Wesner The Dragon Rider

Brookshire is not a normal school from the outside it looks like a old worn down boarding school, if you can even get that close to it. Inside is a place where dragon riders and tamers are trained.

Wesner Lukacher is an average teenage boy, or so he thought when his Mom is transferred to this academy as a math teacher he soon learns that things such as math and normal subjects are not taught at Brookshire. And many more secrets are to be discovered.

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1. Chapter 1

"hey mom why again do I  have to transfer to a new school in the middle of the year" i asked my mom for the hundredth time 

" You know this could be really good for us Wesner, I am going to be making a lot more money and in a little while you will be happy here"  she said looking at at me taking her eyes off the road for a second.

" you know your dad went to this school when he was about your age" 

"okay whatever" I said looking out the window dazing off into a deep sleep. 

That was two weeks ago

"beep beep beep" went the annoying alarm clock

"oh shut up you annoying clock" said my roommate Tritain throwing it at the wall.

"Hey that was twenty bucks" I yelled.

I wasn't even counting all the other times .

"Okay I'll pay you back"Triton said almost drifting off again.

"Come on man that's the third one this week and it's only Tuesday"I said.

See my roommate plays halo all night so he is also falling asleep during classes and i think the only reason he is breaking them is because he thinks there aliens that idiot.

"Hey Tritain I got to get going if i am late again my Mom is going to kill me" I said rushing to change out  of my pajamas. "and she knows that you have been skipping her class to go to McDonald's everyday" I said with a smirk on my face. when he saw that his friend was suddenly listening to him with panic in his eyes. Honestly I would skip with you because that class sucks.

See you later at fifth period ( which is practice at dragon riding)

"see you later bro" said Tritain

I ran down the steps trying to get to math class on time. But suddenly I rammed into a short blonde haired girl.

"hey i am so sorry" i tried to say before i was cut off

"what do you think you were doing" she said " you broke my riding helmet" she told me furiously 

" it is probably good that i did because if a simple bump or drop breaks it, it wasn't going to do you much good." I said laughing a bit.

"it wasn't for riding idiot, it was a gift from my grandmother which has been passed down through generations". She said.

Great I thought I'm not only gonna be late to class but I also broke a relic that has been passed down for generations.

Plus I just got a new person who hates me just like the other hundred thousand people.

"hey I am truly sorry about your helmet but i really have to go" I  said rushing away.

"hey it's okay though i have been trying to get rid of this things for weeks now and by the way my name is Hazel" she said yelling across the hallway.

"my name is Wesner" I yelled before turning the corner.

Then I ran to class thinking of how my Mom was going to punish me.

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