The Newest Avenger

Captain America and Black widow got married and had a daughter. She lives on S.H.E.I.L.D. and learns combat but on her 13th birthday she will finally be aloud to go on missions with her parents and the rest of the team. THE RATING MAY CHANGE IT ALL DEPENDS BUT IT WOULD NOT GO OVER 16+ AND ALL I WOULD ADD IS LANGUAGE OTHER THAN THAT EVERYONE CAN READ IT.


3. The Fighting Started

 Everyone's head turns toward the door, the room goes dead silent, my dad tries to pull me close to him but I push him away. We hear the bang again my mom goes to the closet and pulls out weapons and throws it to everyone, except me, she looks at me and says "Rebecca go hide now."

"Mom no, I'm twelve years old in a few months I will be 13 and then I can fight with you and the rest of the Avengers except giving you info and working on S.H.I.L.D."

"Fine just be careful." she says as she throws me a small hand gun. 

Tony looks at my dad and says "So Cap, whats the plan?"

"Honestly, I don;'t have one yet,we  just need to be prepared. If it's someone we have fought look for the way we defeated them the last time if not fine a weak spot and don't get too close."

Everyone takes cover with their guns pointed at the door we wait, and wait, and wait until finally the door opens and smoke fills the room my first instinct is to cover my face and keep the gun close when the smoke clears I hear a voice I stay on the ground and clutch the gun I listen to what they have to say. 

"I am Malakai, great ruler Tachers! I have decided to take this planet as my own all who inhabit it will be executed. Unless they come to work for me...AS SLAVES!!" says a male voice

"Not if we can help it! Everyone FIRE!!" says my dad

I get up to my feet and fire my gun with as best aim as I could have, I stop for a second and realize that he is not being harmed by the bullets but is absorbing them "EVERYONE HIT THE FLOOR NOW!!!!" They must see it too because they actually listened and just as we all got to the ground he exploded.

"Did you win? I mean he exploded so we won right?" asks  Pepper

"No it's just the beginning no enemy to Earth dies that early he justs wants us to think that way, we need to get back to S.H.E.I.L.D. now." Says Tony


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