The Newest Avenger

Captain America and Black widow got married and had a daughter. She lives on S.H.E.I.L.D. and learns combat but on her 13th birthday she will finally be aloud to go on missions with her parents and the other Avengers DISCONTINUED***


2. A Special Day

   "Rebecca up an' at 'em!" Called Nick Fury from outside my room

  I tossed and turned until I found my alarm clock it read 6:00. I quickly got up and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt I grabbed the dress that was in my closet along with the matching shoes and raced out to find Fury in a tux, and said "Why did you let me sleep in I told you to wake me up at 5:30!! Besides where are my parents?"

"I let you sleep because your parents asked me to let you sleep in and they would handle the decorations. Why aren't you dressed now?"

"When do you listen to my parents?? Pepper said that when her hair stylist is done with her hair she would do mine and besides dresses are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!"

"OK if you say so." 

We get on the helicopter and fly to the church. 


"Rebecca!!" called Pepper

"Pepper!! Your dress is beautiful!"

"Thank you now come with me! I will get my hair done and you will get dressed and then get your hair done."

We walk into this beautiful room to find my mom walking out of a changing room with a dress that looks identical to mine. 

"Mom, you look awesome!"

"Thank you darling now go get changed."

I walk into a room I hang up my dress and change out of my jeans and t-shirt to a black sun dress length dress covered in sequin and put on the black flats and walk out to find Pepper's hair done and my mom getting hers done.

"Natasha,you and Rebecca look stunning!! Oh Rebecca go sit and get your hair done with Berto." 

I walk over to the empty chair and sit down and Berto starts to braids two stands of my hair my straight long red hair together, but leaving the rest down. I get Up from the chair and head out the door because the ceremony is about to begin. 


I follow my mom as we walk down the aside then stood on the left side of the priest. The whole room stands up as Pepper walks down the aisle. She stands next to Tony and the priest starts to talk. 

"We are gathered here today-"

"Um dude could you skip to the 'I do's?" says Tony as Pepper nods

The priest rolls his eyes and says "Do you Pepper pots take Tony Stark to be your Lawfully wedded husband-"
"I do"

The priest rolls his eyes again and starts talking again "Do you-"

"I do" 

Tony leans into Pepper and kisses her

"Yep just keep doing what your doing." 

The whole room cheers and the single women line up to catch the flowers Pepper turns around and throws the flowers it landing in Maria Hills hands. 


The party really began when Tony took off his Jacket and started to dance to the  Macarena with Pepper then Tony called in everybody to do it with them, I had never had so much fun in my entire life. It just got more and more exciting as the night went on but the fun ended with a big bang.








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