The Newest Avenger

Captain America and Black widow got married and had a daughter. She lives on S.H.E.I.L.D. and learns combat but on her 13th birthday she will finally be aloud to go on missions with her parents and the other Avengers DISCONTINUED***


4. Back at S.H.I.L.D.

 We arrive back at  S.H.I.L.D. and Nick, Pepper, Maria and I all get to the computers to try and find more into on this Malakai dude, while the rest of the team goes to train because the last time they had to save the world I was seven. 




After hours and hours of looking I find something but it's extremely vague, "Nick, it says here that the Tachers are an alien race that have special powers and needs. But that's all it gives me."

"Well then we need to keep digging what did you find that on?"

"Some FBI records thing."

"Please don't tell me you hacked in!"
"I did," I says smiling

"Oh boy."

"Sir," says Maria, "I also found something, they ask the planet in question for something they want then and if they don't give it to them they become enslaved or executed."

"Wait do you think Thor would know something?" I ask

"Maybe, but he is on Asgard and how can we reach him?"
"We can't but he came when Loki was here he came and helped you defeat him," says Pepper 

"Yep but that's because Loki was his brother from Asgard." says Nick

"He thought Loki was dead," says Maria

While they keep going back and forth about Thor I slip out to call Bruce.''

"Hello?" he says

"Hey it's Rebecca"

"What do you need?"
"Earth is in danger,"

"From who?"
"A guy named Malakai, his race is the Tachers,"

"What does S.H.I.L.D. want with me?"

"They haven't asked about you yet, they don't even know I called you, I think if you work with Tony we could find something, a weakness maybe."

"OK I'll be there soon, congratulate Tony and Pepper for me."

"OK I will bye.''


I think to myself OK now we may have a chance of survival.







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