Terrible Things

[For the Rockin' Lyrics: A Songfic Competition]
My entry for the Songfic Competition with the song "Terrible Things" by Mayday Parade | I DO NOT OWN "Terrible Things" this song rightfully belongs to Mayday Parade. The lyrics will be bolded and in italics.


5. Five

Slow, so slow I fell to the ground on my knees.


She passed away three weeks later.

I couldn’t believe that she was gone. For so long I wanted to cry and scream but I had already let out all of my emotions on that first day that I found out she wasn’t going to live any longer.

Although there was one thing I promised her.

To keep on living. To show the joys of the world to our son, to raise him in a way that would make us proud.

I didn’t let myself fall down into the depths and destruction that was depression. I had a son to love and raise. He had her brilliant blue eyes, but he had inherited my blonde hair, nonetheless, he was almost exactly like her. He had her beautiful carefree personality.


“Hey, Dad?”


“How did you and Mum meet each other?”

“It’s a long story but I’ll start with the fact that she literally crashed into my life.”


So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose

If you're given the choice, then I beg you to choose

To walk away, walk away, don't let her get you.

I can't bear to see the same happen to you.


Now, son, I'm only telling you this

Because life can do terrible things

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