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A week had never passed any slower than this week did. All my attention was focused on one single question. Will I get onto the school rounders team?

My attention was always focused on that question whenever I try out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. In my third year, I was so convinced that I was going to fail, yet again. And in my anxious state, I almost exploded the Potions Classroom if it hadn't been for Joanne who got my attention before I added an extra porcupine quill to my potion.

Three days before, I accidently walked into a wall after school while making my way towards the choir classroom to meet up with Caroline, who had to talk to her choir professor. Unlike the entrance to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, I did not walk through it, and it hurt.

A lot.

It was no surprise that I woke up much earlier than I usually did. It was the day Coach Woyan would post which girls got into the school rounders team.

Whenever Rodger Davis or Cho Chang, the Ravenclaw Quidditch team Captains, post the sheet in the Ravenclaw Common Room that shows who got onto the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, I would always try to be the first to see it.

The Muggle secondary school didn't open until eight ten, so it would be useless to leave the house at half-past six and then have to wait for two hours. And Caroline had complained about going to school earlier meant "waking up earlier," and that she needed her "beauty sleep," although I found it impossible to sleep past eight.

I was stuck at leaving the house at seven forty-five, which meant that I would arrive at school after the time the doors are supposed to open. Unless Caroline and I don't get distracted by the playground on our way to the school like we usually do.

Emily had told me that I had a high chance of getting onto the school rounders team, but I thought otherwise. I had failed to get into the Ravenclaw Quidditch team the first time I tried out, and it was my first time trying out for the school rounders team.

The fact that I played Quidditch a year before trying out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team compared to the three weeks I played rounders before trying out for the school rounders team also didn't help very much.

Many of the girls who tried out for the school rounders team had their strengths and weaknesses, but then there were girls like Emily who aced it all.

I was one of the many girls who had their strengths and weaknesses.

My weakness was catching balls hit or thrown at me. Although I caught all five balls during the school rounders team tryout, it was obvious that I had a fumble or two. And it was a miracle that I actually caught the second ball. If I hadn't almost fallen down while attempting to catch it, I was sure to have dropped it.

However, my batting skills were my strength, and they were probably one of the best. I hit the balls the arrest and furthest.

I didn't understand how some of the people were capable of hitting the ball so weak that it barely made it way past the batter's square. But it was probably because Bludgers were so much heavier than rounders balls, so you needed much more force and upper arm strength.

In the hour and a half, I had, I completed all my homework from the night before that I was supposed to do but was too anxious to write anything legible.

As a Ravenclaw, it always surprised my non-Ravenclaw friends that I never did my homework first or studied. ("What did you get on question number twelve?" "I didn't do the homework yet...")

It always bothered my friends that I was a huge procrastinator but still got top grades. I just learned things easily.

I left the house ten minutes before I usually did and the street was much emptier and quieter than it usually is as I made my way towards Caroline's house.

Arriving at Caroline's house much faster than usual, most likely because of my nervous energy, I rang the doorbell.

Behind the door, I heard Caroline's mother yell something unintelligible, a distant scream, and a soft crash. Caroline's mother answered the door and four minutes later, a very distraught looking Caroline arrived at the door while shoving three granola bars into her mouth at the same time.

Bidding her mother goodbye before closing the door, Caroline glared at me as she yawned. "Why did you have to come so early? I was happy until you came."

"You are so weird," was all I said along with a head shake of disbelief.

Sticking her tongue out at me, Caroline pushed past me and started her sluggish way to school.

The entire way to school was filled with unhappy yawns and complaints from Caroline as I walked "too fast to be possible in the morning," although it wasn't even early in the morning.

The closer we got to the school, the more nervous I became. And the faster I walked.

I didn't even notice that I walked past the playground Caroline and I always stopped at until Caroline complained how she wanted to stop at the playground to take a break or else she would "die of exhaustion."

Walking past the playground, of course, caused more complaints from Caroline. ("Do I look like a hare to you? Because I'm not, I am a tortoise. So why don't you take a break and let me take my sweet time to get to school, and then you catch up.")

If I get into the school rounder team my life would become much better because it would be one half-step closer to having a life more like it was at Hogwarts.

The past few months had been horrible without anything related to the Wizarding World except for my monthly subscription to The Quibbler.

No matter how dangerous it seemed, I still had a strong urge to go back into the Wizarding World.

The only thing that has been keeping me from going insane were the spells I secretly practice at night from the fifth year charms book I bought when my mother thought I had gone with my friends to the mall.

Using magic to mess with people in class also helped. With my wand tucked underneath my shirt, nobody suspected me when their pens and pencils suddenly disappear to halfway across the room, or when their chairs somehow move backwards as they sit down.

It was no surprise that the infamous Weasley twins enjoyed pranking people because I, one of every professor’s favorite student (not including Professor Snape), also enjoyed it very much.

Caroline and I arrived at the Muggle school three minutes before the doors were supposed to be opened.

It was our record time, and Caroline was not happy. Muttering something about how her feet now had cramps, Caroline sat on one of the benches in front of the school.

I would have sat down next to Caroline if, one, she wasn't mad at me and refusing talk to me; and two, if I didn’t have so much nervous energy.

Pacing around the bench Caroline was sitting on, I checked my watch every so often.

After checking my watch for the seventh time, Ms. Irma finally arrived.

Ms. Irma was the school security guard. Her job was mainly to keep pupils safe, but most of the time, she couldn't care less what happens to us. Half the time you see her, Ms. Irma is ratting someone out for breaking the dress code. ("There's a stain on your shoe. Detention.") But at that moment, Ms. Irma was my savior.

Another job that Ms. Irma does is opening the doors to the school in the morning. And once she finally opens up the door, I would be able to see if I got in the school rounders team or not.

Silently cursing hexes at Ms. Irma for being so slow, I desperately waited for her to make her way out of her car and across the parking lot.

I pleaded for Ms. Irma to walk faster in my head. But she did the complete opposite

Trying not to seem like a desperate kid who wants candy, I turned away as Ms. Irma crossed the parking lot. I went back to the bench Caroline was on and shook Caroline awake, but failed.

Like most of my other friends, Caroline slept a lot. At least twelve hours each night plus additional naps after school and in history class.

Waiting close, but not too close, to Ms. Irma, I waited for her slow hands to open up the door.

I silently screamed ‘HURRY UP AND OPEN THE DOOR!’ in my head, but Ms. Irma continued to move at the speed of a sleep deprived Caroline.

And let me tell you, a sleep deprived Caroline not only moves very slow, but her mind works very, very slow. If you throw a pillow at a sleep deprived Caroline, she wouldn’t even realize that a pillow is being thrown at her until she falls onto the ground.

Speaking of a sleep deprived Caroline, it was obvious that Caroline was currently, sleep deprived.

Taking up the entire bench, Caroline used her and my bookbag as a pillow and was in a state between conscious and unconscious.

How she could sleep so much, I did not know.

Poking at her cheek, Caroline groaned and tried to swat my hand away. Tried. As a sleep deprived Caroline, Caroline completely missed my hand and fell off the bench.

Groaning once again, Caroline rubbed her eyes before standing up and brushing the dust off her trousers and jumper, oblivious to the fact that three people, including Ms. Irma, were staring at her as if she were a mad woman.

Shaking my head in disbelief, once again, I roughly pulled Caroline up and grabbed my bookbag from the bench.

Ms. Irma finally opened the door, and I was the first to enter the school, almost knocking Ms. Irma down my way in.

I walked as fast as I could so that Ms. Irma wouldn't tell me off for running in the corridors, but it just wasn't fast enough. Turning a corner, out of Ms. Irma's sight, I began to run as normal as I could while wearing my bookbag towards the gym area.

When the bulletin board got in sight, I completely stopped and waited for Caroline to stumble her way over.

Wishing Caroline would walk faster, my eyes scanned the bulletin board until it caught the sheet that hadn't been there the previous day of school. This only made my desire to see if I got onto the team stronger.

Knowing that I couldn't wait for Caroline any longer, I slowly made my way towards the bulletin board, until I finally reached it.

I was right. The paper that was previously not there was the rounders team list.

Quickly scanning the page, I read, "Abad, Emily..." I had to remember to congratulate her later. "Bragg, Peyton… Chen, Amy… Govia, Elise…” Skipping down to the last few names, I continued to read. “Tristan, Erin… Vargas, Kaitlen… Vera, Sasha… Wang, Tiffany… White, Anna…”

There was only one name left, and I let out my breath I didn’t know I was holding when I read, “Williams…” It was my last name, but then I read on, “Brooke…”

My eyes widened. I reread the last name, and realized that it was Williams, Brooke not Williams, Sarah.

“Sarah!” I heard Caroline yell from afar, “Did you get in?”

Turning around, I saw Caroline huffing and puffing, making her way towards me.

In shock, I shook my head. I didn’t even hear what Caroline had said next. Because all I knew was that I had not gotten into the school rounders team.

And my life was not going to get any better.

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