everyone else." Dimitri explains. "She knew that she shouldn't let herself love me. But in the time that Astral was in Hogwarts, attending and growing up, Selene and I became even closer. By the time Astral was 17, things had changed completely with us. Selene and I became more so physically attracted to each other, and we did have an affair. We had sex a few times, but nothing more came of it."
"What happened when Astral was 19?" Dumbledore asks.
"James and Selene had another daughter when Astral was 17, and when she was 19, Selene came to me and told me that her daughter was different. She wasn't aging like she should. She hadn't grown more than 8 inches and 10 lbs by the time she was two years old. Something wasn't right, she'd said. And, her daughter seemed to be able to go forwards and backwards in time. One second she was there, the next she wasn't." Dimitri's voice is strained. "The little girl looked just like Selene. She was very beautiful, and much more intelligent than her parents put together. Soon after that, Selene and James, and their other daughter disappeared. Selene hasn't written to me or anything in the past 14 years. I don't even know how he is."
"She's dead." I speak up.
"Dead?" Dimitri looks shocked, and he starts spluttering. "No, she can't be!"
"Lucinda, my little sister, is back here now. She apparently had taken my parents into the future. She grew up there, and she learned dark magic from my parents. She accidentily killed our mother with a torture curse." I explain. "She's dead. My father beat her because of it, every day until she started Hogwarts in the future. They went by the name of Prewert instead of Prewett. But, despite the name change, she is, and always will be a Prewett." I tell him.
"Selene is dead." He whispers to himself, and I see the thoughts churning in his head, tears in his eyes. "My brother beat his daughter?"
"She's not his daughter." Dumbledore tells him calmly.
Dimitri's eyes get huge, and he shakes his head. I nod.
"She's your daughter." I tell him.
"I have a daughter?" Dimitri asks, his eyes widening more.
"Yes, it seems Lucinda is your daughter. Selene hadn't slept with her husband much after the two of you had hooked up." Dumbledore says. "She didn't even want to be around him much. You're the only other person she slept with, Dimitri. Lucinda is your child."
"Oh my god. Is she here?" He asks, standing up.
"She'll be coming to my office when lunch ends." Dumbledore says. "I just.. I want to explain something. Lucinda isn't merely you're daughter. She's technically a Horcrux herself."
"What?" Dimitri demands.
"You had made a Horcrux. Selene hadn't made one, but since you did, and the two of you slept together, and concieved Lucinda, Lucinda doesn't age like everyone else. Until this winter, she was very tiny, very thin, and very fragile. She's actually grown some, and put on a little bit of weight, though she is nowhere near the height or weight someone her age should be. She's a very special little girl, and I think her gift of time travel actually stems from the fact that you've made a Horcrux." Dumbledore explains to him.
"Honestly?" Dimitri asks, and we nod. "Oh my god." He places both hands on his head, obviously having a hard time taking this in. "I'm a father. I never even knew it. Selene and I had always used protection. I never thought.. Oh my god."
I reach forward, placing my hand on his wrist. He lowers his arms to look over at me. "I don't think she'll be mad about this. I think she'll actually be happy that my father isn't her father. He was cruel to her. He beat her, and blamed her for everything. She needs a fatherly figure in her life. The only males she has interaction with on a daily basis are her boyfriend, her best friend's twin brother, and the male professors at this school. Most of the other kids are sort of afraid of her."
"Because she is able to perform Dark Magic much better than any witch or wizard in known history." Dimitri states.
"She's also in Slytherin House, like you were." Dumbledore says.
"Oh." He nods, "I should have known that. She is very smart, she always was."
"Yes, she is very smart." I agree. "She's just lived a harsh life, she even tried to commit suicide before and I'm surprised she hasn't made a Horcrux of her own yet, though we think she might be thinking about making one, and we believe that her boyfriend has already made one, but we cannot be positive though."
"If she makes one... that won't be good." Dimitri says. "Sure, immortality sounds nice, but it does get tiring after awhile."
"There's one last thing you should probably know."
"She looks just like Selene." Dimitri states. "I know. I remember when she was a baby, how much she looked like Selene. Those dark eyes, the heart shaped face, small but full lips. She was beautiful." He seems sorrowful. He lost out on a life with his daughter when she was a child. But, he could make up for it now, since he will finally meet her.
"Yes." Dumbledore agrees. "She is beautiful." There's a knock on the door, and Dumbledore gets up. "That'll be her now." He opens the door, and I see Tom and Lucinda standing in the doorway, Lucinda in a simple black dress, but it makes her pale white skin look like the creamy pale of moonlight, her lips look as dark red as usual, and her body is now much more curvaceous than it once was. Her long black curls have grown out even more, and it reaches an inch below her waist, and I notice she's actually even trimmed the ends of it. Her fingernails are moonlight pale as well, long and curved in perfect half moons. She's not wearing any make up whatsoever, but she doesn't need it. She looks as perfect and beautiful as she always does. Her shoes are flats, and she's wearing tights under the dress as well as wearing a black open cardigan over the dress. She looks very child-like, and gorgeous, and when she steps inside, I hear Dimitri gasp. I sneak a glance at him, and see he's staring at her, open mouthed. She really does look so much like mom that it's startling. But, she's also even more beautiful than mom had been. She's the perfect specimen. Her eyes fall on Dimitri, and her eyes are wide. She sees the resemblance to my father, as much as I had. "Lucinda, Tom, this is Dimitri Prewett."
"Prewett." Lucinda states, her voice quiet, and it sounds so much like a childs that warmth spreads in my heart.
"He's Astral's father's brother." Dumbledore tells her.
"So he's my uncle?" Lucinda asks, her eyes meeting his.
"No. Lucinda, Dimitri is your father. James is not." Dumbledore tells her.
"But..." She trails off, shocked. Her eyes don't leave Dimitri's. "You're my father?" She asks, and Tom takes her hand, pulling her closer to him as she had started to move towards him.
"Yes, I am."
"You're too young to be my father." Lucinda tells him.
"No, actually, I made a Horcrux." Dimitri tells her. "I stopped aging when I was 29. That was about 35 years ago."
"But..." She trails off, and she squeezes Tom's hand. "That means you and my mother had an affair. She was married to my- um, Astral's father."
"Yes. Not one of my proudest moments, that's for sure.I'll have to tell you all about it. I'm sorry that you're just finding out now. I never knew I was your father, then your mother, James and you had disappeared, and I never stopped looking for her." Dimitri tells her. "I'm the reason that you've always been so tiny. Because of my Horcrux, it slowed down your aging process, at least, this is what your sister and Professor Dumbledore think. I can't say I don't agree. It's why you're the way you are, why you're so gifted-" Dumbledore cuts him off.
"Why you're able to perform curses and dark spells. It's part of the reason why you're so smart, and have such strong magic." I give Dimitri a look as if not to say that Lucinda has a time traveling gift. Dimitri catches on, realizing it's because Tom is here.
"So... I really am special?" She asks.
"Of course." Tom says. "Some of us knew that from the start, Luce." He hugs her tightly, and she turns to face him, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. This seems to calm her down, and her cheeks flush, and she turns away from Tom, but doesn't look at any of us, clearly embarrassed that she needed Tom so much in that moment that she had acted like we weren't even there.
"You really are special." Dumbledore says. "Dimitri might also be staying here for a bit." He glances at Dimitri.
"I'd love to stay." He says, "I feel like I have a lot to make up for, having missed so many of your birthdays, and everything. I know gifts won't mean much to you, but I could get you a few things, and I'd love to spend time with you."
She nods. "I don't need gifts. I'd rather just get to know you." Lucinda admits. She looks so helpless, and she whispers "You do know I killed my mother don't you?"
"It wasn't your fault." Dimitri says, walking forward when tears spring to her eyes. Tom let's go of her, and I step back. I want to see what Lucinda does. She walks slowly closer to him, and hugs him. Dimitri wraps his arms around her, and I smile, but then the smile fades when she starts to sob. She's always been quiet, and rarely shows emotion. These tears are for all of the years she spent thinking James Prewett was her father, the same man who beat her and hurt her constantly, and probably even tried to torture her with spells and curses. Dimitri hugs her, not tightly, but like any normal father would hug his daughter, in a protective embrace, and I see that Tom is watching as well, his eyes deadly calm for someone who might be evil. Then, I notice the sadness in his eyes, something I wouldn't have noticed if I'd looked away quickly. I wrap an arm around Tom, hugging him. He'd never really known his mother or father. What it must be like to not have either parent your whole life. Like Lucinda had went her whole life not knowing who her real father was. "I promise you, it was never your fault. James was at fault. He's the one who got her interested in the Dark Arts. You just happened to be around while they were practicing. You just mimiced them. They're the ones who should have known better."
"Thank you." She whispers, then steps back. Dimitri doesn't hold onto her, or make her stay. Instead, he let's go, giving her a smile, and wipes off her tears.
"You're welcome." He tells her, "You really do look so much like your mother. She would be proud of you if she could see you now, Lucinda."
Lucinda inclines her head, thinking about our mother. I know that mom really would be proud of her. I let my arm around Tom drop, and motion for him to give Lucinda a hug. He does, and Lucinda hugs him back, her head resting on his chest, and she gazes past him at Dimitri. He seems to be watching her and Tom closely.
"Lucinda, I think maybe we should leave you and your father alone for a bit. I think you two have a lot to talk about." Dumbledore says. Tom seems like he wants to protest, but holds himself back. He wants Lucinda to be happy, but he doesn't like for her to be alone with someone that she barely knows. Dumbledore seems to think that it's safe, so I nod.
"Then we can all get together and eat dinner together. Maybe go to Hogsmeade?" I suggest.
"That sounds lovely!" Dumbledore exclaims.
"Then it's settled." Dimitri says, smiling. "And if you two have any friends who you want to join us, that'll be lovely." He glances at me. "Bring your husband and children as well. It'll be lovely to spend time as a family."
I nod, and we all exit Dumbledore's office. Lucinda takes Tom's hand, and whispers something to him. He nods, and the two of them leave, but not before Lucinda smiles at Dimitri, and he smiles back.
I'm glad that she is taking this so well, and I smile at Lucinda and wave before she and Dimitri walk down the hall and disappear. I head upstairs to my room to check in on Jonathan and the kids. They seems happy to hear that we're going to Hogsmeade. I just wonder exactly what is going to happen now with Lucinda. Now that she knows she really is different, what will happen? I just can't help but think that something bad will happen because of it.


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