Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


15. Chapter Fourteen

Lucinda's P.o.V.
The Gringotts banks is located in town, and it only takes us a few minutes to reach it. Walking inside, I spot a goblin standing all on his own, and, taking Tom's hand, I walk over to him.
"Hello, Miss. My name is Clause. How may I help you?" The goblin asks, sizing Tom up in a way that makes Tom uncomfortable and angry that the goblin had addressed me and not him.
"Hello, sir." I say, "I am here to take out some money from a vault."
"Ah, yes. Do you have the vault number?"
"Actually, I'm not sure of the number. My parents opened a vault for me a very long time ago." I say, sad just thinking about them.
"I'm guessing your Selene Lovegood's daughter, am I right?" He asks, smiling.
"How did you know?" I ask, and Tom, nervous and jumpy, squeezes my hand a little too hard. "Ow." I give him a sharp look, and he let's go of my hand quickly, his eyes apologetic.
"You look just like her, though your a lot younger than she was when I met her." The goblin tells me.
"How old was she when you met her?"
"14. She came in here with her parents." The goblin says, still smiling.
"Oh." I say, shocked. "I'm actually a bit older than she was, then. I'm 16."
"Really?" He asks, and I nod. "That's hard to believe, you look so very young."
"Yeah, I get that a lot. Do you happen to know if my mother and father, James Prewett, opened a vault under my name."
"Ah, follow me, Miss." he says, and Tom and I follow him to a desk, which he pulls out a large drawer with tons of folders,  all filed by name. "What is your name, Miss?" He asks.
"Lucinda Prewett." I leave out the 'r'.
He checks. "No Prewett here, Miss."
"Um, could you try Prewert?"I ask.
He checks, and chuckles. "There you are, Miss. Vault 11,397. Shall I take you to the Vault, you can take out as much or as little as you want."
Tom and I begin to follow the goblin, but he stops when he notices Tom joining us.
"Excuse me." He says, shaking his head. "Where do you think you're going, boy?"
"I'm a man." Tom says, glaring. "I'm coming with you and Lucinda, obviously."
"Should I call security?" The goblin asks me, and I shake my head.
"This is Tom, my boyfriend. He goes whereever I go, it's an arrangement we've made. No worries." I reassure the goblin.
"Alright." Clause says. "Follow me."
We take an elevator, and then we get off and go around three corners, as well as a single flight of stairs, and then, once again, another elevator. Clause presses a button, and it takes us up even further. I hadn't even know the Gringotts went this high up. Tom takes my hand, watching Clause closely. I reach out to Clause's mind, and I feel a small, heavy, sticky feeling inside his mind. I realize Tom is probing the poor goblins mind with his own. The feeling is like a spider web, and I get tangled in it momentarily, but soon disengage, finding my way out, and my eyes glance at Tom. He hadn't felt me also in Clause's mind, thank heavens, or there would be a lot of trouble. Soon, we are at a huge vault.
"Your parents paid good money to hide this vault away from the rest." Clause says. I realize he knows more than he had been saying. About my parents, that is, and who I am. The vault is computer coded. It's something that they have in the future, and it's one of the first in this time, though it's as shiny and new as the future, and just as high tech, if not more so. It makes me wonder, how would my parents know about technology if they hadn't even been to the future until we had disappeared in the folds of time? "It can only be opened with your bloody thumb print." Clause says.
I step forward, finding the thumb-print indicator, and I pull out my wand that was hidden in my dress, and prick my thumb before pressing my bloody thumb to the thumb-print indicator. It opens immediately, and I use my magic to wipe away the blood required for the vault to open. I also heal my thumb instantly, and I reach out, pulling open the vault. Inside, it is bigger than it looked on the outside. Inside is filled with Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. Hundreds of thousands of millions of each of the three types of wizard currency. I had never known my parents had so much money. Tom's eyes are wide. He's also never seen this much money before, especially not in one place.
Clause smiles. "Take as much as you need."
I reach into my purse and pull out a leather bag, filling it with Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, and then I close the bag, and the vault door, which locks immediately. I thank Clause, and he takes Tom and myself back down stairs and wishes us a pleasant evening.
Outside, Tom pulls me along quickly to a bench, making me sit down beside him.
"If you ever go in there without me, go to any of the goblins but Clause." Tom warns me, his voice slightly wavering.
"What?" I ask. "Why?"
"There's something off about him." Tom says, and I give him a look.
"And how the hell would you know?" I narrow my eyes.
Tom seems aghast that I'm asking this, but admits "I was snooping through his thoughts."
"I know." I say. "I noticed."
"It was you. I thought he was trying to shove me out of his mind, but it was you the whole time wasn't it?" Tom demands, getting pissed. His eyes are ablaze and I realize that he's not merely mad. He's more than mad. I can't think of a word that describes how angry he is.
"Tom Marvolo Riddle." I glare. I just now realize how neurotic he is. With his emotional instability, moodiness, irritability, and anxiety, he is every psychiatrists dream patient, as well as  their worst nightmare. To make things worse, he's close-minded and doesn't do well with criticism, nor with anyone trying to upstage him and take away his authority. He's power-hungry, and if I'm going to stand in his way, he knows there will be more problems. But, it's me he's thinking about. He truly loves me, and he wouldn't hurt me. But I can feel he's a lot madder at me than he's ever been. In a way, the small bond between us from the Dark Mark, it helps, but it hurts to know he's at his breaking point. "Calm down." I say, my eyes burning into his.
"No." One simple word. But it holds enough fire to kill even the small chance that he'd actually simmer down and relax. "What you did is inexcuseable, Lucinda. Never try to push me out of someone's mind. In fact, let me deal with people while you be a good little girl, and do as I say from now on."
His words ruin the chance for me to be nice.
"Never call me a little girl, Tom Marvolo Riddle." I say, standing up, and I begin walking away.
"Where the hell do you think you're going, Lucinda?" Tom asks, following me. He doesn't grab for my arm, just walks at a close distance behind me.
"Anywhere where you're not at." I tell him, knowing that I'll just get more worked up if I continue talking to him.
"No, you're not." He yells. By now, some families and couples have stopped to stare at us.
I turn around. "I'm not a little girl, Tom. I can do as I please. Never try to control me. In fact, leave me alone." I walk off, and Tom doesn't follow me, and I sense that he's still standing in the same spot, his eyes wide, his mouth open agape.
I don't know how long I walked around on my own, nor where I was aiming to go, but I end up at a small dinner, where I go inside to get a snack and drink, sitting down at a back table, my head down.
When I finish eating and drinking, I clean up my mess, and throw away my garbage.
I'm nearly back to the hotel when I feel a searing pain in my arm, the left one, right where the Dark Mark is located.
I rush inside the hotel, past the guy at the desk, and to the room I share with Tom. I bolt the door shut, and lay down on the bed, my heart pounding while my arm throbs viciously.
It takes nearly 20 minutes until the pain and burning in my arm to end. In that period of time, I feel as if my soul is being wrench from my body, shredded. I feel highly anxious and very depressed. I realize I'm feeling what Tom is feeling. It strikes me that the pain is awful and something is serously wrong. there is only one explanation. Tom is making another Horcrux. I wonder if the others are able to feel this or if it's just me. I grit my teeth in pain, barely thinking about the poor soul who had been tortured and killed by Tom this time. The pain blocked  out most of my horror at what Tom is doing. But, when that time ends, I feel an empty, heartbreaking, breath taking cold feeling deep in my chest and belly. I suddenly am hit with what feels like billions of bricks, and images flash at me with incredible speed. Images of Tom, stumbling into the room drunk, me and him yelling and him pushing me. Images of him still mad, but somehow able to stop himself from hurting me. A slamming of the bathroom door as he locks it behind him. Another flash of images, that same night, me laying in bed, crying. And Tom, laying down next to me, not daring to touch me, but whispering, apologizing for how upset he'd been. Me not even talking to him. The next morning, things changing. His gentle touch.
Suddenly, the images stop, and I'm writhing in pain. Angry red welts appear on my arms. Not just welts, cuts. Deep gashes. The blood pouring from my arms is angry and red, bright and horrifying. Tom is the only other thought on my mind. He's doing this. But why I'm experiencing it, I have no idea. But I do know that he's cutting. The only explanation. Suddenly, I see out of his eyes, and look down at his extremely pale skin, looking at the cuts in surprise. I see the blade in his hand, not his wand this time. His wavy hair flops in front of his eyes, and I touch his mind with mine, and I know he feels me there. Somehow, I feel a pushing as if he's trying to rip me from his mind, unsuccessfully. I press my will upon his, and suddenly, his cuts heal immediately. The skin is red only from his blood, but with that thought, it also disappears. Tom seems terrified, but more angry than he'd even been before. Finally, I disconnect from his mind, and I'm back in the hotel room, my blood gone, the pain gone, and the cuts vanished. My breathing had been labored, but now it's nothing more than a small, quiet sound that is barely recognizable by the human ear, it's so faint and shallow. My whole body tingles, and I begin to shake. I begin to cough, and I grab a bottle of water that is on the nightstand beside the bed, and begin to chug it down, nearly choking to death. I run to the bathroom and look in the mirror. My skin is ghostly pale, nearly translucent looking, and my nose is bloody. I grab a towel, pinching the bridge of my nose with it. My heart begins to race but my breathing remains shallow. I feel extremely cold, and I go into room and pull out my heavy jacket, slipping one arm in at a time, while one holds the towel to my nose. My cast makes the right arm look puffy, and I sigh. It'll be good to get this thing off. I don't think about the images that I'd seen in my mind. I push the thoughts away, thinking I was just hallucinating from the pain. When my nose bleed stops I throw the towel inside the hamper, and begin to cry. It's as if I cannot stop myself from crying. I feel empty and lost, and most of all, scared. I keep trying to remind myself that it's not my feelings. It's Tom's feelings. We are separate. We're not the same. I clutch at the locket around my neck, wishing it could make me feel better. I somehow fall asleep, after hours of crying.  When I wake up, it's very dark in the hotel room, the curtains had been left open, but it's well after midnight. Then I hear cursing outside the door, and Tom yelling at me to open the damn door. I glance at the door, happy that it's locked, not happy that I'm so scared right now.
"Lucinda open the goddamn door, now." Tom yells. Tears well up into my eyes, and I bite my lower lip, and I don't say anything. "Open the goddamn door, Lucinda!" He screams. I finally get up, knowing that eventually I'd have to let him in anyways. I unlock the door, and Tom shoves the door open and starts yelling at me again. "What the hell were you doing in my fucking head?" I back away from him, seeing a bottle in his hand. Fire Whisky. He's drunk. His eyes are a brilliant red, and his skin is so pale that he looks dead. I put a hand over my mouth, sobbing. "Answer me, goddamn it!" He throws the bottle onto the floor, and it breaks.
"It wasn't my fault, Tom, I swear." I cry, "Something is wrong, I felt... your feelings. It's not like before Tom. Something is wrong with the Dark Mark. I shouldn't feel your emotions so strongly, and I shouldn't be sucked into your head like that."
"Shut up!" He yells at me, and I back up until I bump into the bed. I shake in fear, and Tom laughs, then. "You're pathetic, Lucinda. Stay out of my head, and NEVER HEAL ME AGAIN." He screams the last four words.
"You know I can't do that Tom. It wasn't my fault that I was sucked into your head like that. And you know I can't not try to heal you. The cuts showed up on my arms, Tom. I was bleeding badly. Just like you were. Why would you cut, you promised me you wouldn't! You promised me you wouldn't kill anyone else, or make another Horcrux! You have to stop!" I exclaim.
"Shut up, damn it!" He is right up in my face. "Don't tell me what to do." He grabs the locket from around my throat, throwing it down and then, out of no where, he pushes me. I fall against the nightstand, and the lamp falls, hitting me in the head, and it breaks, sending glass flying everywhere, and it leaves little cuts all over my face and neck. I sob even louder. "Stop crying, damn it, Lucinda!" He screams, and when he takes a step towards me, I back into the corner by the bed, trying to stay as far away from him as possible. The look on his face terrifies me, and then he turns around, going straight to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. I hear stuff breaking in there, but I don't do anything except grab the locket, checking it over. The chain had broke, and my neck is red with the burn mark from the locket being ripped off of my neck. I fix it with magic, but instead of healing the cuts, I just cry, rocking back and forth, wishing that this was all over. The grandfather clock in the other room strkes 1 am, and my tears finally run out. I slowly get up into the bed, happy the blood had dried, but unhappy about the pain. I curl up in a ball on the bed, shaking, unable to cry anymore. I hear the light go out in the bathroom, and the door opens. Tom whispers my name. I don't move, I don't speak. I just lay there, even though I know he knows I am awake.
"Lucinda." Tom repeats, and I feel the bed dip low as he laws down beside me, not daring to touch me, but whispering to me. "I'm sorry, love."
When I don't say anything, he just lays there for a little bit. I'm exhausted, and I need sleep, but I can't just fall asleep.
He then starts whispering to me again. "I'm so sorry, Lucinda. I shouldn't be upset with you, though you have every right to be upset with me. I broke  four promises to you, and I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please talk to me."
I stay still, listening to him but not speaking, barely breathing.
"Alright, well I know you want to sleep. I love you, Luce. I really am sorry. Good night." He whispers to me. He lays there for a while before his breathing becomes even and shallow. My first night in bed with the man I love and I hadn't even gotten the chance to kiss him good night. Some weekend this is turning out to be.
Tom's P.o.V.
I wake up to the sun shining brightly through the window, and I cover my eyes, yawning quietly. Then I remove my hand from my eyes, and glance over at Lucinda who had finally fallen to sleep. She is sleeping on her back, and I can clearly see the locket on her neck, as well as the burn/bruise from me ripping the locket off of her last night, and of course, the cuts on her neck and face from the glass of the lamp that had broken when I pushed her into the nightstand. Her skin is even paler than usual, paler than mine, even though mine is from the horcrux, and then I realize I can't even tell if she is breathing or not. I lean forwards, scared to death, and I put my fingers under her nose, trying to feel any air coming out of her nostrils. There is a very small amount that comes out, but it's enough for me to know she's breathing. I lean back against the pillow, putting both of my hands on top of my head. To think I could have accidently killed her last night just because I was angry at her. I never thought I would ever try to hurt her. I thought something like that was beyond me. I love her so much that it makes me want to cry. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt her, much less if I killed her in a moment of anger. I glance at her, and see the very slight rise of her chest as she breathes. She's wearing a jacket, and her cast is covered by the sleeve. Her hair, for the first time ever, is tangled and and looks damp. I lean forward again, this time touching her cheek. Her skin is ice cold, and I let my hand go to her hair. Her hair is damp with sweat even though she's cold. Had I hurt her really bad?
"Lucinda." I say, gently touching her arm. "Lucinda, sweety, please wake up." She doesn't. "Lucinda," I say, this time touching her cheek again. "Please, Luce, wake up." She startles awake, and falls out of the bed, landing in the pile of broken glass on the floor, trying to get away from me.
"Stay away from me." She says, tears already filling her eyes.
"Lucinda, please, sweety. I'm sorry." I get out of the bed, but she moves even further away from me and I have to grab for her before she makes a run for the door.
"Let go of me." She sobs, hitting me on the chest multiple times with her fits, but it doesn't hurt me at all, therefore doesn't cause me to lose my grip on her.
"Luce, please. I'm sorry." I say, gently stroking her cheek, then her hair. "I'm so sorry I hurt you, sweety." She relaxes a bit at my touch, though she is no where near calm yet. "I'm so sorry, I can't express how sorry I am, Lucinda. Please. I didn't mean to hurt you." My hands rub over the cuts and the bruise/burn, checking to make sure she didn't get hurt really badly. There is one very deep cut on the side of her neck, and a quick glance at the pillow tells me that it's worse than it looks. I pull out my wand, and try out a healing charm before she can stop me. It doesn't fix the whole cut, but it's not deep now. She pulls away, backing up until she's against the wall.
"Don't touch me again." She says, crying.
It hurts me to know how much I hurt her, how much I scared her. "Baby, I'm sorry." I gently caress her cheek, but she flinches. I lean forwards and kiss her gently on the lips, hoping that whatever magic is between us, it will do the trick to calm her down. I'm wrong. She hits me hard in the jaw, knocking me backwards a bit.
Lucinda's P.o.V.
When he kisses me, I punch him as hard as I can, wanting to hurt him like he hurt me. But, it only knocks him backwards a little bit.
"Wanna try that again, Sweetheart?" He asks, pinning my back and arms against the wall, leaning his face in towards mine.

My breathing is heavy, and I glare at him. "I hate you." I say menacingly, wishing I meant the words I had just said.

"And I love you." He says, and leans in closer, his lips brushing against mine. Our lips meet, and I feel the fire igniting within my heart, as his hands let go of my arms, his hands slipping around my waist, and I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him back with everything I have. At that moment, I know I am in way too deep. I have fallen in love with the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time.

All of the time I had wanted him, and here he is. But things are different. Despite him hurting me, I still want him, still love him. I can't not love him. I wish I didn't.

His hands caress my waist, gently and then his hands are everywhere. His lips are on my neck, and then he takes off the jacket that I had put on last night. Soon, my shirt and pants are off, and the bed, well the bed is where we end up. His lips are everywhere, and somehow, I manage to take off his shirt and jeans, and then everything that had been between us is gone. His arms hold me tightly as his lips kiss my own. His tongue slips between my lips, caressing my tongue, and when I caress his tongue, it finally happens. Pain is all I can feel, and I cry out, but it's useless to scream. Tom's mouth is still on my own, kissing me, his arms locked around my waist, and despite the pain, it also feels wonderful. The pain finally stops, and all I feel is bliss, and Tom. He hugs me tightly, holding onto me as if his life depends on it. How much time passes, I don't know, but when it's over, Tom holds me gently, kissing my neck gently as well.

It hadn't happened the way I wanted it to, but nevertheless, it happened. I suddenly start crying, and Tom rolls towards me, asking me if I'm alright. His hands look me over, trying to find where I'm hurt, but I shake my head. "Do you really hate me?" He whispers, pulling away from me. I glance over at him, sitting up slowly. His body is so pale he looks dead. Just like last night. His eyes aren't as red as they were last night. In fact, their mostly dark, with just a bit of red in the center of his pupils. I shake my head.
"I love you." I whisper. "But Tom, I don't see how we can be together. You hurt me." I start sobbing.
"Baby, I'm sorry." He pulls me closer to hug me, and I look up into his face. "I broke four promises to you last night. I promised I wouldn't kill anyone, I promised I wouldn't make any more Horcrux's, I promised I wouldn't cut and lastly, I promised I wouldn't ever hurt you. I broke all three. I don't expect you to forgive me. How you forgave Abraxas is still unclear to me. But I don't deserve your forgiveness. I never thought I would be able to hurt you. And I did. I'm sorry."
"Tom, I don't care that you hurt me. I just care that you would kill someone just because you were upset with me. Also, can we not talk about Abraxas right after we just-" I stop talking, looking at Tom, then, I turn away, blushing, and pull out of his arms.
"I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have forced you to have sex with me." Tom says, "I'm the worst person alive, just say it already." He looks down at the bed sheet, shaking his head.
"Tom." I say. He doesn't look up. "You didn't force me to have sex with you. I still wanted to. You're not the worst person alive, Tom. I can't believe that. Not when I love you this much." He looks up at me when I say that.
"I did force you." He says. "I'm no better than Abraxas."
"Goddamn it, Tom!" I scream at him. "Enough of this self loathing shit! I am so sick of it. Look at me when I'm speaking to you, damn it!"
He looks at me, his face in utter shock. "Lucinda." He says.
"Shut up for a goddamn moment, Tom. I fucking love you, do you hear me? You're not the worst person alive, you didn't force me to have sex with me, and screw Abraxas. Leave him out of this. This is between you and me, Tom. And if you say one more goddamn time that you forced me to have sex with you, we will have more problems, because I will fucking put a hex on you, Tom Marvolo Riddle." I yell at him. His eyes are very wide. "Is that clear?"
"Crystal." He says. He glances down at the bed spread again. "So you really still wanted to?"
"I wouldn't have had sex with you if I didn't, Tom. It's what we came here for, isn't it?"
"Among other things, yes." He says, not looking at me. "I just want to say again that I'm sorry for hurting you. I had no right to do that."
"No, you didn't. Can we not talk about that though?" I ask, nervous.
"Yeah." Tom replies, quietly.
"Who did you kill?" I whisper, knowing anyone could overhear us.
Tom looks at me guiltily but doesn't reply. I feel my mind wander to his, and I see who it was.
"You killed Clause." I say, my heart racing.
"Hate me if you must." Tom say. "I'm sorry, Lucinda."
"I already said I don't hate you, damn it. But why did you have to kill him!? I wanted to know more about my mother, Tom." I say, shaking my head.
"I'm sorry, Lucinda." Tom repeats. "I really am."
"Do you regret your decission to make another Horcrux?" I ask.
"Yes." He admits, and I know he's telling the truth. "And to think you basically had sex with a monster. An abomination."
"You're not a monster, nor an abomination." I say, reaching forwards to brush a lock of his curl out of his face. He's still amazing, and handsome. He's still my Tom. "I love you, Tom. I wouldn't have had sex with you if I didn't love you and if I thought you were a monster." I blush.
"Why are you blushing at that?" He asks, watching me curiously.
"It's nothing." I say, leaning into the pillows.
"No, tell me." He says, his arms wrapping around my still nude body.
"I was just wondering..." I trail off, blushing.
"Hmm?" He asks.
"Was I um...okay?" My cheeks are flaming.
"Okay doesn't even begin to cover it." Tom says, honestly. His pale skin flushes a bit. "You were amazing, Lucinda." He whispers to me, lowering his lips to mine, and I blush more, kissing him back. It's almost as if they fight hadn't even happened. Almost. I am the one to pull away when I feel his hands slide lower than my waist, and he looks startled, and blushes even more. "Sorry." He mumbles.
"Shh." I kiss him gently, then pull away. "It's fine. Maybe we should get some breakfast, and maybe start getting the stuff we need for school. It is Sunday. We need to be back by midnight tonight you know." I say.
"Mhmm." He says. "But when we get back, how about we have some more fun." He smirks and gives me a small wink.
"We'll see." I say , then stand up. Tom follows me to our suitcases, pulling out his clean clothes, while I pull out mine. He then wraps his arms aroud my waist from behind, kissing me neck gently. I giggle, and say "Tom, stop." He stops, chuckling as he gets dressed, then helps me with the buttons on my dress.
Perhaps things aren't going to be so bad after all.
"Tom." I say, turning to face him.
"Yes, baby?" He asks me.
"Can you promise me something?"
"Yes. Anything." Tom says. "And I won't break the promises again, I swear, Lucinda."
"No cutting, no killing, and no Horcrux's." I say.
"I'll also be sure to never hurt you again." Tom says. "I promise to all four." He kisses me. "I promise, Lucinda." He says. I nod, kissing him back.
"Ready to shop?" I ask him. He nods, taking my hand, and I grab my money before we step out of the little hotel room. The guy at the front desk is not the same one from yesterday, and he doesn't seem surprised to see us holding hands. He gives Tom a wink, and Tom glares at him. "Tom." I warn him.
"Yes, baby." He says, kissing me. "Let's go."


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